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at 14:22 15 Jan 2022

Any reason why todays game not available on iFollow?
POPR#2 vs Wycome
at 19:00 19 Dec 2021

So, is this expected to be a big crowd too? 29k two games running would be something.

Now the flags are "yesterday" what's it to be.....inflatables?
ITFC Fans Raise £12k
at 08:00 17 Nov 2021

In 4 days, to allow families ordinarily unable to afford football tickets to attend #PackOutPR, which I feel is an amazing thing. Surprised by the complete lack of media attention to this, unless I’ve completely missed it.
Impressed with New Owners
at 08:04 23 Apr 2021

Have to say, although still early days, and much of the build and hard work is still to be done and proven, the new owners have been everything I would hope.

Clear ambition, vision and abundantly clear they have a plan. Quickly assimilating an off field team with experienced football operators. Backing the manager, with a clear understanding that this currently is not his team, and a willingness to back a full player clear out, to get the culture and quality they desire.

They also all speak exceptionally well. Clearly excited and ambitious, but reserved and balanced in their comments and expectations.

Really looking forward to this summer onwards.
Rumour vs Reality...
at 09:26 6 Mar 2021

There must be loads of these...

Batistuta = Paz
Stoickhov = Boncho
LON Press Briefing
at 13:25 1 Mar 2021

Is there anything in LON advising no takeover on table, Evans taking time to select new manager, and Evans would still be here in the summer, other than they’re still negotiating?

Getting slightly nervous with the clubs insistence there’s nothing in it.

Evans clearly just doesn’t care anymore
at 20:42 13 Feb 2021

How in any parallel universe does a manager on the biggest budget in League 1, not get fired for being mid table half way through a season, on the back of a mid table prior season. Evans is either selling the club or liquidating us. If he had any interest in taking his club forward, action must surely have been taken by now. It’s just hell now, a slow drawn out hell.
What is a club in any case?
at 22:46 23 Jan 2021

Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. It's not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes. It's the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city.

Feels a million miles from this, and that’s what hurts.

Fans needs are simple. We want a club we can respect and love, our friends around us, and a pint in our hands. Please please please, someone (a fan) come in, buy our club, and set us on the road back.
iFollow Filter
at 18:15 12 Dec 2020

For those at the game today, can you confirm the iFollow filter that masks so brilliantly how well we are playing, but not our opposition, remains in full effect?
[Post edited 12 Dec 2020 18:17]
Season Ticket
at 07:47 2 Dec 2020

Is cancelling season ticket as simple as just stopping the direct debits? Is there a catch?

Love Ipswich Town, and heart wrenching that I’m even considering this at all, but this is no longer the club I know. It’s rotten to the core, a ghost club that has lost the plot and blaming everyone but themselves. They had two choices this week in terms of their handling of this, and PL, ME and now LON have got it totally wrong. Enough is enough.
[Post edited 2 Dec 2020 7:52]
at 09:19 29 Aug 2020

I’m probably being a complete dullard, but can someone guide me as to how as a season ticket holder I create an iFollow account. I’ve downloaded the last app (iOS), and there is no create account option, went on the clubs website and their article on iFollow, and that only takes you to the iFollow page, and every option on that page to create an account you have to pay. I thought it was supposed to be free for season ticket holders.

Cheers the TWTD IT collective.
Salary Caps
at 09:06 11 Jun 2020

Saw the attached on BBC, and the various threads discussing sustainability and imbalance in our football leagues.

Salary caps pegged to a percentage of a clubs revenue, outside of the Premier League, surely has to be the way to go. It would mean Premier clubs contracts would need relegation clauses, and then allows for the PP payment to only go on easing that wage drop for a year or two (as it was intended). It would also ensure club stature matters, rather than the one size fits all I’ve read for L1 and L2, with larger clubs able to provide greater levels of wages.

I never did understand how clubs with smaller gates, and therefore revenue than us, in the Championship, could continue to offer higher wages and pay greater transfer fees than us.

Just forlornly looking for a way we might return back up the leagues! It feels like there’s no way up for us - even we’re we to get back to the Championship, it feels like we’d be way out of our league.

Sorry - I know this has been done to death.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel
at 17:22 8 Feb 2020

Being an Ipswich fan is horrible right now, and has been for too long. Let’s make no bones about it, the fans have done their part this year. We’ve turned out on numbers, been vocal and largely positive, but our once great club is in terminal decline.

Continued failure to invest in playing staff, disjointed plans, and lack of football intelligence at the top of our club, which sees us continue to make the same mistakes over and over. The club needs gutting. Highest wage bill, but look no further than a vibrant Peterborough, for a team that maximises its budget. We waste it on mediocrity.

We need a new owner. ME can not afford us, and Is effectively fighting a Dunkirk style rear guard action, to the point where we are now pinned on the beach.

We have experienced ex-pros still deeply connected to the club, and feeling the same pain as is fans, who I’m convinced could provide the football knowledge we need to get the right strategy, coaches, scouts and players to arrest our free fall, and start us moving forwards again.

Carry on as we are, and ultimately I see us doing a Bury or Bolton. It seems almost inevitable.

So Mr Sheeran (or insert other interested Ipswich connected benefactor). I know you can’t afford us in your own right, but get a consortium together who can, and then gut the club, instil experienced leaders with track records of running football clubs, to run the club, get the right coach who truly has a vision, and wants to take on the project, and back them to gut and then start building the team.

I’ve reached the point where I’d love to no longer care, and to walk away. But I can’t, it’s in the blood. Ill be there, good, bad and most likely ugly, embarrassing myself as my passion for this club drives outbursts of frustration, that is far rather channel positively.

All we need is a light at the end of the tunnel, but what glimmered earlier this season is vanishing faster into the distance than we can keep pace with.

Sorry for the flounce as many will class it, but it’s soul destroying feeling truly down weekend and weekend about your team.

Lee O'Neill
at 10:55 5 Dec 2018

New "General Manager of Football Operations".

Is this the Director of Football role we've needed for years, in order to; (a) reduce the managers workload, (b) connect all football operations top to bottom to aid transition, and (c) provide a strategy that identifies and puts the club and its ethos first,and before either the whims of an incoming manager (i.e. stopping the back to step 1 with every incoming manager, or stopping the fire sale of key players), and/or to challenge the owners endorsement of the aforementioned whims.

We've need a football brain at executive level for a long time (in addition to the manager), to provide what is missing in football nous with the owner and Milne. I hope this is it - or a first step towards it. My fear is that he actually has limited say/sway. Looks a wise move by ME.

I also like that in Lambert, we have a manager who appears to support/endorse this. Doubt it would have ever happened under prior incumbents. I really, really, hope he stays whatever the outcome of this season.

Apologies if this has already been done...I couldn't see that it has.
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