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Town Close to Furloughing Staff
Wednesday, 1st Apr 2020 11:03

TWTD understands Town are closing in on joining a number of other clubs in putting the vast majority of their off-field staff on furlough.

Despite football having been suspended since Friday 13th March, Town’s off-field staff have continued to work, most of them from home, and have been paid their full wage as normal for March.

However, the Blues are set to follow the likes of Newcastle, Norwich and Tottenham by utilising the Government’s emergency salary scheme which allows staff to claim 80 per cent of their wages up to a maximum of £2,500 per month.

We understand, unlike some of the clubs taking the furlough route, owner Marcus Evans will then pay the remaining 20 per cent to ensure no one is forced to take a wage cut.

Meanwhile, the Premier League and EFL clubs are meeting with the PFA today to discuss a collective deferral of players' wages.

Discussions regarding the financial impact of football’s suspension - currently to April 30th but with the expectation that the date of return will be some while after that - have been ongoing following meetings last week with the deferral among the options.

Championship Birmingham City having asked their players earning in excess of £6,000 to defer 50 per cent of their wages, while the Leeds squad, staff and senior management have voluntarily deferred their salaries to help their off-field staff.

Last week, Town manager Paul Lambert said he and his staff were willing to make a similar move.

Clubs across the board are losing revenue - Town are missing out on income of around £100,000 per home game - and a fortnight ago the EFL released a £50 million package to assist their clubs with sides in League One understood to have received £433,000 made up of an advance in Basic Award payments and interest-free loans.

Furloughing players has also been under discussion. While virtually all players even at League One level earn considerably more than the £2,500 limit, the saving would still be significant, particularly for lower division clubs.

Earlier this morning, the EFL, Premier League, FA and FSA released a joint-statement on the current situation.

It reads: “Covid-19 has presented a hugely challenging and uncertain time for everyone and our thoughts are with all those directly affected by the pandemic. The Government’s message is clear - stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.

“We are all committed to getting back to playing the game we love - but only when it is safe to do so. Amid the current uncertainty, supporters will understandably have a number of questions relating to the season and the clubs they follow, and there are no quick answers to how and when we will return to what used to be our football normality.

“The Football Supporters’ Association (FSA), the EFL, Premier League and The FA want to reiterate that clubs and their supporters have a vital role to play in supporting the Government’s guidance and ensuring community strength and solidarity. While there is no football, our sport can still play its part.

“Clubs and supporters have responded magnificently with staff, fans and volunteers supporting those most in need in their local towns and cities.

“Fans can keep up to date with how the EFL and Premier League clubs are providing wide-ranging support for their communities, including the provision of facilities for medical use and accommodation for NHS staff. Clubs are also supporting foodbanks, transporting medicines and food and telephoning the most vulnerable members of society. 

“Many supporters’ groups across the country have also shown just how valuable they are. We have seen official supporters’ trusts raising tens of thousands of pounds in their local communities, donating to local foodbanks, delivering care packages and helping NHS staff.

“The work of clubs, staff, volunteers and fans is making a difference to those in need. The FSA, EFL, Premier League and The FA encourage all clubs and supporters’ groups to remain in contact during this difficult time and, where possible, support one another in their community efforts.

“We also extend our gratitude to those football supporters who are key workers, and those who have offered their support on a volunteer basis.

“We urge fans across the country to follow the ongoing Government advice, to provide us all with the best opportunity to keep fans and communities safe.

“It is also important to note that any official communications will come from the Government and football authorities themselves. Please follow our official channels for this information.

“As the situation is regularly changing, the Premier League, EFL and The FA will continue to consult the FSA and keep supporters updated on the progress made as soon as is practically possible. Thank you, once again, for your continued patience, work and support.”

Photo: TWTD

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ITFCsince73 added 11:19 - Apr 1
The pinch is being felt. Welcome to the real world football.
Although earning 5 figures a week like some of our players.
Not sure losing 20% will cause hardship.
And I don’t think it right the government, hence the tax payer should be paying 80% of players eye watering salary.

Dissboyitfc added 11:20 - Apr 1
Evans gets a lot of stock but for making up the 20% short fall he should get some credit, it will i am sure be well appreciated by the staff!

Stourbridgeblue added 11:23 - Apr 1
ITFCsince73 - there's a £2,500 limit.

MattinLondon added 11:27 - Apr 1
ITFCsince1973 but still stuck in the year 2000. If you think any of the players are earning 10k plus then you obviously have no idea and still think we are in the PL.

ITFCsince73 added 11:33 - Apr 1
Mattin. Norwood 10k per week. Keep up.

ITFCsince73 added 11:36 - Apr 1
Stourbridge there’s a limit on paye staff. Clubs pay the players what they see fit.
EFL has rolled out measures and payments already.
Government backed and funded.

ITFCsince73 added 11:37 - Apr 1
Mattin you think PL players earn 10k per week. Maybe 1992.

Dissboyitfc added 11:38 - Apr 1
Itfcsince73.. read the story, firstly it’s about the off field staff and not the players! Then it goes on say the furlough agreement pays up to 80% with a limit set up to 25k.

Again I say credit to Evans on this!

Northstandveteran added 11:48 - Apr 1
Bluey and Crazee must be happy that they have stable jobs.

But stay safe and avoid the covid lads, it can make your throat a little horse.

ITFCsince73 added 11:48 - Apr 1
Dissboy. The players won’t take home what a dustman does.
Clubs will and are receiving money from EFL. Backed and funded by government.
Am I reading the same story?? We are allowed to put our take on it.

MattinLondon added 11:53 - Apr 1
ITFCsince1973. I meant our players now - you prick.

Dissboyitfc added 11:56 - Apr 1
Under the furlough agreement a player on 10,000 a week will get 80% of 2500 a month, think thats pretty obvious !

Anyway as previously stated the story is about the off field staff who also have families to feed and bills to pay.

Evans doesnt have to make up the shortfall only need to look at what Branson said to his Employees.

Well done Marcus !!!!

ITFCsince73 added 11:57 - Apr 1
Now now need for name calling.

Terry_Nutkins added 12:01 - Apr 1
Itfcsince73 - you have failed to understand the story or how the government payout works for Furloughed staff. Can we move on - it's a little bit embarrassing.

Carberry added 12:18 - Apr 1
So I wonder how many backroom staff are earning more than £37,500 a year because up to that point Evans will be contributing a maximum of £7,500 per annum, that's £144 per week. If some one earns say £50,000 will Evans make up the difference to that sum or the 20% of the government maximum?
If Norwood gave up one week of wages (£8000) he could pay the difference for 55 staff earning £37,500 a year. Amazing. If we get to a situation where redundancies are imminent the players need to step up.

MickMillsTash added 12:21 - Apr 1
If we furlough the players - it can be argued that they cannot train.
Understand that some players will probably have mortgages, car loans, other stupid Chopra-style debts based on receiving 10K / week before tax but think a football wide, PFA led, announcement similar to Birmingham is long overdue.


ITFCsince73 added 12:30 - Apr 1
No embarrassment on 1st April Terry Nut. Only fools....

ITFCsince73 added 12:41 - Apr 1
Matten Being the biggest.

Ravanelly added 13:11 - Apr 1
The govt scheme of paying 80%/£2,500 only applies to employees who are in the PAYE system. I would be surprised if players at professional level are as they can have many other income streams from commercial activities and sponsorship. I may be wrong though, just guessing.

algarvefan added 13:12 - Apr 1 MatinLondon going to be allowed to get away with abuse on here?

Northstandveteran added 13:40 - Apr 1
I've had it myself Algarve.
Best ignored.
Most are trying to keep cheerful and helpful in these difficult times but there's always exceptions.....

ITFCsince73 added 13:43 - Apr 1
Ok....let’s start again. Leaving the day of the year out of it.
Rav. Players work on a self employed basis. And carry out there work on contract.
They don’t get 28 weeks paid holiday, they are paid accordingly to contract.
If sick or injured they don’t get SSP.
They couldn’t be further from PAYE.
I’m PAYE. I can’t take calls from work or receive emails. I’m absent on leave.
Players currently calling on fans on clubs behalf, and doing training at home, on club orders.
And will be preparing there tax return to submit to HMRC in 5 days time.
Which would include any other earnings outside the club.
In Chambos case, Rent received etc.

blues1 added 14:05 - Apr 1
Itfcsince73. Yes, as always you havent read the story correctly. The part relating to the possibility of of players being furloughed, is clearly aimed at just £2,500 of their contracts. The rest has to be paid by the club. Oh, and if you really think Norwood has been brought in on £10,000 a week at a time when the existing players have had their wages cut by 50% after relegation ur living 8n a dream world. The likes of chambers and skuse, undoubtedly our highest paid players last season wont be on more than 7-8,000 a week now, after that 50% cut, so I'm sure a player signed from lge2 wouldnt be on more than that.

ITFCsince73 added 14:18 - Apr 1
As per blues1 you don’t read the news correctly.
Norwood was bought in as the country’s leading marksman.
A lot of interest shown from the Championship.
Rumoured close to £1m signing on fee. Paid over length of contract.
You do the maths blues1.

ArnieM added 14:19 - Apr 1
“ unlike some of the clubs taking the furlough route, owner Marcus Evans will then pay the remaining 20 per cent to ensure no one is forced to take a wage cut”

This then is a mark of Evans credentials.... he didn’t have to do this.

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