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League One Expected to Be Brought to Early End
Sunday, 17th May 2020 20:27

League One will reportedly be brought to a premature end this week, despite the Blues and other clubs having demanded that the campaign is played to its conclusion.

According to the Daily Telegraph, following the impasse at Friday’s conference call, discussions have taken place between the clubs and EFL chairman Rick Parry over the weekend.

Each club was asked to put forward their thoughts on the way forward ahead of a vote which could take place on Tuesday with a meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Despite six clubs - the Blues, Peterborough, Oxford, Sunderland, Fleetwood and Portsmouth - having issued a collective statement through Posh chairman Darragh MacAnthony on Thursday, and with as many as 11 clubs reportedly keen for the season to be played to an end behind closed doors, the majority of the 23 sides want the division brought to a halt now, as League Two unanimously opted to do on Friday.

Many clubs are unable to afford to stage their remaining games behind closed doors or the meet the cost of the large number of coronavirus tests which would be required.

Places will reportedly be confirmed based on points-per-game (PPG) or weighted PPG - whichever is deemed fairer by a statistician - with Coventry and Rotherham set to be promoted automatically with the third promotion spot going to the winners of play-offs which will involve the usual four or perhaps eight clubs.

The proposal to extend the play-offs came from MacAnthony at Friday’s meeting and was initially viewed as a semi-serious suggestion, and is subject to opposition with some clubs believing it contravenes EFL regulations.

Even if the play-offs are expanded to eight clubs, the Blues wouldn’t be involved if places were decided on either PPG scenario. While Town are 10th in the table as it stands, they drop to 11th under both PPG formulas.

That would be Town’s lowest finish since 1952/53 when the Blues, then managed by Scott Duncan, were 16th in Division Three South.

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Bluearmy_81 added 20:43 - May 17
That would be Town’s lowest finish since 1952/53 when the Blues, then managed by Scott Duncan, were 16th in Division Three South.

We are spectacularly sh ite, a joke, a laughing stock. Thanks Evans


Suffolkboy added 20:48 - May 17
SO finances, or lack of them , through general mismanagement over a period of time, or over ambitious budgets are likely to be the Raison d’etre ,
Let’s hope ,against hope, that from now on sense will return,some form of budgeting and management can and this time WILL become the norm .This will require values, standards and integrity ,so what shall we see ?
We must be thankful we’ve an owner with a financial wherewithal and character who will determine ITFC will stick to the last : Steve Gibson at Middlesbrough sets standards too,but has found nonsense pervades our game with rule- breakers the absolute bane ; and the ‘powers that be ‘ effectively nullified in attempts to restore or maintain discipline .The quicksand wins !!

Bluearmy_81 added 21:24 - May 17
Nauseating sycophancy Suffolk boy. Thankful we've an owner with a financial wherewithal and character?!! Are you sh itting me?!!! 😂You lot are unreal

TractorRoyNo1 added 21:49 - May 17
11th in div3 - taxi (dustcart) for PR Paul

BlueBadger added 21:54 - May 17
'Even if the play-offs are expanded to eight clubs, the Blues wouldn’t be involved if places were decided on either PPG scenario. While Town are 10th in the table as it stands, they drop to 11th under both PPG formulas.

That would be Town’s lowest finish since 1952/53 when the Blues, then managed by Scott Duncan, were 16th in Division Three South.'

I think I speak for all of us when I say 'Lambert out' here.

DurhamTownFan added 21:54 - May 17
The only thing I’ll say about evans in this situation, is that he is unlikely
To let the club go under in a situation where plenty of other clubs in our league could be in serious danger.

That’s the only positive thing I’ll say about him! But it is worth remembering.

dirtydingusmagee added 21:57 - May 17
you never fail Barmy, so predictable , same comments whatever the thread, BORING BORING BORING. no answers, no sensible solution , just Evans out , YOU are the joke Barmy,

Bluearmy_81 added 21:58 - May 17
Yep when we're playing in the Rymans we can say thank god for Evans, at least we exist!! Could be worse could be Bolton... 😂🙄😂🙄😂

algarvefan added 22:06 - May 17
Bluearmy_81 I don't care which league we are in, I have only supported one side all my life and always will. These are very difficult and testing times for everyone, dirtydingus is right, all you do is moan and offer no sensible solution to put things right. I realise that you won't stop posting this drivel, so I'm not going to ask, just know that most of us on here are tired of your childish antics on here.

Saxonblue74 added 22:53 - May 17
Think I'm going to start a Facebook campaign, #get bluearmy81offTWTDbeforeeveryoneleaves! Wonder how long it would take to get more members than his "Evans out" campaign🤔😂

Bluearmy_81 added 22:58 - May 17
Dirty what's most boring, as a town fan, is town being a joke mate. Surely that trumps everything. As a fan I'm allowed to sound off when we're at our lowest ebb in 70 years ffs, it's allowed. Neither is it my place to solve everything, buy the club myself or hand search a buyer to the completion of a deal. Your take on fans and football is laughable. I think your frustration with me is actually projection, anger for some reason you don't feel able to direct in the proper direction, the club

Bluearmy_81 added 23:01 - May 17
Algarve, I couldn't care less. You don't care what division we are in?!!! Coming from a football fan thats barmy mate, sorry. Verging on embarrassing. Where's your pride in your club? We are a footballing irrelevance, also rans in division 3 of 4 and you don't care?! That's pitiful.

Cakeman added 06:48 - May 18
The season needs to be finished this week. Should have been a long time ago as the majority of clubs have voted that way and that decision should be upheld. Those clubs are reportedly in a dire financial position and time and time again have said they could not afford to finish the season with behind closed doors games. It’s time the league management listened as it’s quite possible that by trying to make those clubs play the games they could be accelerating them into extinction. It’s a very tough time as it is for everyone so let’s hope common sense and courtesy prevails.
I wonder if they league would even have listened to some of the smaller clubs if they had wanted to conclude the season. I cannot help thinking that it is because some of the divisions ‘fat cats’ ie Sunderland, Portsmouth, Peterborough and our ourselves have spoken out. Would they have listened had it been the likes of AFC Wimbledon, Accrington or Rochdale?

MurcianITCC added 07:46 - May 18
You are irrelevant bluearmy81. I go away and have a life for a few months, a holiday, move countries, get a job, survive the lockdown ...and still you bang on, insult others and never talk of anything else.
You hate Evans, good for you. Allow other to form an opinion too.

Bluearmy_81 added 08:35 - May 18
Good for you! I've done all those things in the last 2 months too, in fact I've moved countries twice. 😉

rabbit added 08:39 - May 18
Well Bluearmy_81 your appalling direct insult to yet another fan is another low in your very unimpressive substance-less tirades.
What is actually nauseating is the inability on your part to back up the accusations you make, it is nauseating and cowardly that you fail to attend a demonstration that you have been advocating for over a year on this site and on your churlish facebook page, it is nauseating that you attempt to portray yourself as a supporter but don't attend matches. It is nauseating that you pretend you know something about football, lets face it, it was only a short while ago you were hailing Paul Lambert as great but now you want him sacked.

rabbit added 08:42 - May 18
Haha Bluearmy_81 just read your last post.....Walter Mitty at his very best hahaha

ITFCsince73 added 09:19 - May 18
At last we’re getting somewhere.
Although cancelling next season is going to drag on from now till August.
Can’t play 8 games behind closed door. Obviously playing 40 games next season is a no no.

Michael101 added 09:21 - May 18
Blurring well said .wish a few more generous grow a pair and start voting with there very Evans might get off his backside and do something about the state the club is in

Michael101 added 09:23 - May 18
Sorry should be bluearmy.

VanDusen added 09:23 - May 18
Mm - let's not forget we've played all the top teams bar Portsmouth, and had Southend, Bolton, Rochdale and MK Dons at home left to come. If the quirks of the fixture list had thrown us these instead of Rotherham, Peterborough, Fleetwood and Coventry we'd probably be celebrating a title on Points per Game rather than our lowest finsh... Put it in perspective guys. This is a write-off season and whilst it shouldn't disguise the fact we were on an awful run when the curtain came down, I'd also not read too much into the 'lowest finish since...' nonsense either.

ChrisR added 09:40 - May 18
Failure to beat any of the top teams would indicate non promotion as fair . Top in January , then worst run in history . Is Lambert going to hire and fire this close season ? I guess we are stuck with him and his 5 year deal ( still unbe-bloody-lievable) , so lets just hope , There must be some one better than this long term loser out there ??

Bluearmy_81 added 09:46 - May 18
Everything you stated was incorrect rabbit, that's why I don't converse with you.

rabbit added 10:17 - May 18
Bluearmy_81 you are so comical, everything I stated was incorrect?
Go on old chap fill your boots name just two things that were inaccurate.
The reason you don't converse with me Bluearmy_81 is quite simply because you lack any moral fiber and do not have the answers when questioned about your ridiculous assertions.
Oh and by the way I think calling you "blurring" is very apt, quite Freudian wouldn't you say? hahaha

Razor added 10:21 - May 18
I dont think anybody can seriously argue if it called off tomorrow, can they?

The distressing thing is that we will not be involved in anything and we can all pack up and go home----how has it come to this?

We must have a serious re-think and a full and serious clear out now to get ready for the new campaign,whenever it is.

And to all our lovely fans, and Phil could you publicise this and let everybody know, my continental friends tell me the nearest and most similar German club to Ipswich is F C FREIBURG.

Dusseldorf is of course a given but lets all get on the Freiburg bus----they were robbed by VAR at Leipzig on Saturday!!

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