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League One Vote Likely Next Week
Wednesday, 20th May 2020 20:24

League One clubs will reportedly vote on how the 2019/20 season will be concluded next week with two options said to be on the table.

The EFL board met today as a solution to the deadlock continues to be sought. According to John Percy of the Daily Telegraph, the 23 clubs will vote either to end the season now and decide promotion, placings and relegation on points per game or play the campaign to an end behind closed doors.

“Latest on League One: will go to a vote on how the season finishes. Promotion/play-offs/relegation decided by PPG (points per game) or complete the games. Vote is likely to be next week,” he wrote on Twitter.

If that’s the case, it appears likely that the clubs will vote to bring the season, suspended since March 13th, to an early close. It’s understood that the sides who want to complete the campaign, who includes the Blues, are in the minority with many clubs unale to afford to stage the remaining fixtures.

Under points per game or weighted points per game Town, who are 10th in the table as it stands, would finish 11th, their lowest finish since 1952/53 when the Blues, then managed by Scott Duncan, were 16th in Division Three South.

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hadleighboyblue added 20:38 - May 20
And so it goes on . Why couldn't they have voted today

JDAndCoke added 20:53 - May 20
Believe they have to give notice to clubs if a vote is to take place Hadleigh

Blue12345 added 21:35 - May 20
Decided next week... yawn

Pencilpete added 22:06 - May 20
It doesn't matter to us ... our season ended in February with a series of limp 1-0 home defeats where we couldnt even manage a shot in half of them. The moment I lost the will to live was when Coventry came down (just after Fleetwood had brushed us off) won and the report said how well we'd done to try and give them a game.

Yes the team with probably the biggest wage bill and names tried their best against mighty Coventry.

And Paul Lambert calls the EFL handling of the current situation pathetic .... PL your handling of our season was pathetic, the performances since november were pathetic, the endless list of players coming out saying they know it's not good enough and we need to do this and that on a weekly basis was pathetic and walking out of Portman Road on a fortnightly basis having just been beaten by Fleetwood and Bristol Rovers and Gillingham and having to listen to their supporters singing, dancing and cheering at our expense at a ground where we used to humble Europes elite on a regular basis IS PATHETIC.

I was ok til we went into lockdown and I've had to sit and watch old matches, see anniversaries of FA Cup and UEFA Cup wins and be reminded of how good we were and then see where we are now.

We used to dine at the top table and now we are in the servants quarters licking scraps off the floor.

Everyone at the club should embarrassed and ashamed of themselves for this season's 'efforts' if you can even call them that.

I'm embarrassed to watch it I can tell you that

mrmorisato added 22:30 - May 20
When the league resumes next week to vote to end the season.....Let the Marcus 'Out' Evans begin! #EvansOut

Tufty added 02:48 - May 21
They will Voe on Wednesday.
But don't tell us which wednesday

norfolkbluey added 07:39 - May 21
Pencilpete spot on. Having moved to North Norfolk in 2014 I still travelled to Ipswich to see matches but I eventually couldn't watching the boring match tactics of MM. I started going during the sixties and had never stopped supporting. This has to be the lowest point, it just can't get any worse or can it. I just don't recognise the club anymore. It is humiliating living here now as most support NC. To make it worse they feel sorry for me with a grin!!!!!! ME saved the club when he came but owners like him can't just watch the life blood drip away and expect no criticism. SAD SAD TIMES. Where are the character players, natural players with grit and skill. We have to be making bad mistakes when prolific scorers come and dry up. We need a Bobby Robson or we'll be staying where we are long after I've popped my clogs. In a nutshell money rules and drives the game and either stay in and spend or get out!.

ArnieM added 09:01 - May 21
So, Town will finish 11th then . Lambert’s job must now be in doubt as Evans can only make his decision based on Towns final placement this season. I’m sure the clauses in PL’s “5 year contract”, will have a Manager performance clause . Even without CoVid events, Town had fallen away sharply , and it must be a serious doubt that we’d have even made the playoffs let alone automatic promotion ( clearly the latter had long gone) . I think the only way PL will survive as manager is if he can persuade Evans that he’d have got the points required ( to make play offs) from our supposed “ easier” run in, but that Covid and the season being halted had ended that chance. Evans will of course counter ...” what happened since Christmas?” . If Lambert manages to talk his talk he may well be given another season. I guess we’ll find out in the next few weeks . But Lambert definitely has to up his game now.

ArnieM added 09:07 - May 21
Spot on PencilPete ( just read your top post 👍), frankly your should send that to Marcus Evans .

Bluespeed added 09:30 - May 21
@ pencilpete Most accurate post I’ve read in months 👍

Razor added 10:30 - May 21
Presumably there must be some caveats on Lamberts deal?

Does anybody know---I guess one surely must be if you do not get promotion or at least the play offs then you are OFFSKI?

I personally hope say----has been a disastrous season and can not take 5 more years of this----that makes me very sad and miserable just thinking of it!!

ITFCsince73 added 10:44 - May 21
ArnieM. Only days ago you were lauding the new Skuse contract.
There will be no success with the club doing such daft things.
Make your mind up. We have the exact same failed set up to go again with next season.
Chambo and sideways....great.

NorthLondonBlue2 added 11:20 - May 21
We should finish the season and the clubs who can't afford to host games should be given support from other clubs, the PL and the government to do so.

That should the first and only consideration unless it is entirely impracticable to do so. If the PL can resume, then so can we.


Pencilpete added 11:23 - May 21
Although I thought Mick McCarthys time was up a year before he went I have no ill feeling towards him, he kept us up then turned us into play off contenders, we all knew what type of manager he was and that kind of style has a sell by date but he brought stability at a time when we needed it. The problem we have had for years is these exciting, up and coming players like Bishop, Dozzell, Dobra and loanee like Fraser, William's and Celina have all have to sit on the bench and watch steady players like Skuse, Douglas, Tabb play week in week out but these days It's all too 'careful' .... remember the Joe Royle Team that would win 4-3 or 6-4 ??

These players didn't develop because they didn't bl00dy play ! Let's keep Skuse and Chambers and appriciate their service to the club but use them as back up, ambassadors .... maybe youth coaches as well but fill our team with bishop, Dozzell, Huws, Dobra, Downes, Woolenden, dont sell them - develop them together and we will have a hell of a team in 3 or 4 years

ITFCsince73 added 11:51 - May 21
Sorry but there is no sentiment in football, apart from ITFC.
The wages of our most senior 2 players, would have allowed us to bring in 4 players.
They both have no experience in coaching. They both have no coaching badges.
They both have poor playing cv,s. Skuse played for 2 clubs and relegated with both.
Both have never been transferred for a fee.....very strange considering how they have been so highly regarded by ITFC.
Please can someone explain what benefits the club can obtain from these players, by continuing to extend there contracts. Keeping in mind we have had our lowest league position ever.
And next season will probably be the strongest L1 ever. Clearly no benefits to be had on the pitch.
Do we really need YTS coaches....we’ve lost promising young coaches over the last few years....
Please Marcus Evans give your head a wobble.

TractorRoyNo1 added 12:21 - May 21
If this lot were deciding on the next Pope the Catholic church would have been wiped out by now.

dirtydingusmagee added 13:20 - May 21
then the next week then the next week .........ffs.

MaySixth added 13:55 - May 21
The big question is whether it's weighted PPG or PPG

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