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EFL Confirm Transfer Window Dates
Wednesday, 15th Jul 2020 11:54

The EFL has confirmed the opening and closing dates for this summer’s transfer window with international and domestic business coming to an end on different days in October.

An EFL statement reads: “Subject to formal ratification, the transfer window will open fully on Monday 27th July, although any player registered before the completion of the 2019/20 season will not be eligible to play for their new club until season 2020/21 commences. This is applicable to clubs involved in the Sky Bet Championship play-offs.

“The window for international registrations closes at 11pm on Monday 5th October, with an agreement in place with the Premier League for an extended two-week domestic only window which will close at 5pm on Friday 16th October.”

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Michael101 added 12:11 - Jul 15
Don't affect us .scruge Evans won't buy anybody,and nobody will want the dross we had at the moment.

Michael101 added 12:54 - Jul 15
Dross we have😈

algarvefan added 13:08 - Jul 15
Michael101 I often read posts by people like you and wonder if you are really a fan at all. Now be a good lad, go put the kettle on and make a cup of tea and give yourself a good talking to!!

waveneyblue added 13:16 - Jul 15
Monday 5th October - TWTD

Quiet Deadline Day at Ipswich

Director of football Lee O'Neill has announced that he expects a quiet day at Portman Road, although there is the possibly of one of the U8's going out on loan

mike added 13:19 - Jul 15
Algarvefan! I like it! 😂

ArnieM added 14:15 - Jul 15
I doubt many clubs below championship level will be buying players . Most clubs will be looking to offload ASAP

midastouch added 14:29 - Jul 15
Transfer windows (whenever they are) aren't much to get excited about at ITFC these days. Sadly that's been the case for a long time. The last time I got excited about a transfer window was when we went in for George Boyd. There I was sitting up till midnight like a muppet thinking we were going to get our man. The clock struck 12 and the cupboard was still bare. And it's been pretty much like that ever since! To add insult to injury, Instead of Boyd we got Taylor! I think he proved to be the straw that broke Evans' back.

hogster1970 added 14:51 - Jul 15
trouble is nowadays there is to many joe average players at any level, i bet my bottom dollar there will be alot of players with out clubs at all levels come october, they will be many clubs looking at there up and coming youngsters to fill alot of there gaps.
alot of the joe average players wont get any better esp the older ones and when you have the younger players who are on level pegging in a abilty ect they can potentially get better.
all depends how greedy the agents try to be because i feel alot of them will be out of pocket .

may be a blessing but lets see how things pan out.

Michael101 added 15:36 - Jul 15
Algarve mush be one of evsn,s yes men .try and find anything good about his ownership.never mind in 10 years time we will be in conference south.

Bluearmy_81 added 18:13 - Jul 15
Michael, they have the front and audacity to question you as a fan?! You are the proper fan, wanting, nay demanding better for your club like any fan would in the face of a disinterested, underfunding owner. They are just sycophants, as you say they'll still be blindly backing Evans when we are non league. You stick to your guns mate

Bluearmy_81 added 18:15 - Jul 15
And why do they attack you when we all know investment will be totally underwhelming as usual. Deep down thry know you're right, it's just some fans seem incapable of criticising the club/owner, however far we fall. Just gutless

Shawsey added 19:21 - Jul 15
We need to be as busy as possible. Off load the squad players and bring in starting X1 only.

Terry_Nutkins added 20:12 - Jul 15
Yes Michael101 and Bluearmy are the real fans loving in the real world. Come on Evans get all your money out and throw it at the club. Never mind the fact all but the elite clubs find themselves in the most financially difficult situation in history as we tackle a global pandemic and one of the worst economic recessions in living memory. Get your wallet out man!!!!!

The state of that mind set. The absolute state of it!


Ipswichtown4life added 03:00 - Jul 16
Not a pot to piss in

Bluearmy_81 added 08:31 - Jul 16
The state of yours Terry. We are a joke, irrelevant also rans in division 3 after 13 years of failure. The state of yours...

Skip73 added 11:08 - Jul 16
They should scrap the transfer window this year. If they did, that tool Jim White on Sky would be out of a job.

IpswichToon added 11:33 - Jul 16
How can you sit and complain about investment now? Only Sunderland are throwing multi-millions at buying players - to absolutely no avail. We are only second to them in wage bill and club expenses, so by all accounts, Evans is funding the second most expensive club to run in the whole of League One out of his own pocket. So in terms of finances, we were 2nd our of 24.

There are certainly times in the past where he has deserved some criticism, but last season was not one of them. The financial power was there, but we failed to compete for the whole season for other reasons, this time.

Bluearmy_81 added 11:49 - Jul 16
Toon, indeed, as you state he has deserved criticism, selling 12m of players to buy 6m worth of league 1 players in summer 18 is why we are in league 1 now. That doesn't just get 'forgotten.' He continues to fail and fans like you continue to apologise for him. It's nauseating.

Skip73 added 22:35 - Jul 16
Bluearmy, you have a point about investment but it was that buffoon Hurst who chose to sign a team full of League 1 & 2 players. I remember alot of people on here getting very excited at the time.

Bluearmy_81 added 08:47 - Jul 17
Who picked Hurst? Who sanctioned the sales? Why did all our best players want to leave? (Who wants to play for a penny pinching club with zero ambition?) The buck stops with Evans but town fans continue to give him a lifetime, 'get of jail for free' card.

BeattiesBackPocket added 10:12 - Jul 17
I always find it amusing that some go on about difficult times, losing more money this year due to being in league one, Lambert getting a 5 year contract when he should be sacked etc these are the same people that were saying that in the past about clegg, Milne, poor football, not investing when top of both championship and league one in January’s, Keane, etc well who’s ultimately responsible for ALL OF IT!? Evans! Let me get this straight he came in to buy the club he doesn’t support so has no real affinity to so why? To get up and potentially sell for some profit I’d guess seeing as there’s no other reason? HE IS THE 6th richest owner outside the premier league yet you think he’s god and anyone who disagrees isn’t a fan it’s ridiculous! No any one person is a bigger fan than anyone else on here but it doesn’t mean we all stick up for Evans not when other owners with nowhere near his resources have achieved more he’s taken us down to our lowest position in nearly 60 years but it’s ok he puts money in to keep us afloat he bought the club that’s the bare minimum he should be doing! Christ

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