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Blue Action Postpone Protest
Monday, 4th Jan 2021 13:28

Independent supporters group Blue Action has postponed its plan to hold an organised protest at the Swindon Town fixture on Saturday due to the current situation with the coronavirus in Ipswich and Suffolk.

Blue Action announced in mid-December that they were in discussions with the police regarding a demonstration at the Swindon match.

A statement made at the time outlined the reasons behind the protest: “As supporters, we all have differing opinions on the reasons why we are where we are, but we can all agree we deserve much better.

“This demonstration is the perfect opportunity for anyone and everyone that is dissatisfied with the ownership, management and continued decline of our one-proud football club to have their voices properly heard.”

Blue Action was formed at the start of the 2018/19 season in order to try to improve the atmosphere at home games via banners, stickers and the introduction of new songs, and more recently have produced a fanzine.

Early on in manager Paul Lambert’s tenure they were invited to the training ground to talk about the atmosphere at Portman Road as the incoming boss sought to improve relations between the club and its fans.

But latterly, with the Blues again drifting towards mid-table in League One, they have spoken out about the club’s situation and called for the departure of Lambert on a banner hung on the gates at Playford Road.

They subsequently draped another banner on the perimeter fence at Portman Road reading “Tick-tock Marcus, the future of the club is at stake”.

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Bluearmy_81 added 13:47 - Jan 4
Fair decision. At last some fans with pride who aren't happy to just sit in apathetic, subservient silence like Nero as town burns. Protesting is what fans do if their club is going down the swanee!! And generally fans express their disatisfaction a lot quicker and with less cause than this!

Eireannach_gorm added 13:53 - Jan 4
Covid-19 saves Lambert once again.

Saxonblue74 added 13:57 - Jan 4
Surely it would have been an illegal gathering anyway? Assuming it was going to be more than 2 people?!

slade1 added 14:12 - Jan 4
Saxonblue, I doubt more than 2 people would have turned up anyway

dirtydingusmagee added 14:22 - Jan 4
good decision , no point in risking anyone or anything flogging a dead horse . I gave up going to matches 2 years ago now, nothing has changed to make me feel like going back. Evans wont change, and while fans keep going to games why would he ? .He isnt passionate about the club or the game, its just a side venture to him . You dont have to look far to see a difference , just up the road over the border, they were always the undelings until Evans took over,We WERE the Pride of East Anglia . EVANS OUT.

Bert added 14:42 - Jan 4
The right decision for all sorts of reasons. For a start it is entirely wrong to gather in groups but additionally a poor turnout would not give Blue Action the outcome it desires. I have no problem whatsoever in a protest but it has to have a clear aim which is not the case at present. Whilst some will disagree, Evans is not seen by all supporters as an ogre at this difficult time and Lambert is not quite yet the man we hold responsible for the sharp decline this season. The players themselves have a lot to answer for. Add to that the injuries, the ingredients are just not there for a demonstration that will achieve anything tangible. Blue Action have been a breath of fresh air and successful in creating a better match day atmosphere. The game in our relegation season against Leeds was extraordinary in that the flags were out even though we were down. If Blue Action achieved that they are to be applauded as they should also be in postponing, not cancelling an inappropriate and untimely protest.

alfromcol added 15:15 - Jan 4
Good decision, must have been difficult!!

Bluearmy_81 added 15:22 - Jan 4
Slade, you're probably right. Under the circumstances, no protest would equal sh it fans. As long as you're OK with that that's cool...

Saxonblue74 added 15:59 - Jan 4
Couldn't agree more Bert. No good beating the drum and chanting "What do we want.......errrrr?" Blue action have certainly achieved in terms of bringing (most) fans together, but they're currently like the party running for election with no manifesto!

slade1 added 16:49 - Jan 4
" Blue action have certainly achieved in terms of bringing (most) fans together, but they're currently like the party running for election with no manifesto!"

Well said Saxonblue. How can anybody disagree with that?
At the beginning I was all for Blue Action and credit where credits due, they done a great job in uniting supporters and improving the atmosphere in the ground.
Unfortunately they are getting a little above their station now, as though the power has got to their heads and in turn alienating supporters. Every time I read about this stupid protest it makes me laugh! People like Bluearmy should sit in a quiet room alone and really have a good think to themselves.

ps. With all the debt in football and clubs owing hundreds of thousands of pounds, even going out of business, how lucky we are to still have a football club to follow

carlisleaway added 17:15 - Jan 4
At least Blue Action are trying to come out with actions that the majority of us feel, but have kept quiet over the past few seasons. The majority of happy clappers seem quite happy sitting mid table in a very mediocre division where the manager has been unable to get the best out of the playing squad he has available. Many share holders have had the chance to have there say over the years, but happy to listen and be Yes men.

Dolphinblue added 17:18 - Jan 4
😂😂😃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 8 comments! #nobodycares 😂😂😂😂😂

Bluearmy_81 added 17:49 - Jan 4
Slade, thankful we exist! 😂😂Could you set the bar any lower for YOUR club?

slade1 added 18:11 - Jan 4
Not as low as you have set yours by thinking its clever and big protesting outside the ground!

trulyblue added 18:20 - Jan 4

therein61 added 18:35 - Jan 4
If a protest has to be made then it's by way of not attending matches and that has been taken out of protesters hands by the virus! so guys take it on the chin and lets get everyone fit and well(supporters and families included) and when normality returns(heavens knows when) and just collectively get behind the boys in blue i'm sad at the state of the club i've watched since 1958 and there are a lot of things i would change, but now is not the time for those thoughts JUST GET TOGETHER GUYS!! C.O.Y.B.

ArnieM added 18:49 - Jan 4
Em, isn’t it actually illegal to meet up in groups ( CoVid etc etc ) ???
So had it gone ahead , a fair few Town fans could have going themselves arrested.... or worse INFECTED!

Bluearmy_81 added 18:51 - Jan 4
Slade, you have zero insight into this but as a fan you're actually being negligent staying silent and implicitly accepting the depths we've sunk to. It's part of a fans role to stand up for their club when it has been reduced to a joke and an embarrassment. I just don't understand how you can think inaction and passive apathy is appropriate given the appalling state we find ourselves in?! Fans of Everton, Coventry and Blackpool I know are mystified by town fans inaction, they just don't get it and think town fans are so poor for accepting this... Its not like Evans has spent big like Derby and failed, that would be one thing. He has subjected us to austerity football for years, bought a league 1 side before we got relegated and never reinvested big money sales sufficiently. How on earth can you find this acceptable and not worthy of criticism?! You literally blow my mind.. Its like being a Roman, loving Rome, and saying you back and support Nero as you watch him fiddle as Rome burns?! Utterly mystifying

ArnieM added 19:40 - Jan 4
The only language or “ protest” Evans connects with it understands is money. So fans can “protest” MORE effectively by withholding their money going into the Club. Eg ST sales, shop sales, etc .

Of course the outcome desired ( Evans parting company with ITFC), might not be in the form or way fans expect. Even Evans has limits to his disposable income. So ultimately fans withholding their funding into the Club might force into cutting his losses . He could go this by selling the club at a loss ( he said he’d sell to any prospective owner who would match of better what he puts into the Club) ..., OR he could simply liquidated ITFC and walk away . Given the ADDITIONAL costs he had incurred since relegation to League One ( an ADDITIONAL £12m on top on the £6m he puts into the annual running costs ) coupled with the hit his Corporation has taken global in the last 12 months due to CoVid, it’s not beyond the realms of expectation that he could choose the latter if he perceives the fans are walking away, and simply throw the towel in on the Club himself. As a business venture it’s hardly been a success on any level has it !

Saxonblue74 added 20:31 - Jan 4
BA81, whilst you're criticising the vast majority of fans for doing nothing, what is it you think you are actually doing? I mean seriously, what? Would you have been at the protest had it gone ahead under any circumstances? How's your Facebook page doing? Have you looked at your profile on this site recently and realised how unpopular the majority of your posts are? I can only assume you watched "carry on Cleo" over the festive period? Or maybe a book on the Roman's for christmas? Is "Nero" your new "Monty Python"?🤣🤣

Bluearmy_81 added 21:08 - Jan 4
Saxon, it's an obvious analogy. In addition, maybe if Nero had said to his people he was going to prevent anyone burning Rome down and look after the city but then did the opposite, allowed it to disintergrate out of a lack of care, action, engagement or commitment, that would be more accurate.
I think fans for whatever reason are particularly acquiescent on twtd, I think a significant number of fans from a wider field are more and more vocally critical of Evans and not prepared to passively accept such abject failure for any longer. Good fans.

istanblue added 22:55 - Jan 4
COVID has saved Evans and Lambert yet again. Both the 5-point protest and the Blue Action one were starting to gain momentum only to have to be cancelled due to corona. I have no doubt however that these cancellations are only stalling the inevitable reckoning that is coming for both PL and ME. #EvansOut

HARRY10 added 23:09 - Jan 4
I can see it now. Evans is shown footage of a gaggle of spotty herberts waving their mum's bedsheets around and says to himself

"I must change my business model.... immediately"

Bluearmy_81 added 23:22 - Jan 4
Bit of a bootlicker. It's not embarrassing to protest, as fans, under the circumstances its embarrassing not to. I can understand a Norwich fan being a big fan of Evans and defending his position at town but really can't see how a town fan can...

Bert added 23:28 - Jan 4
Oh dear, I thought BA81 was becoming more balanced in his posts but clearly that is not the case. Let’s be clear, I would imagine that the vast majority of fans are very unhappy with where we are and the lack of investment when it should have been provided. I certainly am not happy but the argument that silence and acceptance makes such fans bad fans is simply laughable. BA81 has no idea how to protest in a way that will be listened to, he didn’t go to home games and tells us that fans of such and such a club are mystified by the reaction of town fans. Really ? So easy just to make up stories but do nothing yourself. Blue Action has a method and I respect them but not the likes of BA81 and his decreasing band who offer no argument, no plan and no sense of understanding anyone who has a different view. When it is clear that a protest has a clear aim and a plan I will consider it but hopefully the detractors who spout empty words will not be part of it for they will ruin any attempt to be heard.

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