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Conneely's Red Card Rescinded
Thursday, 4th Mar 2021 18:55

Accrington Stanley skipper Seamus Conneely’s red card during the Blues’ 2-1 win at the Wham Stadium on Tuesday has been rescinded following an appeal by the Lancastrians.

Conneely was dismissed for bringing down Troy Parrott in the 16th-minute incident which led to James Norwood’s saved penalty.

At the time it looked a harsh decision with the 32-year-old appearing to have made a genuine, if clumsy, attempt at winning the ball and by the letter of the ‘double jeopardy’ law ought to have been shown only a yellow card.

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PortmanTerrorist added 19:02 - Mar 4
Did we actually catch a break ?! Maybe Mr Cook has brought a change in fortunes.....it's long overdue !

MattinLondon added 19:15 - Mar 4
The fact that he did get sent off suggests that we were treated favourably on the night as we were playing against ten men for most of the match.

MattinLondon added 19:16 - Mar 4
Sorry, just reread your post properly. Apologies.

IpswichToon added 19:16 - Mar 4
What happened to the ‘the ref saw it so we will not overturn the decision’ line that the FA seem to always take with our stupid red cards?

Umros added 19:23 - Mar 4
How clumsy taking a player down when about to shoot! We’d have failed in any such appeal.

Suffolkboy added 19:25 - Mar 4
Was not there,obviously , but from TV pictures it seemed he was not, if ever, in a proper position to construct and execute a decent tackle — so completely took away the attacker’s legs .
Don’t understand this sort of leniency ; but of course I may have interpreted wrongly what I saw .

itsonlyme added 19:26 - Mar 4
I can’t believe he got away with it. He took Parrot down from behind as he was about to shoot. A definite red card IMO

ArnieM added 19:29 - Mar 4
I doubt we’d have won that game without the sending off and the GK going off . We were leg weary that night , and it showed. They are team full of fight ( in every sense of the word), and a draw would have been a good result tbh. But do you know what I don’t feel sorry for them. We’ve had more than our fair share of bad luck for a while now. Time for s9me good fortune. And if we go up through “ lucky”, I’d take it ....

TractorFrog added 19:33 - Mar 4
What rubbish. So Dozzell gets pushed to the feet of a Sunderland player, and the red card is not rescinded because ‘the referee saw it.’ Then this Accrington player does get it rescinded, even though he took out Parrott’s legs and stopped a goal-scoring opportunity. Again, ‘the referee saw it.’ The FA don’t care about League 1; they are so ridiculously inconsistent. The sooner we get out of this league, the better.

By the way, I am not criticising this decision, it was fair. I’m just having a go at the Dozzell red card again, because that was just horribly unfair.

spanishblue added 19:43 - Mar 4
How the hell can that not be a red,he chopped his legs from under him,at least it was a red on the night, who do they play next maybe they’ll keep a point off of them or lose if below them we can smile about it

Facefacts added 20:06 - Mar 4
The guy who came down to the pitch side and had a rant about the poor refereeing decisions after about 30 mins and then made a beeline for the ref at half time and spoke to him all the way back to the changing rooms probably explains it, if that was the Accrington manager.

Clearly a red, in my view. But the guy was passionately arguing his case with the ref at half time even though he had a far worse view of the incident than the ref.

The force of his personality persuaded the ref to doubt his original decision, that would be the difference between any of our red cards being appealed by our ex manager who would sooner throw his own players under the bus.

TimmyH added 20:06 - Mar 4
I said that 'circumstances' went our way after that match and lady luck shown down on us...and as the red card was rescinded probably did get the ball.

Karlosfandangal added 20:28 - Mar 4
I think you will find the rules state that you can’t be double punished.
Ie as he awarded a penalty the play should have only given a yellow.

Karlosfandangal added 20:30 - Mar 4

Where a player denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by a handball offence the player is sent off wherever the offence occurs.

Where a player commits an offence against an opponent within their own penalty area which denies an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and the referee awards a penalty kick, the offending player is cautioned if the offence was an attempt to play the ball; in all other circumstances (e.g. holding, pulling, pushing, no possibility to play the ball etc.) the offending player must be sent off.

SamWhiteUK added 21:11 - Mar 4
Rubbish, he should have gone in my book. He didn't look like he was bothering to try and play the ball at all, he just wanted to stop the shot, as he knew it was the only hope. He will have known that he only should have got a yellow, making it a very cynical challenge - yellow card and a penalty, with a chance to save, or a certain goal

Of course, the penalty was saved, so he would have got away with in if he'd only got a yellow

62WasBest added 21:16 - Mar 4
I thought it was now illegal to tackle from behind? Though the leg came round the side, the player was behind the man on the ball. That can be dangerous to the ball player if the tackler is not in his area of vision.

Bert added 23:05 - Mar 4
Fair enough. It was a very definite penalty so we were deprived an almost certain goal but it was not a red card offence.As soon as it was awarded I shrieked don’t let Norwood take it. We really do need a decent penalty taker not that we get many in this league.

TractorRoyNo1 added 00:47 - Mar 5
Will add spice if we meet them in the play offs

Jonaldo added 04:08 - Mar 5
That's ridiculous!

6 yards out, illegally tackled from behind (whether he got some of the ball or not) and literally about to strike the ball!

Ok so 6 yards out with only the keeper to beat might not be a "clear goal scoring chance" for us, but surely this isn't part of the assessment is it?

I mean its a great tackle in Sunday League Football in 1985 but sorry, I have been sent off for similar this side of the millennium and quite rightly so!

bobble added 05:27 - Mar 5
cynical foul to prevent a goal, banned for life in my opinion...

Fat_Boy_Tim added 06:10 - Mar 5
It’s hard to say how the card affected the game. I think Parrott would have scored which would have been a huge boost to him and the team. As it was, there was a sense in injustice from Accrington, then we missed the pen and they were all fired up and had went on to a good 15 min spell. I think we’d have been better off just being 1-0 up.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 06:52 - Mar 5
Looked pretty red to me. Chopped down from behind. What's the problem?

BildestonBlue added 07:14 - Mar 5
He made no attempt to win the ball, watching it back it looks like he's scissored him down using both legs out of frustration, you only do that if your intention is to take your opponent off their feet.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 07:21 - Mar 5
Coleman is still whining on about "bad luck" in their 2-1 defeat. While Town were not at their very best, I think we played quite well, and we weren't lucky to win. Always nice to triumph over a team theatrically dedicated to looking for the next penalty. But I will give AS credit for putting up a fight. Unlucky? No, you just lost game. Move on.

Michael101 added 08:30 - Mar 5
Maybe it how the ref worded the paperwork have them ground for apeal?? Many years ago when I had a go at refereeing teams would try anything to get player off ,even appealing about mis spelt name wrong time anything.

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