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iaintaylorx added 14:04 - Aug 21

Good performance that was in my opinion. Bart was not tested at all really and couldn't have done anything for the goal, which when i look at it, no one really threw themselves to block it and if Smith was in there, knowing his passion, I think the goal could have been avoided.

Knudsen today showed he is improving with every game and took his goal fantastically! Wardy again, showed what we have misses on the wing but i am pretty satisfied with today. One thing, is Luke Chambers. I can't recall him ever playing the ball on the ground to a player and he hit it long at every possibility which was very frustrating.

Officials were poor, after wrongly ruling out a perfectly good goal and a stonewall penalty not given on Murphy, but good performance from the lads! Both positives and negatives from the boys and I think we deserved the 3 points.

Mullet added 15:34 - Aug 21

A first and welcome huff of the Churchmans and breeze hits the face as Sunday worship commenced at the Portman Rd cathedral. The winds of change saw Bishop joined by Pitman on the bench as Bru took the midfielder's starting berth alongside Dougie and Skuse. The justification perhaps fitness and discipline over ability alone.

The game started as it continued overall, a cynical foul and Ipswich dominating. Bru was on set piece duty and started with one of his better efforts. Murphy found a good header, Douglas a good finish from close range. The ground erupted and as Town fans rose so did the flag. Two games, two goals chalked off. Two times one wonders what the linesman saw.

Seven years of bad luck, bad management and bad players contributing differing amounts to a run of games without a Town victory in a derby. Natural order seemed likely to resume as Town left the canaries looking at each other. Threats from out wide were pushed further from harm as the battle of a bulging midfield. Douglas again was winning headers but not always finding his man with a second touch, first glance forward. However it provided Town with the impetus to go the right way.

Sears and Ward provided tireless runs and in the middle Klose learnt what soft Irish whispers sounded and looked like when Murphy converted sustained pressure. He cushioned the ball with a sublime touch and turned him inside out for a great effort on goal. The attacking unit assembled worked hard and their opposite numbers over. The skipper found the totemic striker and again Murphy when close, angling his header wonderfully for it to spin just beyond the keeper's control and past the post.

It was twenty minutes of Town shielding their goalkeeper as Jerome sniffed and snatched fresh air with the newly formed centre back partnership moving the ball calmly and those in front of them collecting it. Where Town were not delivering again was set pieces. Bru's crosses were mixed in destination and delivery, Town scrapped and scraped but too often Norwich were lucky or left to deny us without a third or fourth time of asking.

A clear handball from a yellow clearance in the middle of the box, would have given us a fortunate but no less deserved penalty from one of these many first half skirmishes. Luck has little to do with it when you ask most winners, but without it you are left to make your own as well as raise your game.

The sight of blue and then yellow smoke in the stands near the away end an unwelcome addition, when it dispersed the vermin didn't without orange-jacketed assistance. Dancing and baiting following the game's second goal. Pinto with a clear run following a Town mistake trying to attack a corner forced back where it came from. He clearly fouled the covering Sears, having no need to dive in the box this time. Town waited, Jerome didn't, a massive gap evident as he stroked the ball home off the post in disappointing fashion.

A rare defensive dip in a brilliant game and Town gifted away the ascendency along with the lead. All that expense and all those that glitter aren't stars, just in yellow. Tettey, Howson and the comically named Wessi the main reasons they kept possession, but having hold of the ball is not having hold of the game. Town's belief returned and so did the drive.

Intense and in triangles even without the ball, the long and the short of Town's game saw Murphy unlock the back line with the support of his colleagues. When the best chance to level came crashing off of Knudsen's chest but not falling true, it was maybe due to Murphy being a little too close him and the goal. Fear swept across the away end, as the game had clearly turned and the family misfortunes dreaded every testing cross coming their way.

With or without Bru, there is a an ongoing debate over Town's distribution. Webster clearly has something about him more than just his ability to pick a pass but for all the glimpses of this and that which led to Mick signing him, perhaps today wasn't the day for elaborate balls. He and Berra both kept it simple enough to do a job and keep Norfolk minds guessing thanks to the support of Bart who swept his box clear repeatedly.

A man who ignores history is doomed to repeat the same mistakes, and with time as well as history on our side who else did it fall too but the marauding Dane? Chamber's whipping crosses had caused problems all half, so had the movement off the ball out wide. When Norwich were wrong footed, the left back switched to his and with a shot barely touching the turf buried his equaliser low. Town voices couldn't raise much higher as the eccentric Scandinavian danced away.

Tactical genius Neil made changes at half time, Town remained the same. The differences never really told as again blue shirts looked to use yards and restarts from the throws and corners to find a breakthrough. Norwich roared forward when the opportunity arose but struggled to hurt Town's pride. A clear handball in the box from a Berra header missed by an official who waved play on when he was right as much as when he was wrong.

When Bru sent Murphy racing through it seemed the game would be put beyond doubt. Klose again miles off the pace felled the Waterford Pele with a dirty slide from behind, leaving Murphy stricken and stretched out. All stood awaiting the card and spot kick that ended Town's promotion hopes in the last derby. Bafflement and idiocy reigned as the game continued. Penalty now missed without being taken in either half, offside invented, we should have had three over the budgies as has been the case since 1981, yet both sides remained equal in man and score unfairly

It was a beautiful ball, a wonderful run and a chance on goal. No man falls without a hurdle and just the goal in sight. In full view of TV camera injustice befell us yet again. Small comfort came from the diminutive Douglas who was allowed more room to get into the visitor's box having danced around it too often in the first half.

The Irishman looks like he might be as handy with a flick knife as a freekick, and when he danced past Tettey going towards goal the Norwegian cut him down. A bizarre belief he could argue the call finally heralded a first welcome sight of yellow, long overdue. The tension built as the man from the tropics drilled Town's set piece at the defensive wall. Floods of blue shirts forward and home support drowning out our rivals as Bru's last meaningful contribution bounced clear.

Bishop replaced him and injected fresh legs and movement into the side. Waltzing across the pitch, his work to bring Ward in from the white was one pleasing aspect of the contest. Norwich weren't without their chances and as with most things they've benefited from it was all but handed to them.

A routine ball dropped kindly from Jerome via the miscue of Webster. Naismith showed that £8m brings you close to success as the second most overrated attacking midfielder in their side struck the post. Town cleared as Skuse was emerging as a clear division between attack and defence, parity and despair. The defensive midfielder was called into cover more than once in the final 25 mins as Town pushed on.

If Norwich's chances were fewer, they were clearer no thanks to the bounty of bad calls those with and for one hairy moment, those without the whistle made. Town had great success through Sears and the overlap of Knudsen, but no winning touch. Likewise Bishop linked with the impressive Ward to push and push in what proved an undecided tug of war between East Anglia's finest and Norwich.

As half chances and time dropped, Bishop spun away from his marker only to see a decent looking shot stopped. It seemed to be him that forced the keeper to block somewhat unwittingly with his chest in what were moments made for headline writers in another later attack. Between those two moments the replacement for Sears had a score to settle but no killer pass to do it. What Varney offers is a known quantity but Town still look a little light if if we are turning to Reg to add quality.

No bow from the bench for known poacher Pitman despite Town being in the hunt for a winner again until the final whistle. As ever we were superior in terms of Murphy's too, the little winger showed that when allowed to get clear it made no difference, the other chance for heartbreak scuffed miles past the post. The difference in academy products as clear as the gap between shot and side netting.

On the balance of play, something more than Norwich's defence deserved to break. A lack of clinicians in front of goal still blight Town. If we adopt a style were chances are limited for us as well as the opposition then more need to be made of them. Sometimes all you have to do is score, we've done that for two games running and still not had the deserved six. Who else would deny us that but the inhabitants of Norfolk? If they truly are the squad that will walk this league, we'll be right there next them based on today's showing. By rights they'll be back where they've always been, in our shadow.

battyblue added 19:12 - Aug 21

MM settled for a draw at halftime,should have gone for the win Boring same old rubbish will not be at portman road until MM is gone.

Lightningboy added 19:54 - Aug 21

Decent performance but considering how average Norwich looked i'm disappointed we didn't take all 3 points.
Bru was dreadful today plus I thought Pitman should've been given at least 10 minutes.
We certainly can't afford too many more injuries this season & I still think we're lacking that one major key player to turn us from a mid table side into play-off contenders.

Pilgrimblue added 22:45 - Aug 21

That was much better all round. Best from Ward and JK. but didn't think Berra justified selection over Smith. Too often he lacks composure booting it anywhere and very worried about his constant grappling, he's going to give penalty away soon!
Can't carry on with Chambo. Love his passion, not his position at rb while Webster looking the part.

Ward looked great and as for Jonas just superb (super pass from Freddie). Murphy played his part but felt he'd have scored with his pace two years ago.

BedfordBlues added 23:10 - Aug 21

Had the best of the first 20min and took the game to them with confidence and purpose. How many times are we going to see Referees assistants make a wrong and costly decision. When the ball was played Douglas was half a yard clearly on side, but the flag goes up when he receives the ball. Rules clearly state that the decision is made when the ball is played, when your standing in line with the last player this is not difficult at all... unbelievable . Would have made a big difference as the game went on. Norwich would have had to chase the game to get level, leaving more space in behind to exploit. We need to use the widths more, When Grant Ward gets to the byline he can deliver good early balls in to the box as he proved today. The space in midfield we gave them leading up to their goal was far to much, little 10 yard passes in triangles , then moving into the free space to receive balls . Berra and Webster going towards the same player leaving Jerome free !! Communication is something they will learn from that as the partnership progresses. Just a few points that stood out for me, but a much better performance overall and could have taken all 3pts . Need to take this into the Preston game and move forward. Still very early days and we will give anybody in this division a tough game. But need to do it consistantly , first goals for Murphy and Sears need to come sooner rather than later, for there own confidence in front of goal. And let's use the talented young Grant Ward as often as possible, because he will cause defences problems with his pace crossing and goals.. Cum on you Super Blues. Beds_TractorBoy

harlingblue added 02:31 - Aug 22

Thoroughly enjoyable game, our standard of football is improving and on today's performance, we deserved a win. A bit more venom or perhaps confidence in the attacking third would not go amiss, but today Bart was mostly a spectator.

unstableblue added 08:59 - Aug 22

Well that was fun, and despite a few lingering concerns a game to take a lot heart from as we continue to ponder Ipswich's prospects for the 16/17 season.

On paper Norwich had a far superior starting eleven, and 3 midfielders that we would love to poach - in our dreams. And indeed for 20 minutes after their against the run of play goal Norwich's midfield purred. Despite that insight into the quality gap, Ipswich probably deserved the win. Chances in the start of the first half and the closing stages, and some exciting width, shading this passionate encounter.

Despite the disappointing circa 24k attendance, derided on announcement by our East Anglian 'cousins', this had a big game feel. It's not just the number of people, it's the buzz of excitement. The fan zone was pretty good, the pitch, sun, clapper things stuck in the seats, and the packed North and away ends made for a real sense of anticipation. Numerous mates had stayed away, a combination of holidays, Sky, early kick off and Mick's style being the weak excuses. So I don't think you can blame the poor turn out on any single factor.

So how did Mick's Ipswich play? Generally the energy, bite and tracking were fantastic. And earnt at least the point. The noise of the North combined with some tenacious Douglas, Berra, Bru and Berra dogged play, ruffled Norwich, they couldn't get into the game. And ward and Murphy started to get joy - we had tempo. My biggest ask from Mick and the team would be to continue that into Saturday and Preston. We had multiple corners, we stretched Norwich for 20mins. Murphy had a superb chance, and I do think our talisman is showing his 10 goal a season form at present, rather than that fine streak of a few seasons back.

Even in this glorious spell, we still went back into type into numerous occasions, with poor early long distribution, cheap turnover of ball, wasted impetus. It's the elephant in the room with this team. And must be eradicated, in Grant, and Bishop and the missing young Evertonian, maybe we have the solution. As indeed after their goal Norwich showed us how to do it - short incisive passing, began to tear into us, their goal real class. Their manager bemoaning afterwards that they only got I got that gear for 20 mins, but to be fair Ipswich refused to allow it. And our defence was just too strong. Webster and Berra were just excellent, tough, horrible to play against. Webster will relish a more dynamic midfield in front of him, which surely will come with Bishop fully fit, and weaker opposition.

In Norwich's purple patch, Ipswich started to lump aimless ball, not to Murphy's feet which he lives and led to our goal via linking with the improved Sears. Sears still remained too wide in my view. Even Ward started getting the Ipswich disease with some speculative hit and hope. Ward is a revelation to me, a superb signing by Mick, a player worth the admission, to get fans returning. He refuses to play poor distribution in the main, and when Bishop was also on, we started to use the ball so effectively against a tiring Norwich, we started to punish them with Knudsen drawn up the field, and Sears and Murphy loving the interplay. And of course as Leicester show so well, once you start to mix your game, with bishop bringing canary defenders out the longer ball starts to work, and Murphy had a great chance to break through - was he tripped or just shattered?!

Bishop had a great chance to seal it, just the sheer impetus from Town stretching Norwich, he could centred but shot at the hapless keepers legs.

Lots of lessons, lots of hope, but let's take this energy and in part more cultured approach into the Preston game.

Pride of Anglia restored.

rickw added 09:41 - Aug 22

For me Knudsen was MoM, however Ward also played very well.
I can understand how the officials got the Douglas goal wrong - it looked in real time that he was offside, frustrating for us none the less though.

We were the team more likely to score, I would have liked Mick to bring on Dozzell for Douglas for the last 10-15 minutes. Douglas had played well, but at 34 and his second game in a week I think Dozzell's energy and creativity would have given us a better chance of winning - it's a gamble though taking off our most experienced player for our youngest and as others have said Mick was happy with a draw.....

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