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battyblue added 19:35 - Apr 3

stole a point again one shot on target in 96 minutes dreadful

battyblue added 19:36 - Apr 3

stole a point again one shot on target in 96 minutes dreadful

philpott2 added 19:54 - Apr 3

A leftback in Fryers who looks hungry and can defend.....swap him for Mings please Mick, at the first opportunity.
Varney was excellent today, as was Skuse and Bart. Murphy excellent today too.
Smith probably our poorest player, but worked hard.
The corner was a soft one that they scored from, but excellent effort by Town.

Nthsuffolkblue added 20:48 - Apr 3

Took a point and looked good for all three for a considerable part of the match. £10K a considerable match for many millions. Jones from the bench was what the visitors needed as they struggled to turn possession into a real goal threat. The home side need the return of McGoldrick and Williams to support the excellent Murphy and Sears.

alholmes added 20:55 - Apr 3

So much diving. Lucky point against a good team. Bring on Huddersfield

ericclacton added 22:13 - Apr 3

Far to long to defend one goal, really good game though really enjoyed it, we are still in there.


Eiffel78 added 22:39 - Apr 3

ITFC 1-1 Tom Daley XI. At times a good match, but too often ruined by a number of players who were more interested in trying to con the ref (who fell for it far too often). Makes me wonder whether they're being coached to play like that - happened too many times to just be one or two players chancing their luck and then listen to their manager's comments about the ref.

dalinghooblue added 22:50 - Apr 3

Town were outplayed in midfield and lacked an enforcer. We should be grateful for a point against a good footballing side, but their gamesmanship was, at times, appalling. Another poor display from the referee and considering that he is on the elite list, probably the worst seen at PR this season.

Stourbridgeblue added 23:43 - Apr 3

File that one under "hard fought"

chrisbobs added 00:59 - Apr 4

A fair result. Bournemouth are clearly a good footballing side, but we matched them with our usual endeavour & no little skill. Bart's shot-stopping was outstanding, Berra his usual rock-like self (reminds me of Butch, though clearly not of the same calibre as Sir Terry), Scuse impressive again, Reg won lots in the air, and Freddie was a live-wire (never been less than impressed with Mr Sears!!). Murph looked knackered after 70 mins, and Wood disappointed from the bench again.

Bournemouth may wish to get a new stud sponsor, as they struggled to stay on their feet whenever near a blue shirt, and if not careful could end up with an unwanted reputation!

Particularly enjoyed the home crowd's response to every "hoof" ball from the away team, given their over-the-top criticism of the ITFC style of football earlier in the season.

Pilgrimblue added 15:12 - Apr 4

Not sure why MM decided not to use JW but one thing for sure is that we need to keep control better as still giving ball away too often and putting more pressure on our defence

unstableblue added 12:59 - Apr 5

Bournemouth are a very very good side. They will play in the Premiership next season and with some additions will give a very good account themselves. I do think they have defensive frailties though, and I just wish we could have played more football to expose them.

There's a lot of fans on here demonising Bournemouth, yes they go down easily, and I was as vocal as anyone booing and showing my disgust yesterday. But you have to give them credit for some excellent passing, ball control and movement THROUGHOUT the team.

I really enjoyed the first10-15mins yesterday, the crowd were really really up for it. And with the number of blues in attendance and with energy in all stands it made for a cracking start to the game. Its interesting how the energy of the crowd around me almost reflected my own changing emotions towards the the game. Absolutely loved the way we started, solid, full of energy, nones more so than Varney, but also through Skuse, Bishop, Murphy and Sears we were passing, doing one-twos, and getting wide and behind Bournemouth - with the Cherries needing some last minute defending to keep us out.

The goals was really well worked and there had been a number of other good moves. Well done to Freddie who put in a MOM performance with his running back as well as forward.

Then Bournemouth started to take control and we started to sit deeper. They just looked like a Premiership side, and as our game stagnated we started to look more a plucky division one side to be honest.

But that didn't matter for me, as personally I've re-calibrated my perception of Town. We under Mick and with our budget can't play like Bournemouth. So I was really supporting and praising the teams endeavour.

Then around me fans started to call for 'get the ball on the ground', 'pass it, pass it', 'nooooooo, don' lump it'. And the support was getting flatter.

The bottom line for me was that Skuse and Bishop were on form, as was sears, and when we did pass and run, Bournemouth struggled. But then every time a Centre back or full back got the ball we went long. When the keeper had the ball, despite having players to throw to, he went long. We resorted to every single play from the back being a lump to Varney, or ridiculously Sears. This actually made Bournemouth look even better, as they just mopped up this poor distribution, had the space to then play across their midfield, and then they were taxing our full backs with excellent wing play.

There was a period at 70mins when Bournemouth tired a little and we had a spell of 4 or 5 passes - and everyone round me lifted. Similarly when Chaplow was introduced and he managed to get it down and link wide with Murphy we threatened and we entertained.

No home crowd can be fully nourished by 37% possession (got that is embarrassing in fact) and 19 shots to 7.

So yes I am left a little flat after yesterday; I really admire the work rate and endeavour. But we have got to get the ball down for longer periods and let skuse and bishop dictate play, not the centre backs. Varney has been great but I worry his crazed running around mopping up - which should be praised - is meaning we are then keeping him in the team as a head to target. I would really like to see Williams or McGoldrick behind Sears and Murphy. It would encourage passing. A Bru, Bishop, Skuse middle 3 and kings back in the team, just feels more threatening, but I fear a default position of Tabb (who admire but his lack of quality is apparent) and Varney (who has impressed, but his touch lacks).

For me Wolves, Brentford and even hapless Derby are playing better football than us. And I think we need to just up our quality to match and to even look Premier ready, but also mix it up with our unique brand of energy and endeavour. I'm not expecting us to pass like Bournemouth, or have the runs of Brentford - but I want high energy, accurate long ball - BUT pass a little as to not give away possession cheaply!

Hopefully Huddersfield and Blackpool will give us this chance.


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