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No Jonny May in the Lions tour
at 14:26 6 May 2021

A crazy decision

Probably the most dangerous winger in the northern hemisphere https://www.skysports.com/share/12298212
[Post edited 6 May 14:27]
This topic got a bit heated last time
at 20:31 3 May 2021


Have peoples opinions changed on the subject?
It’s Friday and the sun is out!
at 15:01 23 Apr 2021

So, we could be in the Championship next season after all
at 17:36 19 Apr 2021

They’ll have to move 6 up from championship to the Premier League, and so on.

This could actually work in Ipswich’s favour for once.

Let them go
Maybe singing Bob Marley wasn’t the best idea after all, hey
at 12:03 16 Apr 2021

They should have got booed out of the ground.

Then, maybe we wouldn’t be in this absolute mess. They’ve been in the comfort zone for far too long. We as a fan base have probably been too fair to the players. I can’t think of another club that would let so much failure off the hook for so long.

I’d be so ashamed if I was playing for Ipswich at the moment. But Most of them don’t give a damn. They will in the summer though, when they can’t find a club.

At least now, Cook can have his team next season. Interesting to see who he picks tomorrow.
When can we start Booing again
at 19:32 13 Apr 2021

God we’re poor, aren’t we 🤦🏼‍♂️😂🤣

Can this season just finish
2 wins in 2 days
at 16:09 13 Apr 2021

He’s back baby
Cav is back!!!!
at 15:18 12 Apr 2021

That’s it, that’s the post

New names .....The Gipping bay Buccaneers
at 14:15 7 Apr 2021

Has a nice ring to it

Any one else
Anyone else think sky sports football analysis is getting unwatchable
at 08:54 6 Apr 2021

I very rarely sit through a whole match nowadays, but Sky is just horrendous. Especially Carragher and Neville.

I know it’s aimed at the blinkered Premier league fans, but it just makes me turn over straight away.

Take last night, I turned over to watch Everton v Palace, and there was Carragher talking about Liverpool 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Not holding their hands to their ears anymore
at 18:06 5 Apr 2021

Strange that

Can you imagine the atmosphere, the players wouldn’t be getting away with it
The players must know they are leaving
at 17:51 5 Apr 2021

I can’t come up with any other reason

Playing with absolutely no passion, guts or urgency

It’s a total embarrassment

But I imagine they don’t give a damn
People moaning about Mathie
at 17:00 5 Apr 2021

He’d probably do a better job up front at the moment

What an absolute embarrassing bunch of losers
Striker Problem ..... Academy question
at 09:32 5 Apr 2021

Surely we have some strikers in the academy we could play instead of Drinan or even Jackson.

If not, why not?

What’s gone wrong with the academy, if we can’t produce one striker. Are we still picking big boys and hoping to make them into footballers.

Now would be a good time to put a 17/18 yeah old up front. No fans, no pressure. They could just give us something different, like enthusiasm for actually playing football.

Without Norwood we just don’t look like scoring.
Let’s be honest, No one really knows what’s going on about the takeover
at 18:12 4 Apr 2021

Unless they are actually sitting in the zoom meetings 🤷🏼‍♂️

It’s all 2nd and 3rd hand, probably even more.

Grassroots football is back!!
at 06:22 3 Apr 2021

What Saturday mornings are for.

Plus I get to watch both my boys as there’s a later kick off.

All 3 of us are buzzing. Well me and the u12 are, the U14 smiled and actually spoke. Which is a huge reaction from a teenage boy stuck on a PS4 for months on end lol. This lockdown has been really hard for everyone, now there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.
An old fashioned “ look at me “ post
at 18:22 2 Apr 2021

It’s been pointed out a few times since my return, that I’m not the same poster.

And on some reflection, they are right. I’ve been a grumpy old cynical Wang ker. Probably because I’ve become just that. I’ve had a tough 2/3 years in my personal life , and I know I’ve stopped enjoying a lot of things in life. I don’t even enjoy football anymore ( apart from watching my two boys play) my well being is all over the place. Social media isn’t good for that. Ipswich being in such a terrible position hasn’t helped matters.

I came back on here probably looking for a lost love. Wasn’t a very good idea. I shouldn’t be taking anyone’s opinions to heart. We are all Ipswich fans after all

If I’ve offended anyone the last few weeks, I apologise.

Hopefully now things might be going back to normal, I can start again. I can’t wait to watch some youth football tomorrow.

Once again I apologise......... apart from not rating Dozzell and Magilton 😉
[Post edited 2 Apr 18:27]
They are 2nd from bottom!
at 16:35 2 Apr 2021

20 bloody 3rd

How can any of you defend this C*^P

Honestly, you need to take the blue glasses off.
Let’s build a team around Dozzell
at 16:05 2 Apr 2021

Dozzell and Bishop
at 18:51 1 Apr 2021

There’s probably been 100s of threads on these two, but I’ve missed them.

If they were as good as we’ve been told, surely they’d be dominating the midfield and ripping up division 3. But they haven’t, far from it. Neither of them have kicked on. They aren’t little boys anymore. I’d personally sell both of them. No goals, hardly any assists. They offer nothing. No good looking pretty, making easy side ways passes.

Downes is the only division 2 midfielder we have.

It’s time we move on from this bunch of no hopers. I wanted them to be good, we all did. But they just aren’t good enough.
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