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KM 5th best manager we have ever had
at 17:09 8 Jan 2022

That's after 2 games, can you imagine what number he'll be when he's managed as many games for town as those in front of him!!

On a more serious note though what a proper performance that was, can't help but be proud of the lads for that!!
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I know the reasoning behind it so in that way it was bad but on so many more
at 18:04 31 Dec 2021

Levels it was absolutely brilliant not to see that stupid line up and shake hands BS, seeing the players walking out and straight up to the North Stand with the music playing was great, lets get back to the good old days where we are running straight out again and ready for battle, it geed the fans up more which in turn geed the players up more!!

We need the team running straight out again in our lives, get both sides of the blue army totally up for it, our wonderful fans and our beloved players.
Is there anyone on here who has watched the actual video that is...
at 17:16 20 Dec 2021

Not rather impressed by KM

He came across well, I love his confidence in his own ability, his game plan from the outset would appear to be what we call "the Ipswich way" by the sounds of it he's gonna find coached that are dedicated to the 4 different areas of the pitch, the training ground is gonna be hard work but also fun!

I think he's ticked a few boxes that were not even there to tick!!

The stand out thing for me he said though was (not a direct quote) he could tell from watching Saturday that no one has given up......(the most import bit for me is the following) and no one wants to be anywhere else!! That for me is huge and imo that was exactly the position with Dozzel and Downes and maybe a couple who knew there was no renewal coming for them, their heads were not fully on the game for us at the time and it showed in their playing, its great that he can't see any of that although he really shouldn't given how new most are to the squad.

Exciting times ahead on the good ship ITFC!!
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I don't usually coment during our matches as its a superstition of mine
at 20:47 15 Dec 2021

But I'm absolutely fcuking disgusted by that first half!!
Heads up, the full match rerun is up on Ifollow
at 09:24 12 Dec 2021

juts go to Ifollow and go on the latest videos page look to the right and press the more videos button on the right and the second page will open and you'll see it there.

For all those that couldn't see it or didn't know!!
I went to sleep after the game, came on TWTD to check match report and
at 22:06 4 Dec 2021

Was totally not expecting Cook's sacking...

It had to come sooner rather than later especially as there had been no improvement or reaction to the last 4 games before today's woeful result, now don't misunderstand me I liked Cook and backed him fully and truly hoped he could turn it around and see our squad performing to its potential but I had always had some concerns, the lack of any plan B, players never seemed quite motivated enough with maybe the exception of MB whom is motivated by the fact he is playing for the club he supports and loves being a local lad, and certainly not motivated enough when it came to digging in and holding the win. then there is the question of players being used out of their position, there are times when they have to do so but not all the time when there was no need, I also always felt and underlying complacency and that's never a good thing!!

Overall for me there were more good points than bad as we have seen on to few occasions this season but ultimately the the bad points ran the rule and happened far to often and reached the end of the road with today's result!!

No matter your thoughts on Cook the upshot is that its our club that matters most and we all want what's best for it. whether PC given more time would have turned it around is now a subject confined to the history books, I wish PC well he always seemed a nice bloke!!

I would imagine that whomever the new manager is will relish the chance to get our squad working to its true potential and have the financial backing the owners can give a manager so to whom it maybe good luck and may you be successful with our beloved club, you'll have my full backing as another new dawn begins at ITFC!!
Its November the 21st a few months away from April
at 11:38 21 Nov 2021

And yet a bunch of you are reacting like we just missed out on making the top six or automatic promotion because of yeterdays result, we were absolutely robbed by Sunderland as those who were there, listened to it on the radio or watched it on Ifollow will bare witness to, those opinions are based on the full match and not just highlights, Sunderland deserved nothing from yesterdays game, I'm far from happy we lost as are PC, all the players and the majority of us supporters, but that's football!!

Consider this post a down vote to all the usual stupidly negative comments from the same negative people I have read through on here this morning.

You should all be buzzing that MB has basically said lets make a deal happen!!

Grazie Vale 46
at 01:15 15 Nov 2021

Just watched The Doctors final race, its not often I feel emotion for any other sport than football but after a 26 year 432 race sport changing career Valentino Rossi retired from MotoGP today (Sunday 14th November 20 21), riders, pit crews and the crowd gave him a goodbye that was fitting for the true legend and amazing person Valentino is.

I wish him well for the future.

Just saw a poll for "Are Cambridge Utd matches derbies" a lot voted no
at 15:10 10 Nov 2021

Well as long as any teams geographical location is in East Anglia then no matter how far apart or as daft as it would seem then they are indeed derby matches, there is no denying they are no where near as significant to us than the scum they are still local rivals!!

The most bizarre for me is MK Dons so far away in comparison to many but still local.

Vid clip of forthcoming Darren Bent interview with Macauly Bonne for talksport
at 06:59 27 Oct 2021

Not my post but for me Chris's post hasn't got the reaction it deserves especially when you hear what Bonne is eluding to, unless it has been posted before and I missed it also!!

Just imagine it though!!

Bonne... Norwich.... one day.... by chrismakin 26 Oct 2021 18:11

I've had a quick look down the page and can't see this posted. If I've missed it apologies.

I've felt like this for 8 weeks or so now
at 18:48 20 Oct 2021

And that feeling (after a start that had some concerns) I can honestly say hand on heart that I am not missing any player we released over the summer, some of those released I loved more than others, a few I would have loved to have stayed but it wasn't to be, no matter where we finish this season I absolutely think one of the craziest things done by a manager of our club in my 44 year ( and counting) following and 33 years at Portman Road watching us history was the right thing to do for Ipswich Town Football Club!!
Exteneded Highlights On Ifollow
at 18:23 20 Oct 2021

If you are a member go there and watch if not done already, the full match rerun is there too as always but its the commentary on the extended highlights that just gives you even more pride for last nights victory, it will bring a bigger smile to your faces, trust me
Full match re-run on Ifollow for members
at 14:47 29 Sep 2021

Sign in to your Ifollow, hover on where it says Ifollow and then select latest videos from the menu that appears, after the initial 4 vids look for the view more button on the right that's below them and you'll see it(first vid second row)

Being there last night was kinda euforic so the second chance to see the match and take in just how good we were in a relaxed fashion is very much appreciated by myself that's for sure!

Everyone who has commented on the forum regarding the difference Sam Morsy made to the midfield I 100% agree, he is everything Paul Cook built him up to be and a total true leader! Our squad is blessed with quality players, fantastic recruitment, thank you once more to all involved for bringing such talent to our club!!
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