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Shiny bright brand new songs for players....why?
at 11:45 3 Sep 2019

The old ones fit these guys brilliantly imo!!

Norwood to the tune of no limits just as Bontcho was, just substituting James to Jamie or a simple We got Norwood

Jackson to the tune of Born is the king of portman road!

Downes gets the legendary Johnny Wark's he's here, he's there, he's every fooking where

Woolfenden = Walking in a woolfy wonderland

Uncomplicated stuff that the crowd knows and when we all sing it, it will sound fooking amazing
at 19:25 24 Aug 2019
Why do some idiots feel they need to question the manager??
at 09:34 27 Jan 2019

Are you completely missing the point that he has only had two or three games with a team he's put together and the benefits of that are already showing!

There is no logic apart from a very f*cked up one where any supporter can judge his results when only being able to select from what the former manager left him player wise!

When your ship is sinking its best to take care of the unseen leaks that are letting in water and PL has done just that and now is the time to organise those who sail the ship now the water has been stopped from coming in, and he's doing that just fine from what I saw yesterday!
On balance
at 17:35 26 Jan 2019

A draw would have been the right result, if the ref wasn't the incompetent arse he is then we would not have had that penalty against us, we would have one of our own and they would have been playing with 10 men for 30+ and having watched it I would have been confident on grabbing the victory!

Those who are just commenting on the result, really need to stop, playing wise there was very little between the teams if anything, Villa did have better composure than us tbf but with that squad they should have!

Keep playing the way we did and the results will come, but as we all know time isn't on our side, from what I just witnessed we have a team capable of going on that little run we need, just a little luck and better refereeing to help us along would be good though!
Rock Music lovers I highly recommend...
at 11:42 26 Jan 2019

The newly released album by the awesome Inglorious

Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere

Its a proper rock album, must have imo!
Thanks for the headsup Gav & Phil
at 16:39 15 Jan 2019

Much appreciated
All the anger and misery about going out of the F.A Cup
at 19:41 5 Jan 2019

Last year and nearly every year under MM for the most part a lot of those moaning about going out of it today were not bothered in the slightest as our league position for ages has dictated that a cup run would not be beneficial, the situation we are in a cup run is needed less than ever before so why the change in attitude towards going out of the cup this year??

I totally get its not cool losing to lower league opposition but ffs get some perspective, we have the biggest ever fish to fry at the moment and there is no other distractions needed, stick to the task at had and f*ck anything else that gets in the way!
Never stop fighting till ya down for good
at 19:40 2 Jan 2019

Records are meant to be broken, stats mean f*ck all, our position is dire for real but its not impossible to get out of and until the day it is that's when we bury our heads up our arses and cry until then stop the defeatist bullsh*t cos our team needs us more than ever for first time in most of whom attend games our lifetimes, January is here, stop expecting miracle signings and lets just focus on supporting those we have and all the new addition that come here to help our cause, sing as we have never sung before and lets try and do it constantly through the game, get behind everyone ( even if you ain't keen on them) and encourage them, this is a fight we can win but only if we are all together fans and players alike, its quite simple.......lets point fingers after our fate whatever it may be is confirmed fore this is our Ipswich Town FC its our blood, its our way of life it is US and now is the time to ride or die!!
Sky highlights
at 22:10 15 Dec 2018

So much political BS posting on here tonight could not see the goal anywhere so sorry if they have been posted already!!
So yesterday proved what a manager who knows..
at 16:16 4 Nov 2018

What he is doing can do for a team even in the short space of time PL has had with them!

As I kept saying the main thing for me yesterday was not the result but to see the structure of a team, its shape and the players knowing what to do was paramount to the result, while some of our fans were surprisingly expecting to win given everything that has happened before PL first game may still be disappointed and probably those same people bemoaning the fact that we should have won against 10 men ( when a lot of experts and pro's will tell you more often than not its harder to play against 10 men) you have to gain perspective on the most important things and that's the little thing like walking before you can run!

From what I saw yesterday I don't wish to sound complacent about the situation but after witnessing that first game under PL's management I am fairly relaxed and fully believe that with PL he will make this team gain enough points to get us out of trouble and with January looming when he can bring in players he wants things will look even more promising!

Great to see you playing as a team again lads, well done and keep it going!
Excited, win, lose or draw!!
at 15:56 2 Nov 2018

I haven't been this excited since our last managers first game, OK that is meant to be tongue in cheek!

But I really am excited to see how we are gonna set up and it will be nice to see players understand the instructions and stick to the instructions given them, oh to have organization in our team once more, obv early days but I do think his better class of management is something we will see from the off, even if its just a subtle change in attitude of those who joined us in the summer!

For me its not about the result tomorrow it is all about seeing the little things that have been instilled into the player in this first few days of PL's official management!

Like many (i hope) I'm not expecting miracles, I'm just hoping to see a little chink of light that will tell us the future is bright and that we are back on course!
Lets try and be positive, hard I know but...
at 20:21 27 Oct 2018

I only listed to today's game on the radio and would never fully judge, I have read posts from some who were there and they all say we were awful!

But lets not lose hope completely because it can be quite amazing what a few weeks of structured training, system and a regular 11 first teamers as well as matches inbetween that are overseen by a good experienced manager can do, and we have a manager like that from now on!

I/we've seen it done with other teams when a new manager comes in, admittedly they all seemed to have squads better than ours so they were in a better position! There are still many points to play for and I still feel we can gather all we need even if it may be a close run thing!

Good luck in this new era for us to Paul Lambert, coaches & the players!

Scum fans on twitter
at 10:10 27 Oct 2018

From all their snide comments and derogatory remarks regarding Paul Lambert I can't help but get the impression that there is a hint of underlying jealousy, I get they are not happy with him for how things went in PL time there but I actually think that deep down they are scared that PL could bring a lot of success to us, they know exactly what he can do and they are worried!

What I don't understand is.........................................
at 11:05 26 Oct 2018

Why does everyone make a separate thread about PL can we not adopt the policy if there is already a thread about something then post in it if all you want to do is give your thoughts on PL, same for those not in favour so many threads about the same thing not pretty imo!

Should be the same for all those very long after match reports that a certain few like to do!

That's my frustration at an untidy board released!!
Well f*ck me backwards!!
at 20:07 6 Oct 2018

We won!!

So how about saving all the dumb arsed he said she said b*llocks and lets enjoy our best day of this season so far!

Come back Monday and resume normality on here!!
One Thing From Hurst's Press Conference...
at 10:19 22 Sep 2018

That has irked me more than just a little was when Brenner asked PH if he is happy to take opinions of the players during a game that they feel would help the performance in some way, PH shut this question down quick with a "no thats my job" This worries me if a manager isn't prepared to at least listen to a different opinion!

I'm sure you heard that Sir Bobby would always welcome the advise/opinions of the players even if he didn't always put into place what they may have been, he listened, this is where I feel PH needs to check himself a little.
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