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Ambitious transfers
at 11:44 26 Aug 2021

I seem to remember when we were first linked to Celina that Phil and maybe even the EADT boys mentioned we were potentially looking at targets that were even more ambitious than the Celina deal.

Now we are near the end of the window I assume none of the players we’ve brought in were any of those targets? Edwards is obviously a bit special for this level but he’s probably the only one who could potentially fit in that category. Do we think we missed out on a lot of our top priority targets, or were most of those more hope than expectation?
Woke GBNews
at 12:59 13 Jul 2021

Their viewers are popping blood vessels and turning off in their droves after a presenter took the knee on air in support of the England players. Beautiful entertainment on a Tuesday lunchtime.
14/15 and the “Ipswich way”
at 13:07 13 May 2021

So then given all the noise today, how many people would describe the play-off season as something done in the “Ipswich way”? How many young academy prospects did we have in and around the first team? Bishop and Hyam? Is that it? Obviously Smith was there but he was an experienced pro at that point.

Some people shouting the loudest today are also the biggest Mick lovers. Would you he rather played more academy prospects and we finished 10th that year? Let’s just chill out a bit shall we, I’m still very much looking forward to this Summer.
A little disappointed with Today's announcements
at 18:47 10 May 2021

I have to say, given how hard Cook has slammed the team since he's been here and constant talk of a complete reset, I'm a bit disappointed we've so far only released 5 players who have been in and around the first team this season.

That might increase to 6 if Edwards leaves but that doesn't really feel like the big overhaul of a squad that has underperformed for years that I was expecting.
FOPRP (n/t)
at 17:12 28 Nov 2020

Players lockdown training regimes
at 11:04 13 Jul 2020

Does anyone know of the kind of training the club has assigned to players since they have been off? From my point of view this has been a golden opportunity which I hope they haven't missed.

How often in a footballer's career do they get 3-6 months to fully focus only on strength and conditioning? No football drills, shooting practise, tactical preparation etc. Surely with the injuries we have sustained over the past few years it would be a good idea for the players to really strengthen their joints/tendons/ligaments etc. Not to mention how much we get bullied on the pitch. If every player came back with a squat/deadlift 1RM 20kg+ higher than at the start of lockdown, that can only be a good thing no?

I expect the club will have instructed them to just run laps around the northgate track to maintain cardio fitness like Jon Nolan though. Interested in getting other people's thoughts on this and counter arguments.
So, why did the chicken cross the pond?
at 19:39 4 Jun 2020

I thought these lot said there was no chance of this happening? To think there are people who are proud to have voted for this. Brexit means Brexit!
Not sure what to make of that
at 17:31 10 Aug 2019

On the one hand it looks a case of same old Lambert's Ipswich, decent in the middle with 0 end product and horrendous defensive errors that cost us points. On the other hand Sunderland looked awful and if that's the best League 1 has to offer then we should do ok just by default.

First half we played with good energy and Garbutt took his goal really well, hope his injury isn't too severe as he looks a dangerous player. Second half we controlled the game but just really lacked any killer instinct. Thought Judge was terrible, not sure where his head is at regarding the QPR situation but we need better from him.
League 1 playoffs
at 20:07 11 May 2019

I know we're a bit rubbish, but if this is some of the best that League 1 has to offer we really shouldn't be finishing outside of the top 6. Very little quality on show so far.
If we some how manage to stay up..
at 17:29 3 Jan 2019

Realistically how much investment will be needed in the summer to prevent another relegation battle?

Not taking into account replacements for departing players or possible signings this Jan, I would say the following is the bare minimum we would need:


I would say we're looking at about £5m+ there, not sure I can see that being spent without player sales, and let's face it, Roberts, Spence, Donacien, Nsiala etc aren't going to bring in much. Obviously loans could play a part but we will be needing those just to bolster the squad when current loanees/out of contract players leave..

I know this is probably the least of our concerns at the moment and in all likely won't be relevant, but thought it was worth a discussion.
Positives from Hurst's rein?
at 18:43 25 Oct 2018

Training ground gym got a refurb, anything else?
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