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at 18:28 8 Jan 2022

I hope we award him with a contract extension in the next week or so, having only got him until the end of the season on his current year long deal. Outstanding again today…
Dear Father Christmas…
at 23:37 28 Nov 2021

This year, I would really like Neil Warnock for Christmas. I’ve been a decent lad for my ITFC support career - but am really starting to waiver. I did ask that we got Neil 3 or 4 years ago around the Shambert era - but obviously hadn’t behaved true to my football roots that year of my 40 odd following ITFC.

I’m done with the Paul’s, they’re much like the scrouge’s - and offer nothing back. Please therefore take Cook and his 3 very unwise Scousers away from our club - send them away and bring us some good fortune for the next year for a hopefully happy new year…. And give us a chance of a possible promotion year….?
Good subs Paul
at 21:10 23 Nov 2021

You had a choice to push 2 up too and go 4-4-2. But no. You could have salvaged an ounce of tactical respect and gone for it. But no. You stick to the same crap.

Sack this lambert like fraud.
Formation tonight
at 19:30 23 Nov 2021

I could have never guessed cook was going to play this formation tonight…
Rotherham to win tonight - if you’ve seen us once this season you’ve seen us a million times.

So, so predictable.
at 16:57 20 Nov 2021

Can we set a record for being the most transparent team you can face in the league and play the same formation irrespective of the opposition and at home or away each game?

Come on Paul - let’s do it - play the same predictable crap EVERY minute of every game, let’s get that 13th place finish son…
Toughest game as a manger today Paul…? Try us fans…
at 20:20 11 Sep 2021

One of your toughest days in management hey Paul…?

Well let me tell you - that after 40 years following ITFC - that was one of the toughest days in my being a spectator.

After being appointed manager last season - with rice a half a season to go - we gave you a free ticket, and you under achieved. We accepted it. Whilst others around us had the typical managerial ‘bounce’ - we shrugged it off and accepted it. You cited a rubbish team.

You were then welcomed to start again this season and decided to ‘bomb’ the old ITFC. You didn’t need to wheel and deal in doing that - you simply single handed Picked those that you wanted and those that you didn’t, and banished those that were in contract and released those that weren’t. May I add - you retained certain dross that given your free hand - most ITFC fans expected to see gone - in particular the likes of Jackson, Nolan, Nsiala who were a part of the former dross era.

You were handed MILLIONS of pounds which is utterly unheard of in this league - whilst other savvy managers with a football brain s recruited from Fred’s or re moralised their existing players.

You had a clean slate with your coaching staff starting afresh again. You hired rubbish men and bakers.

You’ve had the freedom of a Man City or Chelsea manager in resources this season.

I conclude as early as the 6th game - of which we have played 3 of the league 2 teams, lost 2 and drawn 1 - that you are not worthy of taking my club forward. I look forward to your sacking ASAP (hopefully). You are no Klopp, no Pep, or no Mourinho - so please, please, please do not come walking out the tunnel prior to your team expecting some sort of god like welcome as per today next game. You’re a fool.

We pay way too much to come and watch sub standard football at this club, and have done for years. It’s insulting to see that yet again this year we’re being hoodwinked into utter rubbish.

You may feel hard done by today Paul - but you have no reason. You are on borrowed time given the above circumstance. An apology wouldn’t go amiss to us fans who are used to these hollow excuses week after week - manager after manager,

No more Paul’s from this point moving forward - please….
Don’t you dare cook..
at 19:24 11 Sep 2021

Next game walk out again in the middle of the pitch absorbing the entire crowd like you did again today thinking you’re some messiah and about to get a win (your - what? 5th in 26 games?)

Best off allowing your coach, baker, kit man - what ever those guys are to walk out down the side of the pitch with some dignity - rather than thinking you’re some sort of fans favourite, and join them after the team comes out
Squad Numbers
at 09:16 6 Aug 2021

Are we intending on playing with numbers 1-11 and no names tomorrow - or can we actually expect some squad numbers to be issued in advance of kick off..?!

I'd imagine there has been much potential lost revenue in shirt name sales.
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at 20:13 27 Jul 2021

Working. With commentary
Lost the connection?
at 20:05 27 Jul 2021

Anyone else…? Keeping seeing Harper about to receive the ball - but 4th time and it hasn’t connected?
Captain today?
at 15:03 24 Jul 2021

Anyone who’s there - who’s captain today? Norwood?!
Smith named Col U captain
at 22:39 16 Jul 2021

Over Chambers and Skuse… what a joke….!!!!!!!
Evans captain today
at 14:11 10 Jul 2021

Wonder if it’s decided he will captain us all season or whether we’re looking to bring a captain in?
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