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Come on Italy
at 21:33 18 Jun 2019

You're being robbed.
[Post edited 18 Jun 21:34]
Anyone else genuinely excited about the fixtures being released on Thursday?
at 22:24 17 Jun 2019

I know it's League One and the Carabao bloody Cup (only tinpot teams bother winning this...) but as soon as the fixtures are out, I look forward to the season ahead, however poorly we've performed leading up to this point.

Come on England!!!!
at 19:56 14 Jun 2019

Men or women, you have to beat Argentina.
Women's World Cup
at 14:28 14 Jun 2019

I've enjoyed most of the matches I've watched so far and the standard has improved significantly since I last watched women's football but the goalies...

The Scottish keeper didn't even jump for the goal she let in.

I'm amazed more teams don't just try 30+ yarders with the quality of keeping.
Good half of football
at 17:49 13 Jun 2019

Australia’s goal was World Cup quality too.
How is that a pen?
at 21:28 12 Jun 2019

She kicked her with following through leg. Ball had been cleared.
That is the funniest own goal I've ever seen
at 21:12 12 Jun 2019

Shame, as the standard had been quite good until now.
USA's Alex Morgan
at 21:47 11 Jun 2019

Toronto Town fans
at 22:29 28 May 2019

Recently moved to Toronto and wondering where the best bars are to watch England games, Champions League final, and other footy matches in general.

I'm not bothered about being surrounded by other England be honest, I'd almost prefer the opposite but just want to be able to watch the games in a good bar on a big screen.

Please let me know of any recommendations.

Thanks in advance.
TV shows that have been hard to let go...
at 21:24 16 May 2019

Obviously GOT ending next week but tonight (here in Canada) is the last ever episode of The Big Bang Theory.

I know it's only a tv show but I am absolutely gutted its ending. Started watching this when my wife's mother got cancer and it got us through some really tough times and allowed us an escape from real life. It has continued to do that long after her death.

It's a weird feeling knowing that it's just tv but knowing it is something that has become part of your routine/relationship etc.

Anyone else had shows that they found hard to let go?

Son sending off.
at 13:35 4 May 2019

Everything I hate about modern day football.

Nothing actually happened except a load play acting. Lerma falls down holding his shin after being gently pushed in the chest. Son claims he was attacked but I couldn’t actually see any contact.

It’s an embarrassment to the sport. Wish refs would just have a word about them not being morons and carry on.
[Post edited 4 May 13:37]
at 20:55 29 Apr 2019

Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E becomes final today
Me and ITFC will be goin' away
I love this club and it will be pure H-E double L for me
Oh, I wish that we could stop this D-I-V-O-R-C-E.
Which one of our players will get a deliberate red
at 18:50 27 Apr 2019

In the last 10 mins to avoid he nightmare that’ll be Leeds?

I’ll go Bree but he’ll probably miss his missed tackle.
Antonio’s goal celebration...
at 13:54 27 Apr 2019

What was that?
How many will Liverpool score today?
at 15:20 21 Apr 2019

I'm going to go for 7.
at 21:47 10 Apr 2019

35.6% of people on the latest TWTD poll think we'll escape the drop...
Crying when relegated
at 19:49 28 Mar 2019

Will anyone on here actually cry when relegation is confirmed?

I never understand crying over a team getting relegated.

When any team gets relegated they have generally been rubbish over the course of a whole season. And with us, you can add to that the fact that we have done nothing in this division for many years, with our Championship departure pretty much sealed weeks ago.

But you can bet there'll be pictures of Town fans blubbing about dropping out of the Championship when it happens. These people are either craving attention or slightly unhinged.
How mental is the football tonight?
at 21:41 26 Mar 2019

Switzerland surrender a 3-0 lead in last 10 minutes.

And a ding dong match between Norway and Sweden.
at 18:55 22 Mar 2019

Is he going to be another Theo Walcott or is he actually really good?

Never seen him play, just the occasional clips when he does stuff.
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