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at 20:55 29 Apr 2019

Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E becomes final today
Me and ITFC will be goin' away
I love this club and it will be pure H-E double L for me
Oh, I wish that we could stop this D-I-V-O-R-C-E.
Carpe Team
at 11:39 2 Aug 2018

“Make your lives extraordinary”’ - John Keating, Dead Poets Society.
The Winner Takes It All
at 08:45 31 Jul 2013

Pixar made millions with a movie about an old man who tied balloons to his house in a desperate attempt to escape an irritating life and fulfil a promise of travelling to South America.
You're The One That I Want
at 17:40 28 Jul 2013

Where was I when Mick McCarthy donned a pair of skin-tight leather pants, stubbed out a cigarette out with his foot and wiggled his tooshie at a mesmerised Sir Bobby Robson Stand? Talk about summer loving, we’re all hopelessly devoted again.
Holding Out For A Hero
at 11:20 30 Oct 2012

Somewhere after midnight.
A Little Less Conversation - Betting Tips for All the Family
at 08:43 24 Oct 2012

For every bad moment in life, you can usually find a really good thing that more than adequately compensates for the tough time you’re having.
[Blog] Island In The Sun - Paranoid Betting Tips for Euro 2012
at 11:14 5 Jun 2012

I''m writing this article as I lie on a beach on the small island of Kea, about an hour boat ride east of Athens.
[Blog] People Are Strange - Betting Tips for Normal People
at 20:15 19 Jan 2012

We’re all excited about the transfer window and the possibility of new recruits at Portman Road, but I wonder how the players are feeling. Different people can bring different qualities to different jobs, that can make life better. But the unknown can also deliver some nightmare results. I’ve known my fair share.
[Blog] Doctor Doctor Give Me The News - Betting Tips for the Sick and Twisted
at 12:23 11 Jan 2012

I have quite a bit of sympathy this week for Jimmy Bullard. For five days now I have been in bed with a very bad case of norovirus.
[Blog] If You Don't Know Me By Now - Betting Tips for the Morning After
at 17:54 15 Dec 2011

This week was the staff Christmas party at the primary school where I work. My invite told me it was going to be held in a south London pub, that the dress code was ‘elegance’, and that I had to bring a dish for the buffet. Employed in a school where the majority of staff are women aged in their mid-twenties, I imagined I was in for a night of sex, drugs and sausage rolls.
[Blog] You Can't Always Get What You Want - Betting Tips for Rolling Stones.
at 18:16 8 Dec 2011

When I first started supporting Ipswich, I wanted them to win every week and they very nearly did. I was lucky to begin following Town when Sir Bobby was in charge. These days, I still want us to win every single game, but that’s not happening right now. But life has taught me not to get too upset, because like Mick Jagger once said, you can’t always get what you want.
[Blog] When You Say Nothing At All -
at 17:09 2 Dec 2011

Apologies, but due to man flu and deliberately over-medicating myself on Night Nurse and paracetamol this week, I have been unable to write a blog. It's been an especially difficult week in the Air Traffic Control tower and I should have followed their recommendations to take time off. However, below are this week's tips. Normal(ish) service will be resumed next week.
[Blog] I Am The One And Only - Betting Tips That Stand Out in a Crowd
at 21:26 24 Nov 2011

It’s a regular argument amongst my mates and I as to which celebrities we all look like. Apparently, I am lucky enough to attend weddings and birthdays with Bradley Cooper, James May, John Goodman, Nicholas Cage, Martin Freeman and Gary Lineker’s nose. However, these are all way better than the first doppelgänger suggestion I ever received.
[Blog] There's No One Quite Like Grandma - Betting Tips Suitable for Ages 18-80
at 19:18 16 Nov 2011

Reading the allegations involving Justin Bieber and one of his ‘fans’ this week reminded me of an incident I once had, with a chart-topping female singer, in the back room of my local pub. However, my brief encounter with a pop star didn’t end with a paternity test, it was almost a case of a slap and no tickle.
[Blog] Fight For Your Right (To Party) - Internationally Friendly Betting Tips
at 19:20 8 Nov 2011

“We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and the oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”
[Blog] Send In The Clowns - Betting Tips from the Cirque du Hooray!
at 21:47 2 Nov 2011

I am a big fan of Mario Balotelli. He could be my twin brother but for a couple of subtle differences. When he revealed the slogan ‘Why Always Me?’, I shared his pain. When I left secondary school my Year Tutor, Mr Edwards, ended my final school report with the sentence ‘Always the clown, never the ringmaster!’
[Blog] Working 9-5 - Ramblings About Gambling and Long-Winded Betting Tips
at 17:26 28 Oct 2011

Since we got together my girlfriend has taken me by surprise on several occasions; once in Thetford Forest, another time in a box at the theatre, and way too many times for the backseat of a Daewoo Lacetti. Those were the days! But the honeymoon period is what it is and now Santa opens my eyes me more regularly than she does. But last Sunday, my other half probably gave me my best ever ‘O face’.
[Blog] Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Short-Sighted Betting Tips
at 19:47 19 Oct 2011

One of my favourite stories in the news this week involved three Italians and a Frenchman arrested in Cannes for trying to scam a casino. They are accused of wearing special contact lenses or glasses to read cards used in a game of stud poker. This had me wondering if they had bought a pair of those X-Ray Specs that were so popular back in the 80s.
[Blog] Sweets for My Sweet - Sugar-Coated Betting Tips for Midweek and Weekend Gamblers
at 20:39 10 Oct 2011

The international fixtures meant that I had a break from the bookies and betting slips last weekend and spent some quality time with the better half. Instead of sitting on the sofa hoping the vidiprinter would serve up a last minute draw, I was down at the Royal Albert Hall listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by candlelight. I know! I surprised myself.
[Blog] Take On Me - Midweek and Weekend Betting Tips
at 18:18 26 Sep 2011

Jesus once said, “It is easier to place blame on someone else then accept personal responsibility”. I’m guessing he wasn’t referring to a last minute volley at Portsmouth messing up his football bet and maybe I’m getting the wrong end of the stick, but I’m finding blaming Erik Huseklepp for ruining last Saturday afternoon so much easier than looking closer to home.
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