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Leeds (H) - A forum preview
at 15:30 25 Aug 2023

After ending a miserable record at Loftus Road last week, we return to Portman Road to welcome one of the only teams we managed to beat when we last graced this division, a last-minute goal from the legendary Collin Quanar saw us to a 3-2 victory over Leeds as we bowed out of the division and Leeds prepared for the playoffs. Time has moved on and we sit top of the early season table whilst softly spoken former Norwich boss Daniel Farke returns to East Anglia, managing a similarly unlikeable but more illustrious team and looking for his first win with his new side.

The Ipswich Connection

There are no former blues in the Leeds squad, which makes sense as they’ve spent the last four years in the Premier League and we’ve spent the bulk of it being largely terrible. We of course though boast one former Leeds player in the form of Leif Davis, signed last summer in a deal that is looking better and better by the day. Here’s a snippet of Leeds conversations down the years regarding our highly rated left back:

In 2019 after being included regularly in pre-season squads

"This young lad could quite easily become a regular in our First XI ahead of all the kids touted on here"

In 2021 upon leaving for Bournemouth on loan but with an expectation that he would then subsequently be sold

"Never really rated Davis, never really stood out for me at U23 level like the likes of Cresswell, Huggins, Greenwood, Geldherdt, Drameh, Kenneh and Summerville did"

In 2022 upon joining Ipswich

"Best LB at the club and we let him go, could've send [former Barcelona fullback Junior] firpo instead."

"Always had high hopes for "Very Good Davis." But his stats last season and the fact he's going to league one IpsBitch. Just tells you he's not up to standard."

"Good luck to Leif by the way, I hope he does well despite the fact I hate Ipswich"

It came as a bit of a shock to me to see that we’re not all that popular with a handful of Leeds fans, I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s because we all but relegated them in 2007, maybe it’s because we didn’t take their coin and missile throwing in good grace, who can say? Anyway, continuing on..

2023 after we had secured promotion to the Championship

"Leif Davis has helped Ipswich promote to the Championship.
This is one season after he helped Bournemouth promote to the Prem.
Davis created 132 chances for a team that finished the season with 101 goals, the highest in England’s top four divisions.
Not bad for a lwb.
He has 14 assists ( one every three games)
Jesse Marsch told him he didn't want him AFTER Firpo was injured in pre season. We can see him bombing past us next season in the flesh."

I'm not playing!

Leeds welcomed back Luis Sinisterra and Wilfried Gnonto into their squad this week, rather unfortunately for us boosting their forward line options as they continue the search for their first win of the season. To add to that, they have added Joel Piroe from Swansea although at the time of writing it remains to be seen if he will be eligible in time to play on Saturday. Regardless, Leeds now present a different proposition to the team that has struggled so far on their return to the Championship. One can only hope that Farke doesn’t choose to reward refusing to play for the team so far this season with an instant return to the starting lineup, a decision that it seems some Leeds fans would support

"Leeds fans at work are unanimous in rejecting Gnonto's return to first team football, whereas I'm the only one to forgive and accept him back into the team. I respect his decision to apply for a transfer but not his refusal to play."

"I must say I am eating humble pie here. I have been taking the hard-arsed business approach that we should cash in on the little f**ker and buy someone who wants to play here. I didn't see him wearing a leeds shirt again.
Looks like I was wrong.
If he starts scoring goals (for us, that is!) I will go even further and stop calling him Knobnto."

The game itself

Mixed views so far on how the game will pan out, the positive news out of Elland Road this week with the return of the forwards has energised some of the fanbase, whilst others remain cautious and are of the opinion we may be a bit of a step up than their other fixtures so far

"Cardiff, Birmingham, and west brom are far from world beaters and we could not beat any of them , Ipswich are actually the first team we will play who are fancied to do well and are currently top of the league, if as I suspect we get beat it will set a precedent throughout the season , where more [forum] members will guess with their head rather than their heart"

"The tractor boys have ploughed their way past Sunderland, Stoke, and QPR on their way to the Championship summit, and are firm favourite for the win. Leeds may be desperate for their first league win of the season, but theoretically, the pressure is off, which could work in their favour."

Much as we did last week with QPR, Leeds fans are hoping to end their own away ground curse

"Without sounding negative, it’s just reality, Portman Rd is a graveyard for us."

"I've been to PR to watch Leeds 3 times and Ipswich beat us every time. Even the season after we were Champions! Not a happy hunting ground for us"

I share the opinions of some in that I can't decide if we've caught a team in transition and should therefore be favourites or if we've possibly caught them a week too late now that they have strengthened their attack with the return (at least for now) of Gnonto and Sinisterra and addition of Piroe

"Ipswich are very beatable, I am not doing the prediction thread - but I think we will come out on top 3-1."

"Probably the first test, I reckon if this game came in two weeks we would win but it is a bit soon for us."

I may look to update this section before the game with any last minute insights

One last thing

A traffic warning for anyone traveling to the game from east of Ipswich, avoid the Orwell Bridge both by road and by water

"I think you should dangle yourself by your bollox off teh Orwell bridge, like you suggested earlier"

And for anyone in the lower Cobbold, I suggest bringing some kind of sturdy helmet as the weather is expected to be fine and dry with an increased chance of flying coins and plastic seats. Leeds are in town again.

QPR (A) - A forum preview
at 17:25 18 Aug 2023

We go to Loftus Road searching for another win, which would put us over halfway to our win total for the entirety of the 2018-19 Championship season, a season so bleak that when I watched the highlights earlier this week of our games against QPR that year I couldn’t remember any of it, nor recognise some of the players. Rangers on the other hand are desperate to arrest a slide that began last season and saw them drop from 1st to 20th in just 19 games. There are glimmers of hope in the fanbase that getting points on the board at Cardiff last week may spark a revival of sorts.

The Ipswich Connection

It’s a veritable homecoming for a few tomorrow as QPR boast three (plus one, sort of) former Blues in their ranks in the shape of Andre Dozzell (more on him throughout), one time schoolboy Morgan Fox, and Keane-era signings Jack Colback, and Asmir Begovic. The latter two having played for us during the 2009-10 season which at the time of writing is now 14 years, 7 managers, and 4 Paul’s ago. Meanwhile Dom Ball and Massimo Luongo swapped hoops for collared shirts, Luongo in particular seemingly the QPR target for the bizarre trend of mostly overweight football fans calling professional athletes fat.

There was a quote on this but it appears to have disappeared - Ed

One man who you certainly can’t level that accusation at is Dozzell, although R’s fans aren’t exactly in short supply of things to hurl at him, many threads on here and links to LFW articles are available should you wish to enquire further. Begovic has taken on the captaincy at Loftus Road and will likely start tomorrow, Jack Colback doesn’t appear to have reached fitness yet to bolster Rangers’ relatively thin squad

A change in tactics?

Speaking of bolstering a thin squad, former Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest defender Steve Cook has been drafted in. A man who you’d swear has been 31 since about 2015, his arrival was well received, and he looks to have wasted no time in shoring up a leaky QPR defence that was so easily cut open by Watford on the opening day.

"Pleased that GA and RD have learned how to set a defence up to be solid and compact. We looked solid tonight."

Defensive solidity seems to be the hallmark in a change in tactics since that first game. Ainsworth abandoning the style of play that he presumably took through pre-season to settle upon something else, seemingly to good effect in a first win of the season against Cardiff and followed up by a last gasp defeat to Norwich in the Carabao cup that left most fans relatively nonplussed

"He got it horribly wrong last week I lost all faith in him but the gameplan today was so much better, we looked so much better as a team and fair play to him for making the changes"

Doubts remain though and nerves set in with QPR leading against Cardiff, as is always the case when you’ve been following your team for a considerable time and that team isn’t Manchester City

"Game of inches as usual it should have been 2-2 so while the win is brilliant we have lots of issues still.
Leading by 2 goals we should have buried them but actually got worse IMO.
We cannot afford to retreat and playing hospital balls to Dykes up there by himself just lit the fire under Cardiff .
Not one QPR fan expected us to hold out with those tacticts espiceally with 10 minutes of extra time.
We did and its brilliant but we need some other plan going forward ."

No prizes for guessing who this refers to

"He wasn’t abysmal but again did nothing in an attacking sense. Made the occasional tackle but that’s an improvement. I wouldn’t say he was good at Cardiff but coming after that Watford performance anything would have seemed like a renaissance. A generous 6/10 in both after the 2/10 there."

On Ipswich

With another game down and another win secured, there is slightly more to judge us on now, and whilst that didn’t stop Stoke fans from speculating based on very little that we would be a tight-knit team of low-quality players, QPR fans seem to view us with a bit more respect and caution than the Potters did.

"I suspect that Ipswich on Saturday will be a harder match for us than Southampton will be, but I badly need us to match their effort! The performance at Cardiff has given me hope that we will."

"Thought Ipswich would be very good, looks like they are."

Our start to the season and the momentum carried over from last season mean that it’s not generally viewed as a great time to play us

"Bit annoying playing them this early, they have that euphoria and momentum spilling over from last season's efforts. They'll gradually come back down to earth though, maybe startin this weekend. Bit galling they have Ball and Luongo whilst we have Dozzell. Maybe playing Ipswich will fire up Dozzy and he'll finally put a dominant performance in, I still feel there's a gem of a player in him somewhere."

"I dont think Dozzell got the ability to dominate an u14s game"

They make reference to the current unbeaten run, although personally when it spans across different divisions, I don’t think it’s a hugely relevant accolade

"Town on a 21 game undefeated streak"

"We are gonna have to be at our best to bring them back to earth"

Some R’s fans are confident, some of the view that sitting back and soaking up the pressure before counter attacking may be their best shot. It certainly proved to be one of the more moderately successful strategies we faced in League One last term. Moderate meaning it mostly failed but to a more credible degree than some of the teams that tried to play football.

There is a hope that Jack Colback will be fit enough to make the squad, unsurprisingly in this scenario he makes most fans starting lineup ahead of Dozzell. I don’t sense that anyone is expecting Lyndon Dykes to make an appearance after his midweek injury, so Irish striker Sinclair Armstrong will most likely start. One because he scored his first Rangers goal to win the game against Cardiff and two, I think he’s the only striker they have available.

"For some deranged reason I quite fancy us to sneak this 2-1. Ipswich on a great run but are a promoted side so I do not think we have anything particularly to fear and we need a big improvement on our home form given our only 2023 win was 1-0 against Watford. I see us ceding possession to a degree but if we stay firm and can break quickly we can get the result. Likes of Cook and Colback, if fit, allows us to play more solid and mean."

One final thing

QPR played Norwich midweek. They scored in the 99th minute and injured their key striker. Some don’t appear to be huge fans of our beloved neighbours which makes them alright by me

"Farking Norwich ! I forgot how much I hate those yellow spawney bstards"
Stoke City (H) A forum preview
at 01:27 12 Aug 2023

Championship football returns to Portman Road for the first time since 2019 against an opponent that even our pathetic excuse of a Championship team managed to gain a point against when last we met, Will Keane netting a 92nd minute equaliser to delay relegation for a few more miserable weeks.

Four years on, both teams are unrecognisable from that period, Kayden Jackson and Tom Edwards (currently on loan at Huddersfield) the only players in either matchday squad still on the books at their clubs.

Stoke opened their campaign with a comprehensive 4-1 dismantling of Rotherham, there are 25 pages of quotes I could harvest but suffice to say, fans are happy when their team wins. Even more when so when it happens on the same day your local rivals become the second most heavily battered thing in Barnsley after something probably served with chips

"What a refreshing change, excellent today. Early days but team gelled together really well and playing some lovely stuff."

"3 points, 4 goals scored, Vale routed 7-0....What a day !!!"

The Ipswich Connection
There are no former blues in the Potters’ squad, whereas we of course welcomed home Harry Clarke last season following his loan spell at the bet365 stadium. His name appears to escape some though

"Didn't that full back we had on loan sign permanently for these? Forgot his bloody name now, from Arsenal!"

Likely lineup
Stoke will be without the injured Tyreese Campbell and the recently departed Jacob Brown who scored in their opening day win against Rotherham. This has caused some mild consternation that they may not have enough in the attacking third, although not too much considering the excellent start to life in England that new signing Andre Vidigal has had.

"A blow to lose Brown and Campbell as options in the space of a week, with no additions."

"So basically down to the 2 Portuguese chaps unless we want to go with Mmaee wide again, which would mean having to go with Wes up top."

Potters’ fans predicting a relatively unchanged lineup besides the forward line, with some predicting new boy and alleged Ipswich target Luke McNally to come in for his first league appearance.

Ipswich match thoughts
There seems to be a fairly surprising amount of animosity in the fanbase, although this may well be the norm as I haven’t yet ventured onto the forums of our other Championship compatriots. Most of it I couldn’t get through the swear filter. Clearly wherever Stoke is (and there is some scholarly debate as to whether it exists at all as no one can quite agree on its location nor recall ever going there) is a relative wild west in terms of lawless online football debate-ry

"These turnip squatting sister enjoyers won’t stand a chance.
Kieran McKenna will have spat himself into a coma before the half time whistle has even blown."

"Glad they beat Mackems as they will be v cocky and that’s good for us"

A real variation in terms of predictions and premonitions ahead of the game, but with a clear undercurrent of positivity in the Potteries, many finding the game hard to call between two sides riding (very) early season success

"Bad time to play them. Newly promoted who are tipped to do well this year, so they’re probably a good side who are also high on promotion adrenaline still."

"It’s a crap time to play us too though. New look stoke city riding a wave of optimism."

Depending on who you ask it’s a home banker, straightforward away win or hard-fought draw

"Easy 3-1 win Stoke
No noise from the tractor boys
Playing a real team Saturday"

"I fancy a draw or a 2-1 to Ipswich."

"A draw will be a good point gained, I think Ipswich will be up there come May."

Our successes last season, rejuvenated fanbase, and fruitful trip to Wearside have meant that we now offend the olfactory with our overzealous optimism. That and the shaky first 20 mins last Sunday broadcast live for the world to see mean that there is a sense of not really knowing what to expect on Saturday

"I can smell the arrogance on them already."

"I couldn't work them out at all on Sunday. They were crap and dangerous at the same time."

"This will be a good test of how much we have been improved. Given their result last week, their long unbeaten run, and this being their first Championship home game, Portman Road will be a cauldron. They looked compact and well-organised against Sunderland. Great fixture; hard to call; can't wait"

I must admit myself that after seeing their result against Rotherham and our not overly convincing first half of a half against Sunderland that my expectations of a probable home victory this time out were tempered somewhat. So I was slightly relieved to see that Stoke fans have similar trepidations

"This will be the first real test for the new stoke team.But have a sneaky feeling we could come away with at least a point"

"Will be a difficult game this one."

"I don’t particularly fancy us for this one. I do think we’ll beat Watford next week though."

I thought it would be interesting to compare opinion on us around the time fixtures were released to now

"If we get our recruitment anything other than spot on I fear we could be in serious trouble. The division will be a right bastard next year. The promoted clubs are bang in form and in Ipswich and Sheffield Wednesday are two that can pull bigger crowds than us with their eyes closed."

"I thought both sides looked poor. The gap is big enough and big money/shrewd loans will need to be spent by any of them to be competitive"

The large squad turnover will surely have eased concerns such as these, as I would certainly fancy Stoke (albeit based on one game so far) to have a pretty decent season. Opinion on us is mixed, predictions for the game are mixed. Nobody really knows anything yet so down to Portman Road we go to try and shed some light on it.

See you there.

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Bristol Rovers (H) - A 'busy' look into the opposition
at 16:11 8 Aug 2023

I held back from doing one of these for the Sunderland game in case anybody felt like picking up the mantle and submitting a HarryfromBath tribute act but in the absence of any takers I've taken a look at the Bristol Rovers forums ahead of tomorrow night's game:

The Last Game
Bristol Rovers kicked off their season with a game viewed by many in the fanbase as a tough start, away to Portsmouth, at a ground where they haven’t won since 1975. The Gas conceded an agonising what-used-to-be-last-minute equaliser from Kusini Yengi in the 92nd minute, although given the new added time rules, this now falls somewhere around the midpoint of the second half. Despite this though, the result and performance were well received with fans taking heart in the showings of a number of new signings as well as a new style of play imposed by back-alley philosopher turned Gashead-in-chief Joey Barton

"We would have taken a draw at the start. Lots of learning but we have competed and have not looked second rate against a top, top team. Plenty to be happy with."

The Ipswich Connection
Rovers boast three former Ipswich personnel in their ranks, one time hat trick hero Grant Ward signed in January and has since been joined at the Memorial Ground by Luke Thomas, arriving for his second spell at the club from Barnsley, and James Wilson who turned down a new contract at Plymouth and is now, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, back in League One. It’s fair to say that given his leading role in the Pilgrim’s excellent campaign last season, many Rovers fans saw this as some excellent business

"Very happy with this signing , exactly what we’ve missed at the back."

"Experience and leadership in the heart of defence was exactly what we were lacking last season. Good signing, looking forward to seeing him play."

Although not all were convinced, particularly given his provenance as a graduate of the Bristol City academy

"I’ll make my decision when I’ve seen him play a few games, seen too many ex City players come here and flop, especially at the back end of their career, that’s why most were released in the first place. I’m in the fence on this one."

Playing style
Over the summer Barton has instilled a highly organised and drilled style, with players knowing and performing their defined roles to culminate in a team that looks to pass the ball and builds from the back. This relies on having a goalkeeper good with his feet and with previous #1 James Belshaw looking out of favour this job on the opening day fell to 20 year old Brentford loanee Matthew Cox, making his senior professional debut

"I agree, our way of playing out from the back means the keeper has to be comfortable with the ball at his feet, Belly [Belshaw] unfortunately is not.
Cox is part of the new keepers who by and large are comfortable playing this way, plus his skills have been honed at a Premiership club."

"Cox was assured & confident in everything he did"

As with any new style, it will take time for both players and fans to adapt, and there were some signs of first day nerves on the forums for this more gregarious style and tactics the opposition might deploy to negate it

"This ‘playing out from the back’ is going to be the end of me!!"

"Pompey seemed to have worked out that if they press our defence we're more likely to give them the ball back than catch them on the break"

Nevertheless, it seems like the new way is something the Rovers fans can get behind, particularly when the performance and result pass muster as was the case on Saturday

"Love the way players support one another when they make a good tackle or defend well. We are super fit and hunt individuals down when they have the ball. Teamwork at its best. So far, holding out"

"Draw away at Pompey not to be sniffed at. They dominated us second half and it was a stern test for our new look defence. Despite that pressure we persistently played out from the back, it almost cost us a couple of times but you have to admire it."

"Good point on reflection, we looked great going forward. We need to work on stopping crosses tho it was a joke how many crosses we let come in the box especially second half. Portsmouth are a very direct team glad I don’t watch them every week, however they are effective ."

Perhaps unsurprisingly there has been minimal discussion of the game on Wednesday, with the Carabao Cup not exactly whetting the appetites of many football fans, save perhaps for a large proportion of the Indonesian population if they get wind that Elkan Baggott may be starting. Most of the post-match discussion on Gasworks focused on their chances in their next league outing versus Barnsley, who they will surely be hoping wind it in a bit following their 7-0 demolition of Port Vale. Rovers fans weren’t exactly enthralled to see our name pulled out of the hat, although this may be as much down the distance to Portman Road as it is the quality of the team that lives there.

"haha. out in R1 again! "

"Horrendous draw!"

"As grim as it gets"

It’s accepted and expected that both teams will field changed sides, a few changes for Rovers and likely an entire changed 11 for Ipswich

"Fitness test for squad players - likely a 3-0 loss, although we might sneak something if we're solid. Not too bothered!"

"As we still have a few players out injured, I don't expect wholesale changes. However, a lot of those who were on the bench on Saturday should be starting in my opinion. Belshaw, Crama, Taylor, Sinclair and Evans should all be starting.

"Wouldn't be surprised to see 4-5 changes for Ipswich. Would be good to see [Ryan] Jones get a few minutes if he is staying, rather than just EFL trophy games. Would expect Belly to start."
Playoff semi dates
at 17:02 26 Mar 2023

Having just seen today’s result I’m hoping this is not info I need to know but have we heard when the semi finals are likely to be played? If we end up in them I’m trying to work out if it’ll be a weekend for the home semi final or possibly midweek given the final is on a Monday? What’s the usual pattern?
Planet Blue
at 13:33 14 Jan 2023

Is it usually open after the game? Got some teamcard points I’d like to spend
Restaurant recommendations Ipswich
at 11:25 11 Jan 2023

I intend to spend my birthday this year watching us beat Forest Green 20-0 and follow it up with a nice dinner somewhere. Any highly regarded restaurants in Ipswich or the surrounds? I’ve been to Kwan Thai before and enjoyed that and Three Wise Monkeys which I no longer enjoy but otherwise am not particularly clued in to the Ipswich restaurant scene.

[Post edited 11 Jan 2023 11:28]
Anti vaxxers on Bury Road
at 18:45 10 Sep 2021

My first time seeing these people in the flesh. I never thought it was possible to actually see missing chromosomes but I was wrong. I can only assume they’re protesting against soap too and have been for a number of years.

Worrying that there were at least 2 honks of support.
Lettings advice
at 11:04 21 May 2021

Have had an application accepted on a tenancy and spotted there is a 'non refundable holding fee' equivalent to 1 week's rent. Usually I see this listed as a deposit which is refunded once the tenancy is confirmed but this doesn't appear to be the case here. Is this still legal since the tenancy fees changed in 2019?
If that’s a red card then let’s just pack up now
at 19:57 26 Jan 2021

Clearly not going for the player was he, ffs
Gav - Any chance of a Covid section?
at 23:03 22 Dec 2020

I don’t want to put posters on ignore because their other contributions are quite good but any chance of a filter for covid threads? I know there’s not much else going on in the world right now but it is Christmas and it would be nice to not have doom and misery in your face every other thread. Positive news, whilst not as easy to come by, doesn’t seem to be as popular.
at least 17 injuries already this season
at 17:44 28 Nov 2020

involving 16 different first team players.

I was going to put together some data from the past 8 years or so to see the trend in injury causes and how long they were out for compared to average but there's just too much to go through. It's utterly ridiculous.
It’s not all bad news
at 16:17 18 Aug 2020

I don’t know about anyone else but the events of March 23rd and onwards have pulled me back into a depression that I have been largely free of for a number of years. I have no doubt this is as much down to the media’s desperate attempts to sensationalise it as it is the effects of pandemic prevention measures.

So therefore I’m going to try and find some positive news everyday to post in this thread without comment in case there’s anyone else out there like me who’s getting pretty sick of life in its current guise.

The first: Immunity may last longer than first thought!
Missing the freedom of a leisurely drive through Ipswich?
at 19:41 19 Apr 2020

Got you covered. Stumbled across this on YouTube. I’m too young to really remember Ipswich in the 90s but I found this oddly satisfying to watch, to be able to look back at a completely different world in a very familiar place.

Food thread
at 14:14 9 Mar 2020

I’ve just come back from being on holiday, I have very little in the cupboards so I’m going shopping but I’ve no idea what to have for dinner. I eat pretty much everything and I can cook. What are you lot having?
Any blues in or around Esher?
at 17:27 23 Jan 2020

Spotted a big ITFC sticker in the rear window of a Golf on the high street earlier, made me smile.
Am I being shafted?
at 15:48 18 Dec 2019

Need some views on salary as I can’t tell if I’m being shafted or just ungrateful.
I joined a company as a graduate in September last year on the then grad salary of £28k. This was bumped up to £31k in July this year in line with this years starting graduate salary. I’ve since been told by some that this years starting grad salary is actually £32k.

Anyway, in the 15 months I’ve been at the company, I was promoted within 9 months, have received an exceeding expectations performance rating and have been trusted with high level tasks for senior clients, usually something my director would do. Our salary is reviewed at the end of every year and mine has now been raised to £32.5k.

I live and work in the most expensive area in the country outside London and to me this feels like a bit of a p1sstake. Is it?

(For context, the company turns over $10billion a year so it’s not a small business)
[Post edited 18 Dec 2019 15:48]
Southend have already conceded 40 goals this season
at 21:56 22 Oct 2019

40. That’s insane, in only 14 games
Moving season ticket
at 17:59 5 Sep 2019

I’m sure it’s been asked on here before but has anyone moved their ST for one game before? I want to buy an extra ticket for the Tranmere game but there aren’t many seats around me.
FA should follow Spain’s lead
at 15:46 28 Jul 2019

RFEF is attempting to ditch the stupid idea of Monday and Friday games. Would be nice to see the FA stand up to the Premier League and Sky in the same way.
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