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Pre-season games...
at 08:36 16 Apr 2019

When roughly do the pre-season fixtures get announced? And is there any further clues on where it may be held?

Just trying to plan ahead to potentially drive across again...Dusseldorf Weekender 2.0
If you fancy naming a beer...
at 20:21 7 Apr 2019

Head over to Away Days Facebook / Instagram pages (@awaydaysbeer) and have a look at our latest posts. We're after feedback on beer again but also giving the opportunity to folk to pitch name ideas or players they'd like to see celebrated with some new beers. Robo-Hop was suggested yesterday in celebration of Crouchy which I think is the best so far...TWTD I'm sure can come up with some gems though


Bulgarian Blues...
at 11:48 9 Mar 2019

Some Town reading for you today!!!

P.s. If anyone can translate this for me that would be amazing
The ex of Emiliano Sala...
at 11:15 24 Jan 2019

has been posting some bizarre claims that a football “mafia” are behind the planes disappearance!?!
Anyone else think...
at 20:52 5 Jan 2019

We’ve signed Gareth Bale’s bearded Australian cousin? Either way, I thought he looked good today.

[Post edited 5 Jan 20:53]
I’m by no means...
at 21:25 15 Dec 2018

A regular to games but having been to Forest away and today’s game, both games the fullbacks have seemed the key weakness in the squad. Both do not want to get forward, both are sloppy on the ball and at times Spence looks pretty disinterested. Chalobah is also far too inconsistent to be playing for us as we fight to survive. Roberts ran his socks off today with a pretty impossible task against their two CB’s...I did think Jackson should have replaced him a bit sooner to really stretch them at the back.

The worst performance of the day comes from the ref though...absolutely appalling

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I dropped some more beer into Hopsters today and enjoyed speaking on Life’s A Pitch about all things Away Days.

The great escape has begun
[Post edited 15 Dec 2018 21:26]
If any of us had the money...
at 13:02 6 Dec 2018

We’d buy the club wouldn’t we?

I’m just thinking, didn’t someone on here the other day say Ed is making £100m off his next world tour...add in millions of shirt sales from his fans, I reckon he’d recoup his investment pretty quick.

Christmas Jumpers...
at 14:55 5 Dec 2018

Who's got what then? I'll be rocking this for the festive period...

Judge Barry Cotter...
at 13:35 9 Nov 2018

This explains his lack of appearences, he's been tied up with this legal case
Free beer tasting...
at 17:41 19 Oct 2018

As Phil mentioned in the article a few weeks back on Away Days, I’ll be in the Arcade Tavern before KO (12pm - 2pm) tomorrow doing some beer tasting sessions.

If you’re interested in attending, just ask at the bar and they’ll direct you. I’m looking forward to it, it’ll be a great chance to put some faces, not avatars to TWTD’ers names and of course, let you try some Away Days.

They’ll be some feedback sheets there also, if you could fill them in with comments, whether you’d like it stocked at Arcade Tavern or any possible future beer names you think Away Days should do that would be hugely appreciated.

Hopefully see some of you there
Anyone else...
at 15:57 16 Oct 2018

Had their boss ask what you're looking at whilst on TWTD and that BooHoo advert with the ladies pops up?

Tommy Smith showing some...
at 08:53 14 Oct 2018

Passion in the MLS last night...and promptly getting shown a red.
[Post edited 14 Oct 2018 8:57]
Challenger for X-Factor...
at 21:09 4 Sep 2018

How on earth this happened I don't know!?!

Walters kicking...
at 13:21 2 Sep 2018

That lads boot away
The final beer...
at 10:27 1 Sep 2018

The EADT have an extended article here from yesterday where I discussed Away Days and how its all come about. It's also the perfect time to announce the final beer in the starting line-up..."Hoppy Robson". A refreshingly fruity 4.5% amber ale.

All three beers will be selling in Suffolk by the end of September...the weather and other factors have delayed things but I'm almost there now and hopefully you can all be enjoying a pint or bottle of Away Days soon.

Also, my website is live now at . If any of you play for local football clubs and fancy having your own clubhouse brew, have a look at the "Create Your Club" page on the site.

Thanks again to TWTD and I'll see you at the bar soon.

TIB aka Josh

EADT tomorrow...
at 19:36 30 Aug 2018

I did an interview with them today about Away Days...we discussed how the idea came around, Boncho and future beers. I also acknowledged all you on here at TWTD who completed the beer survey last year and helped me get this idea off the ground...unfortunately not individually but as a collective

I believe it’s out tomorrow and there will be a follow up in a few weeks when I announce the final beer in the debut line-up (as hidden behind the Golden Goal bottle)

[Post edited 30 Aug 2018 19:39]
Away Days Beer Co...
at 14:54 24 Aug 2018

As some of you know, I've been busy the last year or so creating a beer brand, better known as Away Days...our ethos..."creating beautiful beer in celebration of the beautiful game".

First off I'd like to apologise for the delay in release...I'd hoped to have all three beers out for the opening weekend of the season but things out of control have delayed the release. That said, I just got my first bottles of "Golden Goal" bottled on Tuesday (see video below)...our 4.4% Craft Lager available in craft keg and 330ml bottle.

As a thank you for the patience and help a lot of you have given me with this...I want to announce the first of two ITFC themed beers soon to be available in Suffolk and without further delay...I give you...BONCHO!!! A 4.2% Black (dark) Ale...available in cask and 500ml's sure to "Quenchev your thirst".

If you are on Facebook or Instagram...please go give me a follow @awaydaysbeer

Hopefully within the next month you will start to see the beers available in Suffolk and I can announce the third and final beer in the debut lineup.

Thanks again for all the help and support and hopefully I can share a pint of Away Days with some of you soon

TIB aka Josh

[Post edited 24 Aug 2018 14:54]
Bobby Madley...
at 21:50 16 Aug 2018

Premier League referee has quit with immediate affect and relocated due to “personal circumstances”!?! Totally bizarre as he was one of the most highly rated, upcoming referees in Europe.

[Post edited 16 Aug 2018 21:52]
Prediction Logged by at 09:12:33
Ipswich Town v Blackburn Rovers prediction logged
A warm welcome...
at 19:30 31 Jul 2018

A lot of journalists ask this when players sign for a new exception with JD having just watched his interview...but has or will there ever be a player that turns around and says something along the lines of...

"The welcome has been w**k, seems the club is full of pr*cks and I can't believe I've ended up here. F*ck my life"
[Post edited 31 Jul 2018 19:31]
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