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Just back from Scandinavia...
at 10:36 22 Aug 2019

cycled from northern Finland, through Sweden and up into Norway, finishing in Tromso where I manged to go and watch Tromso vs Lillestrom!!!

Hell of a trip physically but was nice to finish off watching some football...which was made better by so many fans noticing my ITFC shirt and coming up to speak to me about our club!!! A few older fans spoke of our past whilst a few youngsters were quick to point out our relegation and Norwich's promotion...all in good banter but was just nice to know despite our recent relegation, we're still known and loved in even remote parts of the world!!!

Morten Gamst Pederson was playing for Tromso...he stood out despite his age whilst Tromso also handed a debut to a Man United youth player called Aidan Barlow. Again, he stood out and had a better second half when played out wide. Lillestrom spent most the time on the deck and only scored from a dubious penalty. Game finished all even at 1-1.

Now to get back to preparing these three new ITFC beers and the release of Ale'N Shearer
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Burton Albion v Ipswich Town prediction logged
If you see a...
at 08:12 29 Jul 2019

Nice Ford Mustang in around ITFC this week, it could well be Mr Elliott. Just seen him on Instagram collecting a new one from Dead Redline at York.
Lady running the line...
at 00:11 20 Jul 2019

Tonight getting a “f**k off back to women’s football” from a Town fan...had to say to him that was too far...he’d been getting giddy for a while. Fair play to his mates for taking him out for a bit because there were a fair few folk not happy about the comment.
Away Days Beer - New...
at 09:22 18 Jul 2019

Beer releases!!!

Hi all,

I'm presently working on some new beers set for release later in the year. A few of them will be for a wider football affiliation but some will have ITFC links. I'm presently preparing the release of Ale'N Shearer which should be out late August.

Yesterday I put out some social media feelers for one I'm presently working on for Terry Butcher. There are some pics of the first drafts on our Twitter / Instagram / Facebook here to Twitter.

I’m unsure about the name at present so am open to other suggestions? Butcher’s Bandage, Butcher’s Last Stand and Butcher’s Courage are a few being mentioned.

As always, thanks for the support and stay tuned for a few more ITFC themed beers coming out later in the year 🙌🏼🍺⚽️

TIB aka Josh

Helsinki Blues
at 19:44 15 Jul 2019

I'm sure there is a few of you and I'm hoping you might be able to help...

I land in Helsinki on 12th August and my plan is for me and my mate to buy two cheap used bikes and then jump on the overnight train to Kolari before getting off and cycling the 300miles to issue at present is finding a bike.

If you know of any bikes shops / friends who might have contacts for such bikes would you might dropping me a comment or DM. So far only one shop has got back to me and they're not certain they'll have anything suitable.


Billy Kee...
at 19:31 26 Jun 2019

I don’t go on Twitter a lot but just scrolled past something that stated us, Pompey and Sunderland were all battling to sign Billy Kee? Anyone else seen this?
Following on from the countries...
at 13:47 26 Jun 2019

quiz we had Monday, me and fellow colleagues have been playing this over lunch.

Boxing fans...
at 08:58 25 Jun 2019

Deontay Wilder heading to Ipswich...there is a video online of him promoting the dates and he goes full Bielsa trying to pronounce Ipswich...or should I say...Itch Witch!!!
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Shin splints...
at 08:48 18 Jun 2019

A condition I'd heard of before but always considered to be something a hypochondriac might get...until now!!!

I've been in the gym a lot the last couple of years...lifting weights for the most part with HIIT circuits in-between, however, the last six months I've begun running more (on road) and have developed shin splints!!! I've left rest gaps when the legs have started to hurt and after about 3 weeks off I started running again 2 weeks back, doing 5k every other night...they're back though!!!

Has anyone got tips for shifting / managing these?
Who's been editing on...
at 15:18 17 Jun 2019

the ROI Wiki page
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Lunchtime office...
at 13:23 14 Jun 2019

Conversations. What do we all talk about?

Normally ours focusses around football, "How much would you have to be paid to..." and one lad trying to tell us about UK ice though he's away so we've been discussing time travel. All a bit much for a Friday
Premier League...
at 22:49 13 May 2019

Ref by weekend. Tranmere Ultra by weekday. Class Mike Dean

Season long accumulators...
at 09:05 1 May 2019

Anyone got any longshot accumulators for season? One came up on my Bet365 account last night with a £8 cashout (before Barnsley's promotion confirmed)'s 1600/1...

Barnsley - Promoted (IN)
Salford - Promoted
Derby - Promoted
Lincoln - Promoted (IN)
Liverpool - Win League
Juventus - Win League (IN)
Bayern - Win League
Barcelona - WIn League (IN)

Would imagine it's up slightly now as Barnsley were 11/4...not holding my breath on Salford and Derby though.
Does anyone know...
at 09:19 27 Apr 2019

This guy? I think he’s due a few free bottles of Away Days with that party trick.

Pre-season games...
at 08:36 16 Apr 2019

When roughly do the pre-season fixtures get announced? And is there any further clues on where it may be held?

Just trying to plan ahead to potentially drive across again...Dusseldorf Weekender 2.0
If you fancy naming a beer...
at 20:21 7 Apr 2019

Head over to Away Days Facebook / Instagram pages (@awaydaysbeer) and have a look at our latest posts. We're after feedback on beer again but also giving the opportunity to folk to pitch name ideas or players they'd like to see celebrated with some new beers. Robo-Hop was suggested yesterday in celebration of Crouchy which I think is the best so far...TWTD I'm sure can come up with some gems though


Bulgarian Blues...
at 11:48 9 Mar 2019

Some Town reading for you today!!!

P.s. If anyone can translate this for me that would be amazing
The ex of Emiliano Sala...
at 11:15 24 Jan 2019

has been posting some bizarre claims that a football “mafia” are behind the planes disappearance!?!
Anyone else think...
at 20:52 5 Jan 2019

We’ve signed Gareth Bale’s bearded Australian cousin? Either way, I thought he looked good today.

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