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Jonson Clarke-Harris
at 16:59 1 May 2021

Wasn't there rumours of us signing him from Bristol Rovers, before he went to Peterborough?
Confidence (and the lack of)
at 10:35 25 Apr 2021

I totally agree that a number of the squad need to be axed and we go again next season, with a smaller, more dedicated team.

However, I do feel that a number of players leaving will go on to new teams and perform so much better than they have done here. What has frustrated me over the last two seasons is that despite starting both campaigns with good results (not always good performances), we never seemed to have that "spark" to move up a level and kill teams off. I genuinely believe that if we had gone for it in a few of the early matches in both seasons, we would have scored several goals, confidence would have grown and the outcome would have been way better. However, we seemed to be happy to scrap out a narrow win, often obtained with a bit of luck.

The current squad size is ridiculous and any manager is never going to be able to keep all of those players happy. It is inevitable that complacency would set in and the bulk of players will be happy to just collect their unwarranted pay packet.

Back in the Robson era, we would only buy a couple of new players a year, who would add something to the team......not buy or loan a dozen of players who actually don't add any value. A couple of youngsters would be gradually introduced into the squad, fitting in with the system and not being expected to be world class and ever present from day one. The players all knew each others strengths and a youngster would come into a confident team and generally fit in effortlessly.

For next season I hope we:

1) Get rid of the hangers-on who only want the pay cheque

2) Reduce the squad to around 18 players, plus around 6 youngsters who have been on the fringes of the team

3) Sort out the diabolical training / medical / fitness side of the club. That has been a totally shamble for years.

4) Paul Cook decides over the summer who the nucleus / backbone of his team are and build from there. Limit the number of changes every week. Give the players the chance to build some understanding. Install a mentality of wanting / needing to win EVERY match. It is unacceptable that we constantly get knocked out of cups at the first possible opportunity, no matter what level of opposition we come up against. Whilst I agree playing some younger / fringe players in the EFLT, for the FA cup and League Cup, go for it.....have a bit of a run, try and beat a higher rank team, get a buzz around the place again. Our long suffering fans have had so little to cheer and deserve so much better.

Last 7 games...
at 06:40 21 Feb 2021

4 goals scored and 1 win. Shocking statistics for a team with one of the biggest squads / wage bill in the division.

A major overhaul is urgently needed to try and get something in place for next years promotion challenge.
Just as well Marseille don't have Lambert in charge......
at 20:38 30 Jan 2021

Leeds, Leeds
at 06:41 19 Jan 2021

I've been checking the weather forecasts at a few towns / cities around the world where some friends and family live, on the BBC website.

It always makes me chuckle that when you type in "Ipswich", it offers "Ipswich, Suffolk", "Ipswich, Australia" and "Ipswich, USA". When you type in "Leeds" the first choice is "Leeds, Leeds". I'm surprised it hasn't been amended to "Leeds, Leeds, Leeds".
[Post edited 19 Jan 18:26]
Job retention bonus scrapped
at 22:09 5 Nov 2020

With the good news that the Furlough scheme has finally been extended, it appears to have passed under the radar that the government has now scrapped the £1,000 job retention bonus due to be paid to companies in February.

With November's income wiped out for many small companies, this could be the final nail in the coffin for some.

There does not seem to have been a great deal of thought gone into making things fairer. For example, the business rate relief was a welcomed initiative for retailers that had to shut during lockdown......but why did the retailers (such as the large supermarket chains) also get this relief, when they were able to trade as normal and probably had increased sales?

Forum quality.......
at 19:09 28 Aug 2020

At the risk of getting slated, is it just me or do others think that the quality of posts/discussions/debates on here has declined immensely in the last year or so?

I have visited this forum most days for a number of years, primarily to keep up with developments at ITFC, but also to read and sometimes participate in some of the varied discussions (I particularly enjoy the posts on Ipswich / Suffolk life, past and present). Topics used to be discussed in a reasonable manner. Occasionally they would get slightly heated, but normally posters respected each other's viewpoints without resorting to childish name calling, personal insults or worse.

Recently most posts (regardless of the topic) seem to end up degenerating into one of the 3 following slanging matches:

1) pro or anti PL/MM/RK
2) pro brexit or antibrexit,
3) left wing or right wing

It's a real shame that a lot of decent, interesting posts seem to get "hijacked" and various posters insist on carrying on their personal vendettas in public.

Knife attack in France
at 12:22 4 Apr 2020

2 confirmed deaths and several injured in a knife attack in France today. As if there isn't enough to worry for the authorities and the general public to worry about.
Lockdown advice.....
at 19:15 19 Mar 2020

Living in France, we are only allowed out to do the essentials, food shopping etc.

I am sure that the UK will be on a similar lockdown in a weeks time at the latest. My advice would be:

1) Stock up on materials to do DIY at home and in the garden. We were told at 8pm on Monday and all the builders merchants / DIY shops were closed on Tuesday. If the lockdown happens, you will be confined for an absolute minimum of 2 weeks, but probably 4 weeks, with the potential to go on for at least 3 months. You will need something to do (if you can't work from home) and this is the perfect time to do those little chores that you have been putting off for months / years.

2) Don't panic buy. The shops here have had more or less everything.....occasionally the odd item might not be available. According to news report, supplies haven't been a problem in Italy either.

Insurance companies not paying out for coronavirus
at 05:20 16 Mar 2020

I have just been reading up on Business Interruption insurance and it appears that if the UK goes on lockdown, like many other countries, Business Interruption Insurance WON'T pay out to businesses who are forced to close.
Question about enforced closures.....
at 21:10 14 Mar 2020

If a lockdown occurs and only essential businesses are allowed to remain open, what happens about pay for staff who aren't allowed to go to work?

Obviously the government announced earlier in the week that if you had symptons of the virus, you need to self-isolate for 1 week and you would receive the statutory sick pay from day one. So if the government forces shops, offices, bars, restaurants etc to close, does the employer still have to pay their staff their full daily wage?
Sky tv
at 07:30 13 Mar 2020

How long will Sky tv be able to survive if all major sporting events are cancelled?

Could this mean the end to the farcical sums of money being thrown into the elite ends of sport (Premier League etc)?

Armed police at Ipswich Borough Council offices
at 17:40 12 Mar 2020

According to the EADT website there are armed police at Ipswich Borough Council's offices, following reports of an incident at 2.40pm. Anyone on here in that area?
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