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Any Town fans in Paris next weekend for the Ryder Cup?
at 10:34 20 Sep 2018

Should be a fantastic competition and the weather is forecast to be dry and decent too.
at 16:13 8 Sep 2018

Spending a few nights there at the end of the month and was wondering if any enlightened souls could recommend a few drinking establishments worth visiting?
France World Cup Violence
at 07:28 17 Jul 2018

Has it been reported in the UK? There was trouble in Paris and a number of smaller towns after their semi final win and then more widespread trouble after Sunday's victory. There was rioting and looting on the Champs Elysee in Paris and trouble in Rouen, Nantes, Lyon and Marseille. In total 292 people have been arrested.

Anyone on here experienced problems with Quickbooks?
at 12:08 2 Jul 2018

On the advice of my accountant, I have started using QuickBooks. Not very impressed so far, as after only a few days of working, QuickBooks fails to synch with my bank account. This has happened several times in a couple of months. Anyone else has this problem and how was it resolved?
Serious refugee question
at 11:51 14 Jun 2018

Ceuta and Melilla are both Spanish owned enclaves in Northern Morocco.

Has any TWTDers ever visited either of these cities? I would imagine that the Spanish would have major problems in securing their border with Morocco, or, perhaps the problem isn't too bad as the 2 cities aren't on mainland Europe. Anyone on here have much knowledge about this?
Us and them
at 07:31 14 Jun 2018

I've just realised that we have scored more goals in the European Cup than "the participants" have managed in all European Competitions.

John Wark and probably several other Town players have scored more goals in mainstream Europen Competitions individually, than Naaaarwich players have combined, in their entire history.

Naaarwich, in one European season, managed to lose more home matches in Europe than us in our 12 seasons.

Blue Army!
I wish I had placed a bet after MM left
at 21:00 18 May 2018

on how many "favourites" we would have before appointing a new manager.

Not being a massive gambler myself, does this mean the bookies will lose or make more money? I assume they will be quids in.........
AJ Ajaccio v Le Havre play off match postponed tonight
at 20:46 18 May 2018

because of a few supporters blocking the away coach and letting off some flares.

Seems a bit OTT compared to the scenes at Anfield when Man City played there recently, although there have been a lot of crowd problems in Corsica recently, with away players being attacked on the pitch by "fans" at one match last season.
Money buys everything.......almost
at 12:21 19 Apr 2018

PSG reached the final of the French cup last night. If they win, they will be the first French club ever to win the cup in 4 consecutive seasons. At the weekend they beat their closest rivals, Monaco, 7-1, to win the French League for the 5th time out of 6. Earlier this season they won the French League Cup for the 5th consecutive season.

I'm am so happy that got beat by Real in the Champions League.

Football has always had some rich clubs, but the gulf now is rediculous.
Well, it's that time of year.....
at 22:45 28 Dec 2017

for a bit of reflection and looking at life.....

I'm coming up to 50 and must admit that I don't know quite what to make of it all.

The one constant that has been with me since the age of around 6, has been ITFC. Something that I have loved with all my heart since I can remember. There have been so many great times.......and the only time in my life I wish I was older, was so that I could have experienced the late 70's / early 80's as a late teenager / adult, rather than a 9 - 13 year old.

Having spent most of my adult life abroad, the 1 thing that matters at the weekend is what Ipswich have done, followed closely by what the scum have done. Many a weekend has been made or ruined by Saturday's results.

Watching and supporting the Town, from a far, doesn't make it any easier. I have been at Portman Road and watched complete and utter sh1te on numerous occassions.....likewise, I have been there and had some of the best times of my life. Also away......some of the best days of my life and some pretty, Oldham away 4-0 and 4-1 defeats, two years running.

Would I like us to be the next Man City? Hand on heart, not in a million years. Chelsea a year or 2 ago? SAME ANSWER.

How do I see us now? Frustrating, is the best way I can put it.

Evans......I'm not entirely happy with him, but am very worried that whoever was to replace him could turn us into a nightmare.

McCarthy......... gutted with the way he seems so stubborn and arrogant and talks about the fans.......but, I do genuinely feel that with a bit more support from the board he is the manager who WOULD have helped us to challenge for a top 6 spot a lot more often. I do feel that he has had his time and that we need someone new, hopefully younger and full of new ideas, fight, energy and pride. BUT, I am equally aware that we could easily appoint someone relatively inexperienced, who gets sacked afted a few unsuccesseful months and we are in an even worse position.

The future? Gutted about our midfield injury woes. We done well to get over our defensive injuries and then Dozzell, Huws and now Bishop are also ruled out until next season. If we keep hold of Bart, then I think next season we could be very strong with our midfield and attacking options. An established right back is definitely required....a signing, not a loanee, but, if that is secured and we are relatively injury free, then I think we have as good a chance as anyone.

Football overall? I have honestly lost the love with the Premiership and Champions League. I am so tempted to find a new non league team to follow. BUT, no matter what and something that everyone connected to the club needs to realise is that, no matter what, Ipswich's result is what we all live and die for. We, the fans, will always be proud of our club, despite how sh1te things are on or off the field.

If we were at the bottom for division 4 (league 2 for you youngsters), then I and many others would still love and support the mighty Ipswich. Personally, (although I pray we never drop that low) I think that it would revive the sense of loyalty and pride that we all have in our club.

Anyway, sorry to bore you all with my ramblings, but, I hopefully some of you will relate to where I am coming from.

All the best for 2018.

Goal line technology
at 07:36 15 Dec 2017

Does anyone know of any problems this has caused in English football this season? I know that we have benefited from it a couple of times and I aren't aware of any situations where it hasn't worked properly in the Premiership or Championship.

However, I have been to 2 matches this season at Rennes, where play has continued (without the Rennes players appealing for or celebrating a "goal") and after several seconds the referee indicates that the ball had crossed the line and gave Rennes the goal. This was followed with 4 or 5 minutes of arguing by the Caen and Marseille players before the referee changed his mind and cancelled the "goal" and took the play back to where it was stopped.

I have seen this morning that the French Ligue 1 are now going to use video refs from next season.
[Post edited 15 Dec 2017 7:37]
Stories from the 70's & 80's European trips
at 19:48 13 Nov 2017

Following on from the excellent thread about the Lazio matches, it would be great to hear stories from fans who went to some of those away European matches. I saw most of the home games from around 76 onwards, but, being too young, I never got to go to any of the away matches.

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