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For Stowmarket locals... I can thoroughly recommend the 'new' Regal Cinema
at 11:31 21 Jul 2021

I visited it for the first time last night since it has reopened after the major refurbishment and was very impressed!

It's a very big lift to the town, and with three screens and a nice cafe area (and sensibly priced snacks!) you should give it a go if you're local to the town.
What's the most competitive international football tournament?
at 15:19 14 Jun 2021

World Cup?
Copa America?
Africa Nations Cup?

The World Cup by its name should be, but I often look at the Euros and see a much higher % of quality teams.

Who knew you could go inside the Orwell Bridge? I didn't...
at 12:45 22 Feb 2021

Not sure why, but I think it would be quite a cool thing to do should the opportunity arises. I just saw a post on Facebook from local MP Tom Hunt and he's sharing pictures of a local visit.
Smart Floodlights / Security Cameras
at 16:26 25 Nov 2020

After a recent hit and run on my driveway I am keen to invest in some security cameras. Ideally they need to have a strong wi-fi connection as it's not the closest to my house and I want them to have a decent amount of light output.

The market seems to be saturated so trying to spot the different between Ring, Blink, Arlo, etc. is a minefield.

What has people got and what would you recommend?
[Post edited 25 Nov 2020 16:29]
A Poker app to create a private table for my friends and I
at 18:10 22 Mar 2020

Hi, is anybody able to recommend an app whereby some friends and I can setup a private poker table?

Holiday with a Toddler - September Sun & warm swimming pools?
at 11:42 29 Apr 2019

I am planning on going away in September for some late summer sun. I have a two year old, so it needs to be somewhere family friendly.

Due to the type of holidays I have taken over recent years I am a bit out of the loop on this kinda thing, my biggest aim is to go somewhere where the swimming pools on site are still nice and warm, I know the sea will be so that's fine. I have been looking at Greece / Canary Islands.

Can anybody offer any insight into the above for me?

Thanks in advance.
Which drill to buy?
at 22:08 26 Feb 2018

Any trades people about? I’m looking to buy a decent drill up to £150. It will mainly be used for wood / masonry so hammer action (or equivalent) is required. And it needs to be cordless.

Any recommendations? It seems like a minefield! There seems to be so many incremental differences between the ones I’ve been looking at - Dewalt, Makita and the Bosch Professional range.
[Post edited 26 Feb 2018 22:30]
If you work in sales how are the leads dished out? How is your territory split?
at 11:01 24 Jan 2018

We've grown very quickly as a company, and our sales team used to have the pick of the leads / sales enquiries without having to do to much proactive sales.

However, we are now pushing more growth and need be able to identify easily where a lead goes...

In your experience is it done by geography? Product category? Industry type (end user)?

I'm open to people's views here as whatever we end up doing we're going to pi$$ off the existing sales team and I want to do that as little as possible.

Unfortunately whilst our 'Sales Manager' (I use Manager loosely) is cracking at selling, he won't address this.
Any Apple AirPod owners around?
at 14:16 26 Oct 2017

I've been looking at these and think I will make a purchase shortly, however I have yet to find anyone who owns a pair.

Now I have read all the reviews etc. and understand the pros and cons (i.e. sound quality etc.) however for me, from a convenience point of view and ease of use across multiple devices they seem to tick more boxes than other similar products on the market.

For those that have them - how have you found them?
4K / UHD Blu-ray player. Has anybody got one?
at 22:06 5 Sep 2017

If so, what are your thoughts and what model have you got?
No subject
at 11:22 31 Aug 2017

[Post edited 21 Jul 2021 13:10]
How do you deal with a member of staff who is overly anxious?
at 11:30 17 Mar 2017

Whilst I am not aware of anything 'clinically' wrong / diagnosed. This individual whilst very good at their work seems to act like a rabbit in the headlights whenever anything goes slightly wrong.. Or the route deviates from their daily task.

We're in an environment where the goalposts change quickly and that does bring pressure and stress. I really want to help out this individual in the best possible manner, but it's difficult to take the stress (in the loosest sense of the term) away from one individual and not the others.

We don't have an HR department either.

Any ideas? I really want to help this individual without being condescending or similar to them.
There's a Waterstones in Southwold?
at 16:34 27 Feb 2017

Waterstones has been sneaking books onto the high street in secret, using a series of unbranded "local" book shops to sell its wares in towns where opening a big W.A.T.E.R.S.T.O.N.E.S. with coffee and a helipad and all that would bristle with the locals a bit too much.

Such as the cute sounding Southwold Books in Southwold...

It's a very interesting approach, some might say deceptive? Not sure myself.
How do you deal with people at work who just don't 'think'
at 11:11 20 Jan 2017

This isn't necessarily related to their day to day jobs which they are fine at. It's all the other stuff...

I.e. I recently sorted an issue out and they responded 'oh I saw that'... and yet they didn't think to do anything about it. This is just one example of many, many things...

I want to encourage people to think for themselves with coming across as a moaning sod.

Any ideas?
Car recommendations please...
at 17:47 10 Jan 2017

I have about £9k to spend on a MPV / SUV type vehicle. Looking for something economical i.e. average mpg of 50+.

Any suggestions?

So far my list is Ford C-Max, Skoda Yeti and Nissan Qashqai.
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