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Ipswich Town v Bolton Wanderers prediction logged
really interesting article if you have the time
at 18:31 11 Apr 2022

when even paul mason is calling him out ...
at 18:23 8 Apr 2022

there can only be owen jones left.

question for twtd musicians
at 18:40 14 Dec 2021

i'm seeking advice. i like music - listen to all sorts. i really like when people play informally and would like to be able to join in. but i've never learnt an instrument, can't read music, and never got to understand the theory behind it all. i am an ultimate musical ignoramus. so where should i start? what's the right instrument for a musical idiot? do i need to learn the theory first. (it may of course turn out that i just lack any aptitude, which may of course explain why i haven't got round to it before).
well done
at 23:06 11 Jul 2021

deserved to get to the final. not out classed by a good italy side. lost on penalties. best they've done in my lifetime. good team - bring on the world cup.
interesting graph
at 08:46 21 Sep 2020

3rd one down - mortality rate over 20 years. 2020 to August is lower than the same period in every year prior to 2007.

suffolk and proud
at 20:15 24 Apr 2020
this history stuff, you know the stuff we are living through
at 21:18 19 Mar 2020

this is by far the weirdest bit of it that i've experienced. do you remember the 'end of history' stuff? when we'd sort of done it all, and the rest was just going to be what we'd done before. well this current bit is the bit people will be referencing in 30 years time. and we were there and all that. just saying.
just got an email from john mcdonnell
at 08:41 4 Dec 2019

he says: "I've done the maths, and our plans could save families £6,700 a year. That's the power of public ownership and a real living wage."

£6.700 a year! we're all going to save £6,700 a year. and john's done the maths.

I've no idea who's going to be paying for this, but thank you, thank you, thank you whoever you are.
free broadband for all
at 22:08 14 Nov 2019

nationalising bt and we all get free broad band. cool.
come on labour, add sky to the list so that we get free sky sports as well - what's the point of having the free broadband otherwise.
yeah free stuff.
twtd isn't broken
at 11:55 24 Oct 2019

it was just me. panic over.
[Post edited 24 Oct 2019 11:57]
the week of judicial wisdom continues
at 16:10 25 Sep 2019

first real step towards impeachment
at 22:24 24 Sep 2019

this is going to be interesting.
kinnock amendment passed
at 19:49 4 Sep 2019

for anyone who wants exit with a deal there might, just might, be a glimmer of light in this mass f*ck up.
[Post edited 4 Sep 2019 19:50]
caroline lucas calls for all-female emergency cabinet
at 09:07 12 Aug 2019

her alternative ideas are an emergency cabinet in which no one has a beard or an emergency cabinet in which no one has an allotment.
operation midland
at 15:33 22 Jul 2019

the man who made up all the westminster child abuse allegations has now been convicted. it was at one time the internet rumour of choice for some posters on here - some even claimed to know secret stuff about it. what has come out today is that the convicted man (also himself now a convicted paedophile) was, when operation midland was on-going, a nspcc volunteer who went into schools on their behalf. bit embarrassing that.

[Post edited 22 Jul 2019 15:37]
good photos of lightning
at 14:14 19 Jun 2019

at 18:42 11 Jun 2019

can lightning hit a football pitch which is surrounded by very tall stands and pylons (with presumably lightning conductors)? don't those structures attract any lightening? they've just suspended the chile sweden game because of lightning - but wouldn't the pitch be a pretty safe place to be?
interesting article about lowestoft
at 12:34 5 Jun 2019

should anyone be interested.

world cup starts on friday
at 13:00 3 Jun 2019

come on, equality and all that - and it's the only footy we'll get for the next month or so. we should generate some interest and enthusiasm on here - allocate teams as we did for the men's world cup. if 24 people reply to this thread I'll do a random draw and allocate teams. or not. sod it, i'm looking forward to it.



there was more than 24 of us in the end (I think I've included everyone who replied to the thread) so I started a second round of a draw and there's some doubling up. equally therefore late comers can still be included.

…. drum roll... and the draw is:

Bluebadger Chile
Coastal Blue Scotland
Clapham Junction Jamaica
C.HealyisApleasure Thailand
Footers China
Ryorry Netherlands
Ramsey Robson France
The Romford Blue Argentina
SitfcB Japan
lowhouseblue Brazil
CaptainAhab South Africa
Superblue95 England
Marshalls_Mullet Australia
Swansea_Blue Italy
SpruceMoose Canada
Tractordownsouth Sweden
Deano69 South Korea
Linhdi Nigeria
Brazil1982 Germany
J2Blue USA
Never_lose_the_faith Cameroon
Jeera New Zealand
Flimflam Spain
Portmanroadblue Spain
Mos Italy
Nthsuffolkblue Netherlands
BanksterDebtSlave England
Basingstokeblue South Korea
SamWhiteUK Norway
Hoppy Scotland
[Post edited 6 Jun 2019 13:19]
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