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Lambo's ability go manage upwards
at 11:45 29 Nov 2018

This is what it will come down to. Lambo's ability to manage Marcus Evans. He is a capable manager and he knows how to manage his squad of players, but he needs the tools to work with.
Mick, with all his affability, charm and humour still had his hands tied behind his back by Evans. I am desperately trying to find reasons why Lambo won't face the same fate.
Expect fireworks with Jimmy Walker on the touchline
at 11:44 6 Nov 2018

I saw him operating in the technical area plenty of times in his Peterborough days, and let's just say that he is decidedly combative.
A big character, but a bit too fiery at times.
Expect the scouting network to be laid off, as Lambo likes to 'subcontract'
at 06:50 29 Oct 2018

Based on his previous MO, this is likely to be what happens.

Just a hunch, but I think we will be seeing an influx of players from the North West, as well.

Bomb Squad
at 06:06 29 Oct 2018

As of this morning, all players start equal and have until January to prove themselves or be in the Bomb Squad. Thus spake Lambert.

Who will rise to the occasion, and who will be sent to Siberia? How does Lambert avoid it becoming toxic if the defeats continue?
This will develop into a power struggle between owner and manager.
at 05:52 26 Oct 2018

Lambert is always a man in a hurry. We have no idea what funding he has been promised, but it is fair to assume that in the first instance he will have agreed to cut out the deadwood with a view to building in January.

It will be savage, and the backdrop of discontent will be with us for many months while he tries to mould a squad.

And then the fun will begin, as he tries to squeeze funding from the owner. The three years might run their course, but there will be acrimony aplenty.

Revisit in Oct 2021 to see how the fun has unfolded...

How much will it cost to oust Paul Hurst? £5m? £10m.
at 21:38 22 Oct 2018

Work it out. Severance with contract virtually new. £2m? New Manager will not come in without agreeing playing budget and will want three+ new players to give us a fighting chance. Cost? £5-7m?

Conclusion. Evans will opt for relegation. If I was him, I probably would.
How long before Terry Hunt gives us his hugely-valued opinion in EADT?
at 06:57 21 Oct 2018

Like a Roman Emperor giving the thumbs-down, the self-appointed guru has abused his position by sticking the boot in on Magilton and others, through the medium of his strictly home-spun and decidedly amateur thoughts. Tomorrow's EADT might be interesting.
Ditch Doig. Last throw of the dice.
at 06:24 21 Oct 2018

Paul Hurst is probably too decent a man to throw Doig under a bus, and find someone whose style, personality and attitude are less antediluvian. But I can see no other way in which he has any chance of stopping the rot. If he does it now it will lift the squad, and it might just buy him six or eight more games to prove his worth.
His interview was so lacking in confidence that he looks past the point of being capable of making such a big decision.

Yorkshire Mick versus Suffolk Thick
at 14:55 8 Apr 2018

Inward-looking, recalcitrant and unreconstructed Suffolk bottom end of gene pool dwellers encounter worldly but blunt-talking Yorkshireman who expresses a few home truths with a directness for which his County-folk are renowned.

Are they able to absorb and learn from his feedback? Will he bend and budge?

It's not really funny, as it lessens and belittles all of us through association.
Karl Robinson
at 07:14 1 Apr 2018

If he got an interview, he would be the one to Magiltonise them with his personality and charisma.

Oh, and he would probably be right for the job.
Mogga is a slighty inferior manager, and distictly more depressive
at 22:25 16 Mar 2018

So why would an intelligent club owner consider such a change?
Mick is getting the best out of the players he has.
at 11:08 14 Mar 2018

Many will argue, but they will be wrong.

The fact that he outs people asking daft questions, and calls a spade a spade, adds to his appeal in my opinion. If other managers want to kowtow to people asking dopey questions, then that is their problem.

If I had to take a side, it would be Mick's. He ain't perfect, but keeping us in mid table is better than 9 out of 10 other managers would achieve.
Now even Brenner is asking daft questions!
at 13:42 13 Mar 2018

I think Brenner has now got caught up in the mood of the moment. Surely it's not beyond the wit of man to ask intelligent football questions, rather than populist loaded questions which he can spot a mile off.
That's the point with Mick. If you ask him a loaded question, or express a criticism shrouded in a question, he is likely to cut you dead. He has been doing the job for decades, after all.
But ask balanced football questions, and he will actually enjoy answering. But those questions are so rarely asked.
Why did ITFC publicise our interst in Brennan Dickenson
at 09:11 28 Jan 2017

It seems such an unprofessional thing to do and it must have annoyed the player and his club. Why did we do it? Over to you Phil. Explanation, please...
The only question that matters ~ why is Mick failing?
at 11:56 18 Jan 2017

I don't understand it. I cannot pin down why performances are so bad. Only one question is important - what is Mick doing wrong?

Is it his personality? - definitely not. He is truly likeable. He has presence.
Is it his man management? - again, I don't think so. He seems shrewd.
Is it his tactics? - I will be perverse and say No. It's not attractive, but it can be very effective.
Is it the personnel? - No, we have enough talent to succeed.
Is it his age? - can he relate to those of playing age? The answer is Yes. In his own way he can command a lot of respect.
Is it his contacts in the game? - Absolutely not.
Is it his support team? - Very unlikely.
Is it that he is stupid? - definitely not.
Does he fail to show respect to the players? - I don't think so.

What does that leave? Football is a very honest game in that budget broadly determines success, but even on that measure we are failing. So it's not budget per se.

If Mick can answer the question posed, then he can recover. The chances seem remote.
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