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[Blog] Shall We Sing a Song For You?! by NewsTWTD 22 Feb 19:40! If
ITV Anglia piece with Frans, Arnold and Game Changers author Tom by PhilTWTD 21 Feb 10:22
562922 Feb 9:51
by PJH
Ipswich Town 1 - 1 Leeds United - To Elland Back Report by GavTWTD 20 Feb 20:06
2118021 Feb 12:47
by PragmaticBlue
Just watched a news article about today's tube strike by Pendejo 22 Feb 19:07
People queueing up at tube stations complaining they are going to get
511522 Feb 19:47
by giant_ullaa
What's your signature dish? [ 2 3 4 ] by RoyKeanesDog 22 Feb 12:58
I know there's a lot of cooking enthusiasts on here so should be a dec
81186222 Feb 19:47
by jeera
BT sport by Pinewoodblue 22 Feb 17:33
Took them 30 minutes to mention Town winning 4-1.
325522 Feb 19:42
by gainsboroughblue
Any other London venues people are heading for on Sunday? by Dolly2.0 22 Feb 16:02
Camden's a bit of a trek.
29122 Feb 19:40
by gainsboroughblue
What is pub of choice in Ipswich on Sunday? by ZondervansTash 22 Feb 18:52
Keen to watch Norwich match in pub. Who is going where?
514122 Feb 19:40
by whitton_blue
This was my brothers game Sunday by The_Romford_Blue 22 Feb 17:42
I'm occasionally the linesman too
1745722 Feb 19:38
by clive_baker
Tumble Dryers! by Bluespeed225 22 Feb 19:38
Have any TWTD'ers had any of the publicised problems, or have you been
Burning your bridges [ 2 ] by RoyKeanesDog 22 Feb 14:18
To any younger, or indeed older posters too, I can not emphasise the v
46148922 Feb 19:37
by WeWereZombies
Ronald Fiddler - the extremist by BaltachaFanClub 22 Feb 18:19
Interestingly enough I am reading a book by Jon Ronson, called the men
413022 Feb 19:29
by taximan
Funge's traffic report... Ipswich tomorrow... by AdmiralFunge 22 Feb 18:50
... is gonna be shocking. Orwell Bridge will be closed, the road outsi
819322 Feb 19:27
by swede
NASA [ 2 ] by WadeyBlue 22 Feb 9:27
If NASA make some mega announcement about finding life on other planet
46125422 Feb 19:23
by StokieBlue
Here comes Doris by BanksterDebtSlave 22 Feb 16:04
This one....
620522 Feb 19:18
by BanksterDebtSlave
I am now eating the last of my 3 for £6 ready meal curries from Asda by Lord_Lucan 22 Feb 14:54
Thank feck for that. I only went in for some flowers. Whilst the
1998722 Feb 19:04
by Dolly2.0
£1m???? [ 2 3 ] by BorisOrTrevor 21 Feb 22:20
51260022 Feb 18:58
by imsureazzure
A certain irony in this by Mullet 22 Feb 14:40
The first woman in charge of the Met is a Dick it seems. Good for her.
1850722 Feb 18:36
by BlueBadger
Chief Superintendent Dave Marshall..... by BanksterDebtSlave 22 Feb 18:31
Have Hull sacked their goalie ?.....he's gone back 'home' and got a ne
"and one for you" by artsbossbeard 22 Feb 16:27
Greetings from Newcastle. Sunny but windy presently. Out last night
1245622 Feb 18:30
by BlueBadger
Feeling utterly bereft this morning... [ 2 3 ] by portmanking 22 Feb 6:33
We had to bid farewell to our first and only family dog yesterday even
61211722 Feb 18:10
by north_stand77
Martin Samuel on Pies and Betting in Sport is worth reading here by Steve_M 22 Feb 8:05
Even if it is in the Mail.
1783422 Feb 18:04
by GlasgowBlue
Rovers need another [ 2 ] by cruncher 21 Feb 15:35
Manager.Coyle gone.
27123922 Feb 17:51
by Ryorry
Awful decision [ 2 ] by GlasgowBlue 22 Feb 13:28
2669422 Feb 17:45
by The_Last_Baron
Anyone with Aviva...? [ 2 ] by SitfcB 21 Feb 20:06
Cancel whatever it is you have with them.
45395022 Feb 17:35
If you were prime minister what trivial laws/initiatives would you bring in? [ 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ] by TractorWood 18 Feb 13:43
I'll start: 1. No keypad tones are allowed on phones in any public
253593522 Feb 17:32
by The_Romford_Blue
NYC blues by textbackup 22 Feb 10:22
Sister is over there until Sunday evening, she's wondering of any Brit
853422 Feb 17:28
by Joey_Joe_Joe_Junior
This game is getting quite popular in Ipswich now isn't it? by Lord_Lucan 21 Feb 20:41
25137322 Feb 17:15
by Lord_Lucan
McCarthy: We Go to Norwich With Confidence by NewsTWTD 22 Feb 17:10
Norfolk police have no plan in case of a Zombie attack by StuartBrett8 22 Feb 16:30
112122 Feb 16:57
by connorscontract
Place to watch the game in Bristol on Sunday? by Wallingford_Boy 22 Feb 15:41
Anyone know the area?
314522 Feb 16:47
by tractorian
Very very poor. 5/10 by Lord_Lucan 22 Feb 8:34
1379022 Feb 16:37
by itfcinwales
I swear the DM online just add sexy photos to all their articles... by Blueastheycome 22 Feb 16:27
for the sake of it, in attempt to get the public subconsciously hooked
113322 Feb 16:31
by GlasgowBlue
Monster Raving Looney Party in Stoke By-election by ParisBlue 22 Feb 15:36
Will fill the River Trent with piranhas to make fishing a more interes
423522 Feb 16:28
by Lord_Lucan
How deep are British Cyclings troubles? by No9 22 Feb 10:41
This des not look good at all.
731722 Feb 16:26
by connorscontract
Calling cbuckle by slowerball 22 Feb 15:25
PM me with your number as Graham Blackburn of Naked Footy Show has my
Derby game, London pubs [ 2 ] by Dyland 21 Feb 9:59
Is Rob still running the Gunners?
29116522 Feb 15:16
by Lord_Lucan
London Branch Venue for Derby by NewsTWTD 22 Feb 15:05
great website by MJallday 22 Feb 12:02 just had a look at how my
1145522 Feb 14:21
by Rocky
Come on Brentford by Dyland 21 Feb 21:22
The Owls can be caught still. COYFB! Er, goodnight.
438622 Feb 13:25
by Dyland

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Shall We Sing a Song For You?!
by Slambo Wed 22nd Feb 2017
I am writing this blog to try and gauge interest in starting a dedicated and organised ultra group. I’m a season ticket holder in the North lower and try to start/get involved in singing at matches as much as possible.
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