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UPDATE ON OLIVER... [ 2 ] by hoppy 23 Mar 13:14
In amongst all the moaning/despondency and general disappointment with
45354526 Mar 21:03
by PJH
Buy Mühren and Thijssen Book Game Changers From TWTD by PhilTWTD 23 Feb 21:05
Copies of Game Changers, the new book about story of Blues legends Arn
19400017 Mar 15:37
by Lord_Lucan
Ignorance knows no bounds by factual_blue 28 Mar 21:14
1934128 Mar 22:41
by factual_blue
Reasons Ipswich is sh*t #583 by callis 28 Mar 17:06
No where to get a proper burrito.
2558528 Mar 22:41
by RoyKeanesDog
Used my season ticket to get in free to watch Felixstowe & Walton tonight by WadeyBlue 28 Mar 22:36
Quality game. 6-0 to the seasiders. Chuffed i went. Will get to a few
art 50 letter signed tonight? by MJallday 28 Mar 22:17
its a dm link, so could be total bs
410428 Mar 22:28
by MJallday
Searching for a new series to watch and found Person of Interest by Lord_Lucan 28 Mar 20:27
Any good?
59228 Mar 22:20
by Lord_Lucan
If you were PM, what would you address? [ 2 ] by clive_baker 28 Mar 13:00
First thing I would do is rip up the school syllabus and start again.
43106328 Mar 22:18
by lloydy84
What do we really see happening this summer? [ 2 ] by christiand 28 Mar 15:56
1. Managerial position - Will MM stay or go? 2. Transfer budget, if
30103928 Mar 22:14
Belgian beer- Kings Lynn by sparks 28 Mar 18:45
My birthday is approaching and I am going to treat myself to s deliver
1234328 Mar 22:14
by sparks
One way to protest against the owner by Blackboots 28 Mar 20:02
Would be for those who wear the replica shirts to games, to wear them
1260528 Mar 22:09
by Manchesterblue
has everyone had their season ticket renewal in the post? by itfcpaul 28 Mar 19:55
Not had mine yet??
1342128 Mar 21:53
by hammo56
Jobs you wish you had occupied/would like to do. [ 2 3 ] by RoyKeanesDog 28 Mar 9:16
I think most people tend to fall into the careers that they are in, bu
72216028 Mar 21:52
by SonOfSpock
US chap shoots burglars [ 2 3 ] by jeera 28 Mar 17:06
Fair enough or over the top? They were masked-up, one wearing knuck
59142828 Mar 21:42
by Joey_Joe_Joe_Junior
Happy Article 50 Eve [ 2 3 ] by pickles110564 28 Mar 14:48
Not long now
54142728 Mar 21:42
by Kievthegreat
Mmmmmmmm. Late night cheese and onion sandwich [ 2 3 ] by Lord_Lucan 27 Mar 23:09
With a nice cup of tea pet.
57131628 Mar 21:26
by RoyKeanesDog
Line of duty.... by witchdoctor 28 Mar 9:46
watched on catch up....blimey 😳 there a better program on the
2157928 Mar 21:02
by hoofer
With a poor tv signal in ipswich by hoofer 28 Mar 18:30
I have given up on portable Ariels waste of time I was wondering if I
826528 Mar 20:51
by hoofer
Realistic protest idea? by callis 28 Mar 18:53
Just a thought really, but with all these tinpot suggestions to protes
2370228 Mar 20:44
by Budgycrusher
Well thank you very *&%£* much Amazon by sparks 28 Mar 18:33
Subscribed to Prime. Feel dirty but there are things on there we want
145828 Mar 20:43
by Libero
Anyone know about jeans styles for women? [ 2 ] by giant_ullaa 28 Mar 13:38
Mrs ullas needs some and its her birthday, so I'm getting her some, th
3780028 Mar 20:36
by Dubtractor
Lawrence almost certainly out, McGoldrick very doubtful by SouthPoleBlue 28 Mar 18:20
See EADT webchat today. Stuart Watson says Lawrence almost certainly o
1176328 Mar 20:28
by Libero
Frequent US Flyer Question? by Yaffle 28 Mar 20:10
I know there are a few of you on here. Just checked in online for tomo
More than 400 'former' Jihadi fighters are back in Blighty. [ 2 ] by Benters 28 Mar 5:49
Say security services they are calling them 'combat hardened soldiers'
35134828 Mar 19:51
Massive fail by the Daily Mail [ 2 3 ] by GlasgowBlue 28 Mar 8:53
53180128 Mar 19:04
by Archer4721
Silence is defeaning by Asa 28 Mar 9:20
I'm usually the sort of person who doesn't read too much into things b
25153928 Mar 19:01
by The_Romford_Blue
treatment plant issues by tractorboy54 28 Mar 18:53
hi--for various reasons I had to have a treatment plant(posh septic ta
Does anyone not think Evans is using us as some Tax purpose? [ 2 ] by hype313 28 Mar 10:46
If so, please elaborate as why he isn't.
38135528 Mar 18:47
by sparks
Championship Transfer Spend Last 5 Years by Smithy 28 Mar 12:36
22151728 Mar 18:45
by braveblue
"My goal is to build a more united UK" [ 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ] by Darth_Koont 27 Mar 17:16
Baby steps, Theresa. Baby steps. Let's first see if you can organi
176386828 Mar 18:20
by Jonnosdreadlocks
TV Show help by King_of_Portman_Rd 28 Mar 14:41
I was round the other halves family a few weeks ago and a show was abo
529428 Mar 18:14
by vilanovablue
I went on a late night blog rant about The D*ily M*il headline today [ 2 3 ] by callis 24 Mar 2:19
Considering it's very relevant to my work and there are so many facts
56231228 Mar 17:50
by Superfrans
Well with a heavy heart [ 2 ] by hoofer 27 Mar 15:16
I have today emailed the club and said I won't be renewing under the c
31236828 Mar 17:47
by hoofer
The joys of housing deregulation - Burnley or Barnet? by ElderGrizzly 27 Mar 23:57
16sqm of space for around £180k. Sadly people will buy them... htt
1654328 Mar 17:41
by RoyKeanesDog
Player Awards Evening Tickets on Sale by NewsTWTD 28 Mar 17:20
Here's a question for you all by JackSted 28 Mar 11:38
IF we ever got to Wembley whether is was in the League Cup, FA Cup, Pl
942528 Mar 16:49
by portmanroadblue
My insane thought of the day... do Evans/Milne see relegation as a positive? by TheBlueBarca 28 Mar 15:37
Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? But then I think back to what Milne sa
835428 Mar 16:26
by Guthrum
Rubbish stat I've seen today by C_HealyIsAPleasure 28 Mar 13:31
Ipswich are still the last 'Town' team to play in the English top divi
964228 Mar 16:23
by PJH
Is Milne by benno1uk 28 Mar 16:06
Related to AA Milne? Cos everything he writes is a load of Pooh.
MacGuinness by bluejake78 28 Mar 3:05
Maybe a 21 minute salute to the bas.....who killed these poor souls. B
1561128 Mar 15:50
by Ryorry

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