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Robinson Extends St Albans Loan by NewsTWTD 30 Mar 10:45
Buy Mühren and Thijssen Book Game Changers From TWTD by PhilTWTD 23 Feb 21:05
Copies of Game Changers, the new book about story of Blues legends Arn
19416117 Mar 15:37
by Lord_Lucan
Happy Article 50 Day [ 2 3 4 5 ] by pickles110564 29 Mar 9:09
At last all we have been waiting for. We are all now joined as one in
106314630 Mar 11:48
by Dolly2.0
burritogate..... [ 2 3 4 ] by witchdoctor 29 Mar 12:24
what happened there then?....I was looking forward to the other 582 re
80194430 Mar 11:47
by WeWereZombies
The Expanse- Netflix by sparks 29 Mar 23:04
I heard of it for the first time via a podcast on the way to work this
519830 Mar 11:46
by itfcinwales
And another thing - how about a Saturday only season ticket [ 2 ] by Dolly2.0 29 Mar 21:49
for fans living outside a certain radius? One of the main reasons I'm
40100830 Mar 11:44
by The_Romford_Blue
My proposed essay to Mr Milne [ 2 ] by Asa 22 Mar 10:09
I have not bothered to spell check / check punctuation yet and am happ
47257830 Mar 11:44
by Asa
Anyone seen this...? by Pendejo 30 Mar 11:20
37630 Mar 11:42
by hoppy
Has Ronaldo's bust been covered today? by Dubtractor 29 Mar 19:46
Incredible effort.
1442930 Mar 11:36
by hoppy
Seeing as BrewDog has copyrighted the word "Punk" by callis 29 Mar 23:12
My band has decided to change our name to BrewDog. https://www.fa
1859130 Mar 11:31
by WeWereZombies
Bacon in Hot Cross Buns by Fixed_It 30 Mar 10:07
This isn't a thing in Nordic states, or anywhere else for that matter
1224930 Mar 11:28
Cheese in Coffee by BLUEBEAT 30 Mar 9:55
Only just found out this is a major thing in Nordic states. Anyone
516430 Mar 11:16
by artsbossbeard
Last 8 games by ITFCBlue94 30 Mar 9:43
So 8 games left of this season.Honestly how many points do you think w
1847030 Mar 10:59
by Guthrum
Trump, Corbyn, Brexit, the Syrian migrant crisis by GlasgowBlue 30 Mar 10:10
All Ed Miliband's fault.
1124630 Mar 10:55
by BanksterDebtSlave
"Why are you late for school Tommy?" by PragmaticBlue 29 Mar 12:11
Well I got up on time, got dressed and then all my clothes fell off a
132030 Mar 10:51
by solemio
Sir Bobby Robson Dinner by 26_Paz 30 Mar 9:07
I assume the profits from the £72 a head they are asking for the dinn
415630 Mar 10:46
by 26_Paz
Felixstowe and Walton 6-0 Gorleston [ 2 ] by TractorCam 28 Mar 22:43
As someone who regularly attends matches in this league following Ipsw
30155230 Mar 10:43
by Blue_Order
Very sensible rallying call from Terry Hunt today. by PJH 30 Mar 9:07
It should not really be necessary because common sense should tell eve
1043130 Mar 10:42
by No9
Lord Heseltine: Brexit Britain relinquishes power by WeWereZombies 30 Mar 6:50 Sobering...
1340430 Mar 10:39
by No9
This just about sums up your average remainer!! [ 2 3 ] by BergholtBru 29 Mar 16:20 Rock on Tommy!!!
68222430 Mar 10:27
by No9
If Mick Stays..... by smellmycheese 30 Mar 10:27
Newcastle Tickets by poobum 30 Mar 10:01
Can anyone help me out with 4 tickets for Newcastle? Will shout you
316630 Mar 10:24
by SitfcB
Anyone posted Barney Ronay's piece on Zaha on here yet? by Steve_M 30 Mar 10:06
It is very good, dual nationality is a factor of the modern world and,
210830 Mar 10:20
by itfcjoe
Andy Burnham by No9 29 Mar 16:01
Delivered a strong speech under the 10 minute rule today. Unfortun
655130 Mar 10:11
by bluelagos
Supporters Trust statement [ 2 ] by itfcjoe 29 Mar 19:28
Hopefully it will be viewed as better late than never, but we are ther
37166430 Mar 10:11
by bluewein
Found out I've got to have another nose operation yesterday by The_Romford_Blue 30 Mar 6:11
5th of May. Third one since 2014. First thought was that I mis
1545030 Mar 10:05
by BlueLikeJazz
This £200k police bill by hype313 30 Mar 9:07
Presume it is arguing the toss of who pays for matchday policing? Have
323130 Mar 10:04
by PhilTWTD
I thought he'd not been on here quite so much recently... by hoppy 30 Mar 9:38
And he's obviously been very busy, but I'm sure we'd all wish him ever
215230 Mar 9:49
by hoppy
Sleaford mods by vapour_trail 29 Mar 22:08
Again. Just watching their 6 music set from Glasgow on the telly. T
1847830 Mar 9:29
by hoppy
Yes, but what to people REALLY think about Brexit? (n/t) [ 2 ] by chrisswailes 29 Mar 16:34
2772430 Mar 9:11
by No9
Season ticket renewal/non-renewal - Trust by itfcjoe 30 Mar 8:34
Hi all - would be really helpful if people could send a short explanat
433530 Mar 9:02
by Reuser_is_God
Anyone know about jeans styles for women? [ 2 3 4 ] by giant_ullaa 28 Mar 13:38
Mrs ullas needs some and its her birthday, so I'm getting her some, th
77214230 Mar 8:29
by Bluebell
Saturday Survival Guide by wkj 30 Mar 8:10
I realise I have been in the camp huffing and puffing about not gettin
312230 Mar 8:25
by BlueBadger
Searching for a new series to watch and found Person of Interest by Lord_Lucan 28 Mar 20:27
Any good?
826530 Mar 7:24
by DBaldy
The Dorking winger story - we're going to see loads of this on here over the by patrickswell 30 Mar 0:43
summer, aren't we? Especially if we go down. For every moment that
834730 Mar 6:45
by Benters
So now article 50 has been triggered by pistonbroke 29 Mar 22:10
Are we in recession yet ? How has the pound fared today
2156730 Mar 6:28
by BanksterDebtSlave
Is Milne usually in the fanzone by Manchesterblue 29 Mar 22:38
It's just that I'd like to delivery my letter outlining the reasons fo
435430 Mar 5:58
by Benters
Only Angels Have Wigs!!!! by ericclacton 29 Mar 20:58
1948829 Mar 23:49
by ericclacton
I have received a response by Asa 29 Mar 14:37
Not from Mr Milne, but from Edwina on his behalf, as anticipated. P
19166629 Mar 23:47
by Libero
Just read the membership spiel in the renewal pack by TractorWood 29 Mar 23:46
It says a silver member is entitled to one free ticket a season. Anyon

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