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Can anyone help please 20:55 - Mar 12 with 706 viewsWestover

When I try to make a call the call ends straight away I then get a text message that says in French we were able to follow up please type and a phone number, it must be a scam but how do I get rid of it?
I've turned my phone off and reset but it's the same, I can receive calls ok.any ideas please.😭
My phone is from when I lived in Ireland but I'm now in Portugal.

Can anyone help please on 06:47 - Mar 13 with 462 viewsfergalsharkey

You are out of luck on this site m8.
If you dare to say you dont live within 5miles of kesgrave they will label you either a liar or a freak.
Someone on here once went to France for the day and was asked if they have the same moon as us over there.
I did some crewing last year and rode a bike in Africa and was treated as though I had said the earth was a sphere and not flat after all!
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Can anyone help please on 07:13 - Mar 13 with 383 viewshoppy

I know it might be a bit of a strange suggestion, but have you tried your phone network provider? Presumably they have somewhere online you could contact?

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Can anyone help please on 07:14 - Mar 13 with 380 viewsNewcyBlue

C’est merde

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