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A report into maternity deaths was delayed until after the election
at 11:01 14 Dec 2019

I now don’t believe that the report would have made a jot of difference to most of the Tory voters...

What a disgrace.
3D Printed homes
at 12:15 13 Dec 2019

How cool is that?

What an absolute cunit
at 11:32 3 Dec 2019

How can somebody be so callous?!! I’m disgusted.

There are people agreeing with him. It’s just disgusting. There are no words.
The start of another Dry Docking
at 08:25 3 Dec 2019

We are double banked with a bulk carrier. That’s that we are tied up to her not to the shore.

Anyone got tickets for the C2C festival?
at 11:47 29 Nov 2019

I am going to drag MrsN along to the Glasgow weekend.

I figure it will help take our minds off the IVF that will have happened in February, we can get a nice hotel, go to some nice restaurants, and just have a weekend away to just have ourselves.

Who was it that was concerned about the sway of the unions?
at 18:06 25 Nov 2019

Mine have finally come back from the negotiations with a worse deal, and their advice is “that’s the best we can get”.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they also went in to DFS and came out having paid full price for a sofa in the sale.

Just off the coast of Shanghai
at 06:34 18 Nov 2019

Uncle Sam is offering 5 million dollars (said in my best Dr Evil voice) for any information relating to the seizure of goods heading to North Korea in contravention of UN sanctions.

I’ve been coming to this area for many years and that’s the first time I have heard that.

Seems like Trumpy Wumpy isn’t as big a fan of Gangnam Style as he said.
That was a day
at 18:07 1 Oct 2019

I went to the Maritime & Coastguard Agency today for my second attempt at my Orals exam for my next licence.

I had been in Glasgow for a month, studying harder than I have before.

I passed.

I can now be the Chief Officer of any Vessel in the world, or I can be the Captain of vessels less than 3000 gross tonnes.

The next step is to apply to do Orals to take the 3000GT limitation away and be Master unlimited.

The aim is for that to happen by the end of next year.

These are good days.
3D Printing
at 13:49 29 Aug 2019

Has anyone got any experience of using a 3D printing service, and/or, using 3D design tools?

I am wanting to make small models of the IALA Buoyage system, about 15 to 20 small models of buoys no larger than an inch tall really.

Anyone got any advice or know of a decent 3D printing service?

The TWTD Dyer Book
at 07:31 16 Aug 2019

Who wants it next?

It kept my mind off 2 rounds of IVF resulting in 2 miscarriages. It’s a special book. Or cursed.

The Sebby Diaries...
at 16:00 13 Jul 2019

The SW Monsoon and Captain Panic

Hey Seb,

I’m in the Indian Ocean. Westbound for Suez. It’s the SW Monsoon at the moment. Should mean it’s a quiet crossing. The SW Monsoon in the Indian Ocean is the wet monsoon. Plenty of rain, which wasn’t the best during the BBQ yesterday which lasted about 40 minutes. I probably shouldn’t have found it as amusing as I did.

The Asian Coast was mostly uneventful. Our Captain is known as Captain Panic. If panicking was a super power, that’s his. It’s infuriating, letting him take the conduct of the vessel and getting into situations that I could see happening and offered different options, which he rejected because.... I have no idea why.

As always, respect the rank, if not the man.

I have concerns about this ship, there are some issues on board that could probably be very big problems if they keep being neglected, certainly the watertight integrity of the vessel is not as it should be. It’s just a case of getting through the next 22 days without incident and getting home safely.

I have reported some issues, but have been told there is a budget. I worry that the life of my crew are on a different budget. One that is not as important.

The company are going through a bit of a change at the moment, which now means there is some job uncertainty.

This leave I am off to Glasgow, 4 weeks of Orals Prep and then an Orals exam. Another leave of stress, it’s not been much fun the last few leaves. Exams and other things have taken up far too much time and money.

I can only hope that it’s worth it.

I will be home soon, and our normal life will resume. Swimming. Football. The beach. The park. Trips out. Camping.

I think of all these things often, they get me through the days.

I’ll see you soon son.
With one eye on Easter....
at 21:03 5 Mar 2019

Evening all.

I got home Sunday afternoon. MrsN and Seb were at the airport to meet me. That never happens. Either of them. Both of them was a rare treat.

Monday evening MrsN and I popped along to the local food bank to volunteer. Something she has been doing whilst I am away, and not being one to shy away from a couple of hours of lifting and moving stuff around, I went along.

One of the vouchers that came through was for 1 adult and 1 child, 6 years old. That got me. Seb is 6 on Thursday.

MrsN has been buying something extra to take with her every time she goes shopping, even if it is just smart price or a non name brand.

If you’re going shopping and have a spare couple of quid, please buy something, most supermarkets have a collection trolley by the checkouts somewhere.

PS, an Easter egg would put one hell of smile on some kids face!

Hope you’re all well. Be good to each other TWTD.
A Sebby Diary
at 06:48 25 Jan 2019

Sometimes you just have to smile and get on with it...

Hey Seb,

It’s been a bit of a weird trip so far. My direct superior is a very aggressive and sometimes physically aggressive guy. He doesn’t respond to logic. He’s bullied the crew and the cadets. I stepped in, which may be detrimental to my promotion prospects.

There’s a line. It got crossed. The physical, mental, and emotional well-being of my crew is far too important to me.

I had some good news, I passed my Mates/Captains written exams. That means 2 oral exams and I will have my Captains licence. They were the hardest written exams I have ever taken, last leave I studied 12 hours a day almost every day. Hopefully you seeing me study hard left some sort impression on you and the rewards of hard work.

Last leave I started teaching you to swim. Your confidence grew each time, it was incredible to be part of. I can’t wait to carry on where we left off. You keep telling me that you miss it too.

I have about 6 weeks left on board. A Pacific Ocean crossing which will be quite sporty due to heavy weather. It’s been a round the world trip, Atlantic Ocean, through Suez, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, through Malacca and Singapore Straits, up the coast of China, calling at various ports, and soon to be across the Pacific and through the new Panama Canal. I’ll take a time lapse video of it to show you.

I hope I am home in time for your birthday Seb, I have been away for the last couple of them.

I will plan some special things for when I am home, and of course we will go to watch the football for some proper Father and Son time!

The internet on board has been non-existent at times. I can only apologise for not being able to talk so much. I love you and miss you more each day.
That’s it....
at 17:49 18 Sep 2018

Two half marathons done. In a week.

The Great East Run went amazingly well. Even with a sore ankle from the Great North Run.

Mile 8 was Freston Hill. I walked it. Oz was going to do the GER with me, after signing up he told me he would love me and hate me in equal measures. So this one was for you mate. I wish I had thought of asking Lisa for your Race Number and timing chip to wear as well as mine.

Very pleased with my time. Thank you all for your donations. The MS Society is a charity dear to me, and hopefully they will be providing support to Mrs Beattie too.

Yesterday I also went to Oz’s day at the Forum in Norwich. I was extremely pleased to see that Lisa has wonderful caring people around her. Learning more about the work Oz did was a humbling experience. An amazing bloke that I had the privilege to call a friend.

Lisa will be getting a voucher for a Brick in the ITFC wall soon.

Hopefully we’ll be able to see an Oz Osbourne brick in the wall when Lisa decides on the wording.

GlasgowBlue mentioned doing something together for Oz in the New Year / next time I home on leave. I am sure a few more TWTDers could be convinced too.

All the best TWTD. Be good to each other.

That was genuinely surprising
at 13:13 16 Sep 2018

GNR 2:53:13
GER 2:35:47

No idea how that happened.
at 09:45 16 Sep 2018
Just saw something shocking
at 09:03 16 Sep 2018

Guy in a Norwich shirt walking around on the practice pitch, I was overcome with the urge to run over and rugby tackle him and rip it off.
Speaking of gutless performances
at 22:19 15 Sep 2018

I’m doing the Great East Run tomorrow.

If you’re not busy, come along and shout my name out (probably best only at me or anyone else named Ken otherwise people might get confused).

Or be at the finish line and I’ll buy the beers.

2 half marathons in 7 days is one of my most stupid ideas since I said “I do”.

Be good to each other TWTD
Hull Away
at 10:19 11 Sep 2018

MrsNewcy has decided to stay up North this weekend instead of coming down for the GER.

Which now means I could do Hull on my way down.

I was planning on an earlier trip down and settle in to the hote and relax before the run.

But I am so tempted by the Hull match.

So tempted.

Do I do it TWTD?
Well that’s odd....
at 10:06 10 Sep 2018

I don’t really know how I felt yesterday. First proper run on land and it was the Great North Run.

Probably quite a stupid thing to do all things considered. Legs were a little stiff last night, but nothing outrageously sore. The sunburn was the thing that was hurting the most.

This morning, however, left ankle when walking down the stair. Bit of pain on impact with each step.

On to the run:

I told myself I was pacing myself, 12 minutes per mile was my plan for the whole of the run.

5k came in at 34 minutes 37 seconds (including stopping for a wee)
10k came in at 1 hour 12 mins 50 secs
15k was 1 Hour 54 mins 26 secs

Pacing myself would have meant
5k about 37 mins
10k about 74 mins
15k about 113 mins

It was between 15k and the end that seemed to have seen a deterioration, maybe it was the disappointment of not seeing Sebby where his Mum said he would be (which turned out to be a problem with the live track with my Garmin), or maybe that was just when I hit the wall.

Was it the additional effort early on of being slightly ahead that caused my deterioration? Was it running on an empty stomach? I don’t enjoy eating before big runs like that. Maybe some porridge would have helped with energy levels during the run?

Considering I’ve only done treadmill running in the lead up to the GNR, I think I can be quite pleased. Especially with the first 15k.

Thanks to everyone that has donated, I hope if you get the chance to come to the Great East Run on Sunday that you do. I’ll happily get the beers in at the end of the run too!

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