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A brilliant story about blowing a whale up
at 20:21 6 Apr 2020

Had an email from the company
at 19:58 4 Apr 2020

Crew change suspended now until 12th May.

They’re doing some little bits for crew on board.

Some of them will be on board in excess of 10-11 months. Their families will be suffering.

Some of the crew don’t get paid when they are at home and should have joined in March and couldn’t. They too will be suffering.

The crew on board the ships aren’t allowed to go ashore.

There is no respite. It’s a floating prison. Keeping the world going.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
Whilst everyone argues over the government models
at 12:53 1 Apr 2020

Models that were discarded weeks ago because they became defunct due to newer, more accurate data.

School children near you are in need of meals.

Any chances of those who think posting on a football forum is holding the government to account can post about this? It’d be good to get the government’s attention...

What’s your favourite new forum feature?
at 21:24 29 Mar 2020

N to the T
Fan has stopped working on the oven.
at 15:24 29 Mar 2020

I’ll have a stab at taking it apart tomorrow and seeing if I can fix it. How hard can it be?!
Northumbria Police have given an update
at 09:40 28 Mar 2020

Regarding their efforts during the forthcoming weeks.

🗣 Here is an update on how we will enforce the new Coronavirus restrictions 👇

Our position will be to ‘engage’ and ‘encourage’ you to follow stay-at-home restrictions – but where necessary will take firmer action.

Government legislation was passed this week that granted police new powers to enforce the restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and save lives.

It means we now have the power to issue £60 fines to individuals who ignore the request to stay at home and avoid non-essential travel.

The new measures have been put in place to protect the NHS and save lives and we want you to know we will use the powers when necessary and appropriate.

Assistant Chief Constable Helen McMillan has today underlined how we will look to ‘engage’ and ‘encourage’ you to follow guidance, with ‘enforcement’ a last resort.

She said: “We pride ourselves on the fantastic relationships we have formed in our community and now more than ever we need you to work with us.

“These are unprecedented times and we need a unified approach to prevent the spread of the virus so we can protect the NHS and ultimately save people’s lives.

“We know people have a lot of questions about these new restrictions but the message from Government is a simple one – please stay at home.

“Too many people are continuing to ignore the measures put in place to keep us all safe and that is why we have been granted powers to enforce them.

“Our policy will always be one of engaging and encouraging people to follow the restrictions and we resolve issues every single day by talking to members of the public.

“There may be some cases where you need to leave the house for essential travel and our officers will show common sense when engaging with the public.

“However, if people put lives at risk by refusing to comply with our instruction then we will enforce this legislation - we believe that is something you would expect of us.”

You have been contacting us in recent days to ask a number of questions about the new restrictions and how they will be enforced.

We won’t be holding regular traffic stops or conducting roadblocks – but if during the course of patrols we become aware of someone making a non-essential journey, they will be asked to return home.

We will also be checking areas which would normally attract visitors to ensure people are abiding by the restrictions and also leaving notices on cars to remind the public of restrictions.

Assistant Chief Constable McMillan added: “The most frequently asked question we have had is whether you can drive somewhere to exercise or walk your dog.

“Under the new legislation this is not considered to be essential travel and we will ask people to return home. Anyone who refuses does face being issued with a fine.

“Exercise should take place around the immediate area of where you live so we can all help mitigate against the spread of the infection. People should not be travelling away from their home to carry this out.

“We have had large crowds of people at our coastal areas in recent days and that is not helpful and could ultimately be putting lives at risk.

“This is a national health emergency and a walk at the beach is not worth risking lives. We all need to work together to help protect the NHS and keep each other safe.”

The new legislation passed this week gives officers the power to issue a fixed penalty notice of £60, which will be lowered to £30 if paid within 14 days.

A fixed penalty notice of £120 will be issued to second time offenders, doubling on each further repeat offence.

Individuals who do not pay a fixed penalty notice under the regulations could be taken to court, with magistrates able to impose unlimited fines.

If an individual continues to refuse to comply, they will be acting unlawfully, and the police may arrest them where deemed proportionate and necessary.

Further information about the restrictions, including a list of key workers and what is considered essential travel, can be found at

We would again ask that you don't call 101 to ask about the restrictions, or potential punishments, as we will not be able to provide any further detail than what is available on that website.

Anyone who needs to speak to police is asked to only do this online by searching ‘Northumbria Police – Report an Incident’ or ‘Northumbria Police – Tell Us Something’ online.

Always dial 999 in an emergency.
[Post edited 28 Mar 9:41]
Trapped at sea
at 07:18 27 Mar 2020

I was very fortunate to have gotten off just before Singapore shut to seafarers. When I say very fortunate, I mean it. It was hours. Our ports are still accepting ships. Ships with anything up to 12 different nationalities on board.

“ When Capt. Nilesh Gandhi’s oil tanker docked in coronavirus-ravaged China early last month, he understood that he would not be able to disembark and fly home as planned. He would have to keep working, at least until Singapore.

But when he arrived there, Singapore had prohibited all crew changes. And when he docks in Sri Lanka next week, the government there will ban him from getting off the ship. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, his next two stops, forbid crew members from leaving, as well.

He is not alone. An estimated 150,000 crew members with expired work contracts have been forced into continued labor aboard commercial ships worldwide to meet the demands of governments that have closed their borders and yet still want fuel, food and supplies.”
Anyone seen the advert Biden put out?
at 08:35 26 Mar 2020

It’s going to be a long road for them over the pond.
at 13:15 25 Mar 2020

So..... what have we all got? How well prepared are we?

In October I was looking at battery storage systems for our solar panels. I think I will probably install a system this year.

We have solar panels, we also have a wood burner in the lounge.

I normally have some cyalume sticks kicking around in case of a blackout. I’ve got my hexamine burner from when I was living in my car and used that to boil up hot water for washing and shaving, cooking, etc.

We have alarms on both entrances to the house, just because I always like to have a bit of warning.

I don’t envisage a situation where I will need to worry about having to use any of the above in an emergency. The solar panels feed into the grid, and we’ve got a decent tariff coming in from them.

We watched a preppers documentary and some of them were utterly mental!
My daily exercise
at 21:07 23 Mar 2020

Will be a bike ride over to Seb’s mums house. Knock on the door and keep well away and talk to him.
I’m supposed to be doing some homemade soup...
at 16:44 22 Mar 2020

But whilst it simmers away, here is an interesting article from the NY times about the outbreak of Covid-19
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s twitter amuses me
at 07:45 21 Mar 2020

“Put that cookie down!”

Those animals....

Some important messages for people in there though.
In today’s briefing
at 17:45 19 Mar 2020

BoJo has said a couple of times that he wants businesses to stand by their employees because the government will “stand by businesses”....

He also said that they aim to look after the people most effected by the financial issues of this better than the people were looked after post 2008 financial crash.

Otherwise, he said a lot without saying much. Lots of bluster about testing, even suggesting they could test up to 250000 per day.
Here’s some good
at 23:02 18 Mar 2020

Damned good food there too. I’ve offered to drop food off for the elderly if they need me to.
at 09:00 17 Mar 2020

How about organising some TWTD online gaming?

I’ve got an Xbox One and a Laptop with Football Manager on it.

For the Xbox one I have some shooting games and Fifa.

What do we all have? Anyone fancy a game or something?
Covid and NSAIDs
at 20:56 16 Mar 2020

MrsN was aware of this via the hospital she works at.
We've got the hearing dogs puppy staying
at 19:23 14 Mar 2020

He’s back with us tonight.

Learning more hand signals. Teething at the moment so he’s a bit nippy.

I think we all need a bit of cheering up - Friday Music Thread
at 11:04 13 Mar 2020

A song that puts a smile on your face...

Seb used to belt this out in the car. He loves it. Whenever I hear it I always smile.
The club really do some good stuff
at 13:25 8 Mar 2020

Had a letter for Seb’s birthday.

Junior blues who turn 7 in March get some free tickets and and a goody bag for the Southend match on 4th April.

Sounds good. Start of Easter holidays too.

Unfortunately, we had mentioned the National Space Centre previously and he would still prefer that.

The club really are doing some good stuff though, 8 kids tickets and 2 adult tickets. Goody bags for all the kids.
Sod the football
at 19:19 7 Mar 2020

Today is Seb’s birthday.

MrsN and I went down to the Jaguar factory yesterday and were at the Jaguar Breakfast Club this morning. Then got back up home for Seb’s birthday party at his Mam’s house. Now we are watching a movie before bed.

Seb is looking forward to riding his new bike tomorrow morning.... I won’t be able to run after him as I have pinched the meniscus in my knee, which is giving me bother.

So if he falls, he will have to do it near me or man up.

Anyway, he’s shattered, so are we.
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