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It’s the weathers fault says Reek-Smug
at 10:20 27 Jun 2020

“ Even things as simple as the weather may have influenced how the virus has spread, and so may the practices of individual cultures and societies.”

When he says the practices of individual cultures and societies do you think he means the white folk getting boozed up “protecting statues”, or, do you think he just doesn’t like brown people?
Tomorrow I finally join ship
at 17:19 14 Jun 2020

I've been in Spain since Monday, had a covid swab of the back of my throat via my nose. One of my bags got lost on the way to Spain and is still yet to get to me. It seems the lost luggage department at Malaga Airport just aren't working at the moment.

So on to tomorrow.

We are having a meeting in the hotel lobby at 0230LT tomorrow morning, with our Captain. After this meeting we have to go to immigration. There's 18 of us.

After immigration, we have to wait. There is nowhere for us to wait, so we have to wait outside. We have to wait until the process of actually buying the ship is completed, only then will we be able to go and set foot on the ship.

This is likely to be around 0600-0800hrs LT.

Whoever thought being a seafarer would be a good idea?!
Days go by - The Sebby Diaries
at 12:00 7 Jun 2020

That’s another leave done. I’ve been home longer this time. It’s been a strange one. You will remember the Coronavirus that gave us the lockdown in 2020. It kept me home for longer. It kept us from doing the things we enjoy, swimming, cinema, eating out, etc.

We found new ways to enjoy being together. Cycling was one. It’s been fun helping you learn to ride, gain confidence, and to ride with you. Your confidence grew in many other areas. We’ve been cooking together, which you have absolutely loved. We also did school work together.

You’re excited for your brother or your sister coming, you say you think it’s a brother. What we didn’t tell you was you’ll have two siblings. We won’t be finding out if they are boys or girls until they are born. Another little surprise.

I’m going to be going from Spain to West Africa this time. It means African pirates will be a hazard once more. Otherwise it will be the same routine for me. Work sleep eat repeat. We’ve been told if we need medication, to take an additional 3 months worth. Just in case.

I’m packing now, I always seem to leave it to the last minute. It’s not a task I enjoy, or am particularly good at. I like my home comforts, so I take with me the washing tablets we use at home (which helps keep things smelling like home), I bring some supplements with me because the food on board is usually pretty terrible.

I also take my own protective equipment with me, mainly a good pair of safety boots and a couple of pairs of proper leather riggers gloves. The PPE we have on board is substandard. The company have been told, but they don’t really care. It all comes down to budget.

I am due home in October. I hope that we can do normal things like swimming when I am home.

Obviously the twins will come too. It’s going to be wonderful that our family grows, you can be sure that I will always make time for just us. Doing our stuff.

I sometimes worry about the age gap there will be, but I know that MrsN and I will be able to guide you through and help you grow.

I guess every parent feels nervous when they’re expecting another child. I’ll always be there for you to talk to.

MrsN woke me up just after 0530. She was crying. She’s not looking forward to me going. I’m surprised too, she hates my snoring. This is the worst bit about going. The build up. The anticipation. The knowing it’s approaching quicker and quicker.

On that note, I’ll see you soon.

I love you son.
Rather annoying sound coming from the bathroom
at 21:08 4 Jun 2020

Water trickling from the cistern into the bowl. 2030hrs is a great time to decide to take stuff apart that I’ve never taken apart before.

MrsN is rather fond of a toilet block. Plenty of sediment in the cistern. Pulled the flush valve out and cleaned the rubber seal. Seems to have done the trick.

I think she’s going to have to stop using toilet blocks.

Another little thing fixed before I leave on Monday. Checked the ships schedule earlier. It’s changed. I am going to be away longer.

MrsN: “I hope you’re going to be home for the twins”
Me: “They’re due on 4th November”
MrsN: “(a percentage she told me but I have forgotten) of twins come early. Anything past 32 weeks and that’s good. But I want to be able to plan when I am having an induction”
Me “.....”

I’ve now got the fan on in the bedroom and am unpopular for that but have brownie points for fixing the bog.
British Sign Language
at 09:34 3 Jun 2020

Does anyone here sign?

It’s a form of communication that has proven to work well with babies, and Makaton is what Mr Tumble uses. Which is most common for teaching babies.

We are keen to learn.

Has anyone got any tips? I’ve got a workbook and DVD to take to the ship with me.
Walk with us
at 08:00 1 Jun 2020

This is what people need more of.
[Post edited 1 Jun 8:01]
They’re just completely disregarding the SAGE advice now
at 15:57 22 May 2020

The reopening of schools for reception, year 1, and year 6 was not a scenario given.
No 10 u turn.
at 16:43 21 May 2020

Migrant care workers no longer need to pay the migrant NHS surcharge.
Immigration bill
at 19:44 19 May 2020

The immigration bill being brought back is nothing but a disgrace.

Priti Patel is a deplorable human being.
Is there anything better than cheese on toast?
at 19:23 17 May 2020

Homemade bread.
Nice crumbly extra mature cheddar
A more than generous pinch of black pepper

Unfortunately I had run out of lea and perrins.
But we will still clap for you!
at 08:27 16 May 2020

She’s an absolute cunit. I am utterly disgusted by this.
Robots patrolling parks in Singapore
at 13:36 10 May 2020

I see Stokie also posted this.

[Post edited 10 May 13:42]
I’m assuming this is a forum poster...
at 20:01 9 May 2020

So, which of the season ending votes do we think will win?
at 19:14 9 May 2020

So, which of the season ending votes do we think will win?

Your Vote:

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Still I cannot get out to work, and my crew cannot get home
at 11:19 9 May 2020

You know that phone, tablet, or laptop, you’re reading the forum on? My seafaring brethren brought it here.

Those apples you’re eating from Spain, we brought them over in Reefer containers. We changed humidity and CO2 settings so that when you bought them at a supermarket they were fresh as the day they were picked.

Your clothes made all over the world came via ships.

Imagine being stuck on a ship, working 7 days a week, up to 14 hours a day, people keeping it moving safely 24 hours a day, with limited internet, unable to get home, and not knowing when you will get home.

Seafarers are keeping the world moving at the moment, we need to get the seafarers moving.
What’s the point in the inquest?
at 18:23 29 Apr 2020

This is absolutely shameful. I bet the midwives looking after BoJo’s latest creation had a plentiful supply of PPE...
I feel that some good news is needed.
at 19:47 17 Apr 2020

There was a thread that descended into my mental anguish about the trials and tribulations of IVF.

We’ve had our third round of IVF. During the second round, a frozen transfer, I was at sea. The subsequent miscarriage happened whilst I was going across the ocean. I had a commentary of said miscarriage over WhatsApp.

MrsN is now 12 weeks pregnant. We have told Seb today. When his Mum called him to say goodnight he said “I’ve got some news for you, I’m going to be a brother”.

I had already told the ex wife, not long before admittedly.

Anyway, Seb is excited, MrsN is suffering the usually pregnancy symptoms, plus the extra anxiety of miscarriages, being a midwife she has an in-depth knowledge of what can go wrong, and what has gone wrong with the previous attempts.

So, stressful. But, I am just putting my big boy pants on and carrying on. MrsN wants something, she gets it, I’m doing my dad stuff with Seb and keeping him active physically, and mentally with some schoolwork, and I am doing everything I can to prepare for what’s ahead.

We disagree on baby names. But otherwise MrsN is a wonderful step mother to Seb, and she’s going to be a wonderful mother to ours.

MrsN over analyses what happens. She’s previously said about the last IVF attempts “if only I had spoke up and said I wanted this way”... it just so happens to be the way that it went this time. We went in with the attitude of “we are paying, MrsN is a midwife and knows what she’s talking about, we want it this way”.

It worked. One of them is showing a bit smaller than other. Which is worrying MrsN. She’s convinced she will lose one. I, however, am going with the mindless optimism approach of everything is going to be alright. She’s been checking the measurements, checked the placentas at scans, she has been analysing from every angle.

Twins. This is going to be fun.

MrsN’s mother has said it must come from my side of the family. We haven’t told her about the IVF.

Whatever any of you are going through right now, there is always hope. If anyone needs an ear to vent to, or whatever.

I’m here.
“What do you want to do today?”
at 09:25 17 Apr 2020

Is a question I ask every morning. It’s not going down well.
Since we are all out running
at 07:50 9 Apr 2020

And cycling outside more...

Has anyone signed up for or completed a virtual challenge?
A brilliant story about blowing a whale up
at 20:21 6 Apr 2020

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