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Are you a manufacturer? 23:32 - Mar 15 with 1013 viewsWestStanderLaLaLa

In light of our PM reportedly asking JCB if they can help make ventilators, 2 questions please

1) what chance JCB can achieve this
2) could your company switch and make them (what do you currently make)


Are you a manufacturer? on 00:48 - Mar 16 with 923 viewsmonytowbray

Money would say no to the latter question unless you were already loosely in that industry. Staff need to retrain. Work stations and production lines that are optimised for specific things would need swapping. This is from my younger years working in factories as a temp post-uni when the first recession hit. I’d be amazed if much has changed.

Factories plan and prep for new products a lot. There are modelling and test requirements to ensure what is being produced meets spec. I’d guess that needs a lot of trial and error. Manufacturing is a long process and not a flick of a switch. I’d expect the only people that could churn out enough in time would already make them or extremely close to.

As for 1, no idea.

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Are you a manufacturer? on 01:08 - Mar 16 with 924 viewsKievthegreat

Speaking as an engineer rather than a manufacturer. A company like JCB, Rolls-Royce, and actually a lot of their suppliers could help. Thing is how much are you asking each company to do and what timescales you looking at? I mean if it was a case that you can source the extra parts from existing suppliers and just need assembly that should be easy providing they have the spare resource (or can be convinced to make spare resource).

If you need them to build everything from scratch the timeline could push out depending on the complexity and if there is even one component that is difficult to source, or needs then all the willpower in the world can't help you. Thing is a lot of large scale manufacturing processes have highly specialised equipment that is ill suited to rapidly change to a new process and in some cases is impossible. The one thing they do have a is a large highly skilled workforce. Having been to Car factories when I worked in the Automotive industry, nothing in there is suited to the manufacture of ventilators except the workers because it's just an assembly line.

I mean one thing to consider (and I'm sure is being) is whether a temporary simplified design can be sought. Googling ventilators it's all well and good having fancy looking units and nice touchscreens with readouts, etc... but if you need volume urgently I don't see any reason you can't have what amounts to a small electric pump, some valves and some dials to control airflow speed and volume. If you can make a quick and dirty design that uses existing, readily available parts that would be the ideal.

**WARNING - I have no experience in ventilators specifically or medical equipment in general. I'm aware that ventilators are more than just a simple pump for a reason, but I'd be asking the question could a quick fix work for 80% of the demand while the 'proper' units are reserved for the most acute or needy cases.

Are you a manufacturer? on 06:46 - Mar 16 with 781 viewsBanksterDebtSlave

3) What took them so long?

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Are you a manufacturer? on 07:02 - Mar 16 with 759 viewsBlueBadger

Ventilator machine production push seem positive.... by BlueBadger 15 Mar 10:08
It's no good panic-buying ventilators if you don't have enough trained people to look after those requiring ventilation. Training someone to effectively, confidently and safely use a ventilator unsupervised is a good six months in the making.

Added to this, critical care nursing is notoriously and by neccessity, labour-intensive. Best practice is that anyone who is ventilated should be one-to-one nursed. Nursing recruitment both domestically and overseas has been dropping steadily since 2016 thanks to the spectacularly dim-witted and short sighted government polices of removal of student nurse bursaries and Brexit.

It's also worth considering that the UK has nearly half the per-capita capacity of critical care beds than Italy does.

Physical space is another issue as well, the critical care unit at [redacted] hospital has space for 11 beds, but only 8 of those have enough room for a full ITU setup of ventilator, fluid and infusion pumps, dialysis machine, monitoring, etc, etc.

Stocks and supplies is another - ventilation isn't just about the machines - there's a lot of consumables associated with ventilators - tubing, filters and additional monitoring kit.

Added to this, despite the weasel words in the Mail yesterday, subjecting the 'most frail' to mechanical ventilation is invariably cruel, futile and undignified.

'More ventilators' isn't the answer, decent prevention, infection control and prompt, appropriate first-line treatment is.

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Are you a manufacturer? on 07:05 - Mar 16 with 751 viewsDeano69

Surely they would need to be made (or at least finished) in sterile conditions. Not many have those sort of facilities I suspect.

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Are you a manufacturer? on 08:00 - Mar 16 with 639 viewsTractorWood

The Government are just bumbling their way through this. It would be funny if it wasn't so absolutely reckless.

Someone in government has literally asked a digger maker if they can just start making ventilators.

I know that was then, but it could be again..
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Are you a manufacturer? on 09:18 - Mar 16 with 592 viewsNo9

Don't JCB now make most of their stuff in India?

Are you a manufacturer? on 09:31 - Mar 16 with 580 viewshampstead_blue

This was covered on Today.

The chap mentioned that the UK has a strong contract manufacturing industry and if required we could lean in and make ventilators.

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