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Cardboard cutout fans... 01:16 - Aug 9 with 1100 viewsstonojnr

hey everyone always goes on about plastic footbal fans, but in these times of Covid, and the chances of fans being let back in to grounds isnt likely for a while though games are likely to be played anyway

why dont we adopt in the UK for football what theyve been doing in MLB,, not the creepy computer generated fans they tried in the first games, but like they are doing now with cardboard cutouts of fans photos, though Ive read they are charging $299 dollars for it at some teams which seems to be extracting the michael and missing the point, though it varies considerably between teams ... but maybe season ticket holders could get given one instead of refunds for missed games and just send the club a photo of their choice and they produce this cardboard cutout for your seat and it fills the ground with these oversized face cutouts, which does IMO make it look like the fans are still involved in some way.

I know, it will rain the first game and theyll all melt or it will be considered a fire hazard, or some rule will stop it,even F1 has that video wall fans can appear on. but its something to ponder perhaps :)
Cardboard cutout fans... on 01:20 - Aug 9 with 1084 viewsSpruceMoose

Or we could just be like the Washington Nationals and plaster 'Delta Airlines' over every seat and hope they cough up!

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Cardboard cutout fans... on 02:26 - Aug 9 with 1041 viewsbournemouthblue

They've been doing it in Germany and some of the English clubs also

A lot of the money is being donated to charity and you get your cut out back when the fans are eventually allowed to return

It seems like a good idea to me

Alcohol is the answer but I can't remember the question!
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Cardboard cutout fans... on 05:58 - Aug 9 with 989 viewsYallop

Not sure about this. Think I'll stick with my club shop voucher rather than a super sized photo of myself.

I haven't aged well.
Cardboard cutout fans... on 07:41 - Aug 9 with 941 viewsSitfcB

A lot of English clubs have been doing this from the start so... 🤷🏻‍♂️

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