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Town's salaries 10:58 - May 2 with 1370 viewsWacko


Our annual payroll about 20% that of Leicester's

Apols if already posted

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Town's salaries on 11:02 - May 2 with 1279 viewsPhilTWTD

Almost certainly came from someone's imagination.
Town's salaries on 11:05 - May 2 with 1227 viewsmutters

Interesting but there are some questionable amounts there.

For example, Broadhead on 3k per week? He cost £1.5M to buy, so his base wage is going to be a lot higher than that, especially with Hirst on £17k per week and he costs the same.

Did we (or are we) paying all of Williams wages? Seems bonkers if we are, considering how much more he could cost versus the other squad members.

I would have thought Moore would have been on a lot more than £750k per year

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Town's salaries on 11:09 - May 2 with 1187 viewsMatt_Netherlands

For £3k a week, I’d buy Broadhead to have a kick about in the garden with! Bargain!
Town's salaries on 11:13 - May 2 with 1160 viewsHighgateBlue

Brandon Williams, £65,000 per week, "gross" (appropriate).

Status: "reserve". Like a Rioja Reserva, which under Spanish wine rules has to be put away for three years in order that it can mature before anything can be done with it.

The bigger and more mature point is of course that Ashton et al have worked wonders to get the right bods through the door (in the vast majority of cases), and Kieran has worked wonders with good resources, but resources that should never be able to touch the likes of Leicester or Leeds. An incredible achievement, even if we fluff our lines on Saturday, which we won't.
Town's salaries on 11:14 - May 2 with 1150 viewsPinewoodblue

Would have thought it was somewhere between £18/20m still a third of the Leicester figure.

Hope they are all on a good promotion bonus, well deserved assuming………. Bonuses presumably don’t count as far as allowed losses go.

2023 year of destiny
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Town's salaries on 11:18 - May 2 with 1121 viewsBlueNomad

I had a chuckle looking at Norwich salaries. Looking at Man City's made me queasy!
Town's salaries on 15:12 - May 2 with 731 viewsAlberto_the_frog

Only two even have a ticket in the column claiming they've 'verified' them
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