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Murphy to Consider Future Over Summer
Murphy to Consider Future Over Summer
Tuesday, 13th Apr 2010 11:23

On-loan striker Daryl Murphy says he will consider his future over the summer once he has ended his loan spell with the Blues. The Republic of Ireland international has scored six goals in 16 games since joining Town on loan from Sunderland at the end of January.

The 27-year-old told the club site: "I've enjoyed it here, I've scored a few goals - should have scored a few more - and played in every game.

"I'll go back to Sunderland at the end of the season and have a holiday, meet up with family and friends and think about the future from there."

Murphy, who has previously said he would be interested in staying at Portman Road, is contracted to the Black Cats until 2012 and manager Roy Keane recently admitted that wages would be the big issue if the Blues were to decide to make Murphy a permanent signing in the summer. Town’s top wage is understood to be around the £12,000-a-week mark, while the striker is believed to be on double that at Sunderland.

Black Cats boss Steve Bruce has said that he would be willing to talk to Town about permanent deals regarding Murphy and fellow loanee David Healy.

Murphy says he feels that Town have the potential to have a much better 2010/11: "I obviously wasn't here at the start of the season when the club went 15 games or so without a win, but I'd say Ipswich is definitely going in the right direction now.

"There is the nucleus of a very good team here and the club is in a position to kick on and move forward next season.

"We have three games left and it's important to finish the season strongly and then push on from there."

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wisebluey added 11:31 - Apr 13
stay for gods sake !

KembleBlue added 11:35 - Apr 13
it is sad isnt it.. he'll go home, have a holiday, meet up with the lads, then consider hsi future.. ive been fortunate through the recession but rest assured when i thoguht my future was not secure i wnet straight out to the job market and moved.. but no, if you're a footballer you can still live in a fantasy world and take a holiday before considering whether you want to work for £10k a week, or sit on your arse twiddling your thumbs rotting away playing reserve football with people half your age..

Edwards royally pissed me off with his attitude too.. who can honestly say a) they would have the cheek to, or b) get away with telling their boss, the rest of their team and stake/shareholders that frankly, youve enjoyed the salary but its all been pretty half arsed and maybe put in 40% effort, but, you know.. next year i might try abit harder..

anyway, ST purchased, looking forward to next season since im now aware that the players are actually gonna try!

superblueflude added 11:36 - Apr 13
His attitude has changed, i swear about 2 months agao he said i want to stay and no its, i'll think about my future

floridaboy added 11:41 - Apr 13
Surely we can do better than Murphy. There must be good strikers out there who score on a regular basis who we can get for £10k a week. Jackson at Gillingham, Painter at Swindon to name two. Both have better scoring records then Murphy.

By his comments I assume that Keane has said thanks but no thanks

Should be an interesting summer at Portman Road

southernblue added 11:42 - Apr 13
If all he's worried about is the money then he can stay in Sunderland for all I care.

superblueflude added 11:42 - Apr 13
I think your right Florida - as i said he said he wanted to stay not so long ago but now he's changed his mind.

I think it will be Priskin and Wickham up top with 2 other signings as well as back up.

tractorboybig added 11:43 - Apr 13
If he is ambitious then he will want premiership football or a team in the championship that will be sucessful.
He is having second thoughts at staying here. Has he seen the light?

superblueflude added 11:44 - Apr 13
Tractor - he's seen that Keane isn't going to pay the wages he's getting now!

RetroBlue added 11:49 - Apr 13
Bye bye Murphy - not reallyfussed if you saty ,you're no better than Stead ,a nd you cost a hell of lot more in wages . Plus Id say you're slow , and lazy !

KembleBlue added 11:49 - Apr 13
I'd have thought he will be like every other cast-off we've got on loan and given a chance to prove themselves - thinks he's hit the big time again and can do better (= earn more) elsewhere.. Fuller (okay, he has done very well elsewhere!!) and old Glass Legs Jeffers to name a few of last couple of seasons..

superblueflude added 11:53 - Apr 13
True Balham

I really want Priskin to stay and prove why we bought him and show us what he did at Watford, and to make sure Wickham realises his potential next season.
Maybe bring in two youngsters or experience players - Phillips? Beattie? just for back up

hadleighboyblue added 11:55 - Apr 13
not over impressed with his effort or commitment .....please don't offer him big money , he's not worth it and we can get better for a lot less

muhrensleftfoot added 12:01 - Apr 13
He's done OK, but not too excited whether he stays or goes. I don't think he's a natural 20 goal a season man & therefore at £24k a wek, let him stay in Sunderland reserves.

KembleBlue added 12:03 - Apr 13
Bring back the Beat!

oh James.. sure..

Yes said to my dad the other day when Phillips banged in another goal, Brom (was it?!?) were crazy to let him go, proven goalscorer..

PimsNumber1 added 12:03 - Apr 13
wont miss Murphy. looks slow lazy and one footed and for 24k no thanks

10 k maybe , take it or leave it.

He wont find a PL team as he isnt good enough. Healy can go back aswell.
Scored a few tap ins which most strikers would have put away , and missed some sitters aswell. Could get austin paynter and jackson in for less than 20k a week the lot.
They are not proven at this level but surely one will make it.
i think wickham can offer just as bmuch as murphy and by next season he will be 4 months older which is alot when you are just 17

Colback should be borrowed or bought even though he is similar to norris and leadbitter, but he does get forward more .

murphy has gone right off the boil the last 4 weeks , same as rosenior ( more than 4 weeks ) , i wonder why ?

Lightningboy added 12:05 - Apr 13
Scored most of his 6 goals in his first few games..not done much in the last 10 or so...never worth 24k a week...still think Healey's the more natural goalscorer of the 2 - if he was given a long run in the team that is...but that's never going to happen under keane.

MACKEMYANK added 12:14 - Apr 13
Please no !!! Make him and Healy stay at Ipswich !!!! (no offence) Glad Colback is coming back though

8ashblue added 12:23 - Apr 13
when i saw him at Ipswich Golf Day he didnt sound as though he was staying. If his family are up north he'll try elsewhere or stay at Sunderland until his contract is up. Healy would stay if RK offerred him a deal as he's more realistic (older) otherwise i can see him dropping down to div 1 and doing well.
i'm still not convinced that Colbeck ahs future at Sunderland as they have better players and will look to buy in order to stay up next season. Maybe he has to go back in order to return later in summer! RK must have seen enough players to have gota good idea who will take us to top of division. We just have to hope that he's more successful in the transfer market this summer!

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 12:38 - Apr 13
We should really have a settled team pretty much in place by now, and one that doesn't rely too much on loan players. Instead, it looks like another summer of re-building and uncertainty. At least this will maintain the fans' interest, but will it result in a positive shift onward and upward? I really don't know, but I do have my doubts.

newburyblue added 12:44 - Apr 13
Its ridiculous that a person so average in his profession as Murphy is can earn £24k A WEEK!!

Mark added 12:55 - Apr 13
Yes, it does seem a change in attitudes from wanting to sign to wanting a holiday to think about it over the summer (i.e. see if any better offers come in).

Murphy has done ok. His scoring ratio is similar to Alan Lee here, although perhaps Lee performed better all round. Lee was a £250K signing probably on about 6K a week. Is Murphy worth big money? NO!

I agree with the posters who have written about League One strikers. If we can sign a prolific scorer at that level who is young and had room for improvement, I would much prefer that to 27/30 year olds dropping down from the Premier League. Let's sign someone who is exciting, with room for improvement and who may have the chance of being good enough for the Premier League one day.

petersongoal added 13:01 - Apr 13
Mark, totally agree with you mate! i know i know, how about Billy Clarke? :-P oooo right....yeah....we sold him didn't we....well done keano!

petersongoal added 13:02 - Apr 13
ooo but then we could sign jordan rhodes?......oh wait.....oh yeah. we sold him too.....well done keano!

denhamblue added 13:04 - Apr 13
um lets see,crystal ball,yes here it is,end of july,scrumaging around for bargain,basement,nobody else wants,cant get in the first team,average(at best) strikers,we always dither,(stewert,and johnson aside),when it comes to transfers.

RetroBlue added 13:09 - Apr 13
Its been quite obvious that the down turn in form coincides with Towns discussion with the player regarding his wages being a stumbling block to any tarnsfer.

All of a sudden the , "I would love to sign for Town" crap is no longer said and Murphy cant be arsed to pull his weight in the team. Id rather have Pablo in the side - at least he chases and hustles when not in possession. Murphy and Healy can both fook off back to Sunderland !

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