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Walters Again Hits Out at Keane
Walters Again Hits Out at Keane
Wednesday, 10th Nov 2010 10:42

Former Town skipper Jon Walters has criticised boss Roy Keane for amongst other things his decision to axe veteran coaches Bryan Klug and Charlie Woods. Klug left the club in January, while Woods was let go in the summer of 2009 having been a consultant to previous manager Jim Magilton.

Speaking in an interview with the Irish Independent, Walters says that the coaching duo were part of what made Town the club that it is: “Bryan had been at the club for probably 20 to 25 years and there was Charlie Woods, who was Bobby Robson's number two. Good coaches and good people to have around who were all let go for one reason or another under Roy.

“That was disappointing. They were good people to work for and part of what the club is about. Ipswich is a bit unique, it's in the middle of nowhere and it means so much to everyone in the town. When they got let go... all the lads respected them quite well... and that was Roy's decision.”

Walters, who fell out with Keane in the summer for trying to engineer his Town exit before the club had agreed a fee for him, says he has compared notes with the ex-Sunderland players at Stoke since his £2.75 million move to the Britannia Stadium: “As soon as I got here, everyone asked what I had done.

“Liam Lawrence was here before he went to Portsmouth as well. They were laughing because they knew exactly what I'd been through.

“Even now I speak to the lads at Ipswich and when they get beat, well, we know what's been said before we even speak to anyone. We guess, ‘Aye, this is what's been said this week' and we ring all the lads and that's what happened. It's eggshells all the time.”

Meanwhile, a report has linked the Blues, Cardiff City and West Brom with Southampton midfielder Adam Lallana. The 22-year-old, who played against Town in the 2005 FA Youth Cup final, has previously been mentioned in connection with Stoke and Birmingham and a move to the Premier League appears more likely than a switch to a Championship club.

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triggs21 added 10:48 - Nov 10
I think Jon should be more worried about getting back into the Stoke side, came on last night with 5 min to play, and it looks like it only going to get worse for him, KJ and Fuller played last night, Tony P has said Eidur G will be in contention after Xmas once fully fit so Jon could be 4th choice. So stop worrying about Keane and get on with your job you plank.

SpruceMoose added 10:50 - Nov 10
Do one Jon Walters.

SpruceMoose added 10:50 - Nov 10
Do one Jon Walters.

ITFCAlex added 10:52 - Nov 10
You're a Stoke player now, shut the f*** up and concentrate on your future, you pathetic child! All you're doing is tainting the reputation you had here. Swivel!

AshFinland added 10:53 - Nov 10
Keane is by no means my favourite bloke at the moment but Walters really ought to grow up and let it go.

It's never particularly edifying to see professional sportsmen behaving like schoolchildren. "But sir, Keano said it first."



gypo added 10:58 - Nov 10
Feck off you stupid twot

His wife most probably done the interview anyhow

roytheboy added 10:59 - Nov 10
How unprofessional of Walters, not the way to earn respect in my book.

Karlosfandangal added 11:02 - Nov 10
What a load of rubbish

There is no way that players who played under Keane still keep wondering what he has been up to.

It funny how the club is playing and doing better now that the deadwood have gone.
To me it sounds like the the Wrights (both) Garvans Counago's Walters etc had it easy at Ipswich and Keane has come in at shook things up, they got found out and now they dont like it.

Grow up Walters you earn more in a month than I do in two years be a man

ozzydog added 11:05 - Nov 10
Well done Jon.

About time the truth started to come out about Beano

Klug and Woods were what ITFC was all about not the fellow pro crippling, work out on your country excuse for a manager we have at the moment.


Rydeabluehorse added 11:08 - Nov 10
I'm no fan of Keane but the respect I used to have for Walters has gone. Stoke must be wondering what he'll say about them when they have to let him go back to a Championship club where he belongs.

fletch added 11:09 - Nov 10
Good grief. When Keane speaks out, its great. When a player does it, in measured and reasonable terms, its deserving of complete vitriol. You people make me sick.

guentchev added 11:10 - Nov 10
Won't be signing you on-loan in the January Transfer window then? lol

devontractorboy added 11:11 - Nov 10
Walters is spot on, Keane thinks he can bully his team to success, take a look at Alex Ferguson to show that sometimes players need support as well as bawling out!
What worries me more is Keanes lack of tactical awareness and not playing players where they will give their best!

Promotion in 2 years that any 'idiot' can do Mr Keane? Well do the decent thing and walk at the end of the season because you won't reach your target & it will take years for the team to recover from the damage caused by you!

fallyblue added 11:12 - Nov 10
All he is saying is that maybe we should not have sacked Woods and Klug, which i agree with. Also that the Ex Sunderland players at Stoke were all treated the same as him and maybe some of the others who have left the club during Keanes tenure.

triggs21 added 11:14 - Nov 10
Fletch Keane doesn't slag off other player or managers by name. I think he's a bit above that. He could have had his say on Walters plenty of times but refused. For the posters above, Ipswich town have not been in the PL for a while, Keane wanted to change that. That includes the running of the club on the playing and coaching side, bring in his own people, which as manager he is quiet entitled to do. There is no sentiment in football. Fans want results. Not still being stuck in the championship next season , but never mind at least we have the coaches klug and woods still here thats the main thing right....?

CherryHintonBlue added 11:18 - Nov 10
Is everyone reading an article I've missed? Only @fallyblue above seems to have read what Walters actually said. And while Roy Keane may still be here in 20 years' time, presiding over a Champions League side, equally he might be gone by this time next year, with the club wondering why they let loyal stalwarts like Woods and Klug go. It's a quite reasonable argument.

MarinerisGod added 11:23 - Nov 10
Walters isn't here, he couldn't get out quick enough, it's nowt to do with him. He should worry about Pulis and his annoying of refs.

SouperJim added 11:27 - Nov 10
I don't have a problem with Walters talking about Klug and Woods if asked, but it seems clear that Walters will jump on any opportunity to criticise Keane as he has an axe to grind. He certainly has no business discussing with the press what may or may not be going on in our dressing room as it's none of his damn business. If he ever visits Portman Road with the away side I suspect he'll be subjected to an unprecedented barrage of abuse and rightly so. If he had one shred of respect for the club and the fans without whom he would still be playing in league two, he'd put his differences with Keane to one side and act like a professional.

ozzydog added 11:34 - Nov 10
For someone who has been in the game for so long Beano seems to have very few friends and even less contacts.

Would you want to work for him?


WeWereZombies added 11:34 - Nov 10
Good grief Triggs21, gypo, sprucemoose, ITFC Alex, Karlosfandangel, Rydeabluehorse - Walters has given us a bit of entertainment after not a great result and he has done better than, I suspect, most of us expected at Stoke. It wasn't the best of conduct but at least it was in a reasonable newspaper and it was coherent. The only objectionable part of the comments I found was the suggestion that Ipswich is in the middle of nowhere - my ex-wife is from Stoke and I know the five towns quite well, Walters is well into pot/kettle territory on that one. But then he follows it up with an appreciation of how much the club, and it's legacy, mean to us - we should value his understanding of that.

Nice use of Roxy's 'Country Life' ozzydog, but that was recorded after they removed Woodbridge's own Brian Eno from his post - it's like eggshells with that Bryan Ferry.

JohnTy added 11:39 - Nov 10
Worth looking at the full article in the Irish Independent. It is not primarily about Keane but about Walters being capped for Ireland. There are a few bits that have not been reprinted here - including a little about Garvan. Not sure that it tells us a lot we didn't know already - Keano is a one off. Clearly some players like to play for him - why else would Colback be here - and others don't.

Dale added 11:39 - Nov 10
"Walters again hits out at Keane" Whoever feel that what Jon said is hitting out at someone must have lived a very sheltered life.

Barhamblue added 11:40 - Nov 10
If I was Jon, I would concentrate on trying to score more than eight goals in one a season! ..However that will be hard from the subs bench, I think its you Jon who has been found out not Keano.

Ipswich24 added 11:44 - Nov 10
He has a fair point

kiwomyashuffle added 12:00 - Nov 10
Very interesting to hear about this and glad that it has come out. Personally, I like the interviews from Keane but I dont think he understands our club, I live away from Ipswich/Suffolk now but understand how the clubs work and how we should play football.
I wouldnt want us to get promoted playing long ball, or the way we are playing. We should be playing better football as I think we have the players, especially in Leadbitter that can pass and use the ball. We might make the play-offs and go up but I prefer us to play the 'Ipswich' way. Like Walters said, the club means everything to the people of Ipswich/Suffolk

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