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Clegg: Keane Was Showing the Strain
Clegg: Keane Was Showing the Strain
Sunday, 9th Jan 2011 09:05

Chief executive Simon Clegg says former manager Roy Keane’s angry exchanges with fans at Monday’s 1-0 home defeat to Nottingham Forest showed that the pressure was starting to get to the Irishman. Keane rowed and gestured towards supporters behind the dug-out and on the way back to the tunnel after the club’s seventh loss in nine games.

Clegg said: “What that pointed out to me was that the pressure was getting to him, because Roy normally doesn’t react like that. “That was him venting his frustration at the situation, not at the fans, but at the general situation he found himself in.”

The chief executive says supporters’ views are significant but that ultimately the decision to sack Keane was down to him and owner Marcus Evans: “Obviously the fans are critically important to us and I have listened to the vocal minority and the silent majority as well. Of course it was an important factor that we take into account.

“But ultimately the decision on who is employed as our manager is down to the owner and myself, and we have to make that decision in terms of what’s in the best interest of the club.”

Clegg and Evans are spending the weekend speaking to prospective new managers with Paul Jewell's name the one continuing to appear most often in newspaper speculation.

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bluelady added 09:11 - Jan 9
Hmmm falling gates won't help any club either financially or on the pitch, get it right this time!!! Hodgson please

ThatMuhrenCross added 09:12 - Jan 9
Do what the fans want Cleggy, and get Curbishley!

PSGBlue added 09:24 - Jan 9
At last we are now starting to hear from Clegg (if not ME) on a daily basis. Perhaps in future, more communication between Clegg and the fans would go a long way in bring both parties closer together. A quick few lines in the match programme does not suffice.

JohnScales added 09:29 - Jan 9
I guess when he says silent fans he means falling attendences was a factor also.

bluesnightorg added 09:34 - Jan 9
Oooh, did you listen to the silent majority, Simon? Tell me, what did they sound like?

MajorBlue added 09:41 - Jan 9
Why does everyone wants Curbs?? He is one of the worst of the lot.

bluelady added 09:54 - Jan 9
Psg he isn't speaking daily this all came from the same post sacking interview I think

Grimsbyblue added 09:54 - Jan 9
MajorBlue - A significant but by no means all number of people want Curbs because of his experience. He built up Charlton from not even having their own ground and took them to the premiership. They did yo-yo but kept their players and then had a good run in the premiership. He brought through several youngsters as well. He would be my first choice but there are other good candidates around. I cant believe people on here are suggesting the likes of Megson and Big Sam. We are a club with a long footballing history and I don't believe either of these would respect that.

bedsitfc added 09:56 - Jan 9
No supporter would want curb's if they knew how bad the hammers were under him, he would be my last choice.

raycrawfordswig added 10:10 - Jan 9
Expect it was due to working with you Clegg.

meekreech added 10:11 - Jan 9
You are ignoring or forgetting the fact that for most of his years ( from the start ) he was not sole manager but one of two joint managers ! Not all of the work or success was down to him and as soon as his partnership was ended the fall started ! If that is , coupled with his poor time at West Ham , what you want start taking different ideas of where you will end up . Jewell is also not the man for us as he has shown that at Derby ( poor results , little finance ) he cannot work in tough situations !

Bobby_Petta added 10:15 - Jan 9
Agree with you bedsitfc, I know a lot of hammers fans and they all don't rate Curbs , He bought some poor players with the money he had to spend. Mind you he would be an improvement on Keane! Think we need to be careful and take time to get the right man, even if that means getting someone in till end of the season. I would like to see Sean O'drisscoll, , Premier players and loans doesn't work.has done well on a small budget, need someone who can pick up bargains from lower league.

hogster1970 added 10:19 - Jan 9
well curbs did have probs with the back room staff just as keegan did at newcastle aka wise,

same went for burley at hearts.

curbs would be a top choice as would hodgson as all can get the best out of what they have, all be it roy has had probs at liverpool but the rot set in even before he got there, i think this club would be different.

we need some one who can get 110% out of the players, give a rollocking when needed and then put there arm round them and say right thats that now crack on.

that was keanes biggest down fall, also one of which was i like to see 110% on the training pitch thats were i pick my team

which is all well and good but that doesnt get you 3 points on a sat afternoon, seems as he has been here are corners and free kicks have been dyre,

and lack of attacking options played even though we had them at the club.

so lets see, i will for 1 back the new manager all the way just hope he can get the excitment and some good flowing football at this club again.

imalwayswrong added 10:20 - Jan 9
Martin jol
Poyet & tarricco

dirtydingusmagee added 10:20 - Jan 9
nothing new in that statement ,but at least as has been said ,he must feel a need to communicate with fans more.Curbs is a ''nice bloke'' but would not be my choice, deffinately first would be Hughton, a couple of others are not realistic, options in my opinion O'Neil will be looking for bigger things.DEFF NOT MEGSON. wait will soon be over COYB

bluelady added 10:22 - Jan 9
Hodgson announcement tomorrow!!! Wild guess btw

PimsOclock added 10:26 - Jan 9
It's obvious that there is a divide in who the fans want to manage our great club. I have no doubt that Keane was brought in because he (1) had success at Sunderland (2) is a young, ambitious manager and (3) raised the profile of the club. We need to stick to those principles but most importantly need someone who has a track record of getting the best out of mediocre players. Jewell, curbs and (unlikely) Hodgson all have a this but non are young. If we want to stick to club tradition we should be looking to the lower leagues for the best new mangers. We must remember that those at the top want success for our once-great club and need to unite behind whoever the club see fit to appoint.

clive_baker added 10:34 - Jan 9

How bad curbs was at west ham? He left them 5th in the prem after their best premier league start in over a decade. He only left because players such as ferdinand and mccartney were sold to sunderland without him knowing. He would be a fantastic appointment. Most hammers were sad to see him go. Now look at them...

purdis added 10:46 - Jan 9
Meekreech - sorry you've got it very wrong on Curbs.
It's true he managed Charlton jointly with Steve Gritt but it was only after Gritt left he REALLY flourished.
"When Lennie Lawrence left in July 1991, Curbishley became joint manager of the club with Steve Gritt. He took sole command from June 1995 and masterminded the revival of the club's fortunes with two promotions and consolidation into the Premier League.
He celebrated his 600th game in charge of the team with a 1-0 victory at one of his old clubs, Birmingham, in September 2005.Darren Bent scored the goal.
Overall, he managed 729 games for the Addicks, just one fewer than the record held by Jimmy Seed."

It took him (and Gritt) 7 years to get Charlton into the Premiership - somehow I fear he wouldn't be given 7 months at a Club today - Town included!

TractorRoyNo1 added 10:54 - Jan 9
mr clegg, your boss has done the dirty dead, now move on, you don't need to keep justifying to yourself what has been done, just do better next time

to the 'we want curbs' groupies, ask yourself why has no other team given him a job in the past 3 years and for that matter nearly as long for Jewell.

dannysigma added 11:01 - Jan 9
I understand that Bryan Gunn is free...

tallguy6767 added 11:12 - Jan 9
Whoever we get has got a
massive job on, survival has to be the main aim as keane has left this club in a total shambles !!!! Thanks Roy you were a bad joke

bobble added 11:12 - Jan 9
cant work out if i am vocal minotity or silent majority

urbanblue added 11:21 - Jan 9
You arn't going to convince me that the incident was a factor in Roy's sacking. I believe the descision was made some time ago.

For me


Bostonblue added 11:22 - Jan 9
O'driscoll would be my 1st choice but with so many managers out of work to choose from Town are never going to pay compo to another club.Jewell would be my 4th choice behind Hughton & Curbishley but if he gets it let's hope we get the good(Wigan/Bradford) rather than the bad(Derby/Wednesday).I'd rather have Keane back than Gary Megson!

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