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Jewell: We Need to Learn to Grind Out Draws
Jewell: We Need to Learn to Grind Out Draws
Monday, 12th Sep 2011 09:17

Town boss Paul Jewell says the Blues had got to learn how to grind out draws when they aren’t playing well rather than falling to defeats such as Saturday’s 2-0 loss at Blackpool. After a relatively even first half, Town never recovered from Gary Taylor-Fletcher’s 49th minute opener.

Jewell said: “We’ve got to get to the stage where we start drawing games when we’re not playing well, I said that last year.

“We don’t seem a team which can avoid losing when we’re not at our best, and we’ve got try and get over that.”

Town drew only eight league matches last season and are yet to record a stalemate during this campaign,

The Blues manager feels his side are lacking self-belief, something which will only come by showing the right attitude when things aren't going well: “To get to that confident level where you think you’re never beaten, you’ve got to get results.

“Confidence is the hardest thing to give anybody. Every manager says that. But certainly you won’t get that if you go under and feel sorry for yourself.

“I don’t feel sorry for myself. I feel really low, I feel really disappointed, but we have to bounce back and try again.

“All we can do is to try and learn from our mistakes and our games and see if we can get better. No one ever said that this job was going to be easy.”

Jewell says the extra couple of days before the live Sky game at home to Coventry next Monday will be helpful having not seen much of several members of his squad during the international fortnight: “We only got Carlos Edwards back from international duty on Friday morning.

“Keith Andrews, Stocky and all these players, [after they’ve been away] they come back a little bit flat, but now we’ve got nine days to try to get them ready for another tough encounter against Coventry.”

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muhrensleftfoot added 09:33 - Sep 12
Would have thought it would be even better if we learn to grind out wins!

whippet added 09:35 - Sep 12
Draws would be a good start.
When you think about it we have been on a monumental losing streak. I would be delighted with a solid 0-0 against Coventry. They are a much better team than us and if we can grind out a draw we might somehow avoid relegation

sharvey22 added 09:42 - Sep 12
Coventry at home is a must win game - if we don't win it then we should give up any possibility of finishing higher than mid table.

Blue_Dwarf added 09:46 - Sep 12
I was no Keane fan but he did at least manage to organise our team to grind out draws with far lesser quality of player!

cornishnick added 09:57 - Sep 12
Going back to the end of last season, 7 out of 10 leage defeats is simply unacceptable. And what's really worrying is that despite all the new players, there is no sign of it getting any better.

hb_bill added 09:59 - Sep 12
I like pj and back him 100% but I can't understand his comments. Last season he said we can't seem to draw games and we need to win ugly also he addressed our home form,said we lacked confidence at home. We now have a new team he has built and only 2 players started saturday from last season not including bullard so my point is. This is his new team he should of addressed those problems yet he is saying exactly what he said last year so I'm sorry pj there is no excuses this season.
Let's hope the lads can put on a great show for the sky cameras on Monday give us something to cheer about and be proud of this great club we need time to gel. Good times are just around the corner.

pmason added 10:02 - Sep 12
Now he's backed down to looking for draws !! pathetic is jewell. Remember not so long ago, people were giving out about Keane cos we were drawing instead of winning.
Now we are being hammerered week in week out and conceeding goals like confetti !!!!


northdevonblue added 10:03 - Sep 12
We need to do this we need to do that, we all know what we need Jewell but only you can sort it out. Please do asap.

bluelady added 10:07 - Sep 12
grind out draws, how about attacking to win? surely attack is the best form of defence and we are doing far to little of it! Whilst the ball is in there half they aint gonna score! PJ I will stick back you but the faith is starting to wain.

fourth added 10:14 - Sep 12
How many games have these players had together? One or two. Half of them are just getting fit, some are injured.
It's going to take at least to the end of September to start to gel.

algarvefan added 10:15 - Sep 12
This is a squad full of new players we have signed/loaned... unbelievably most are 'unfit' well into the start of the league campaign & I personally think we need to give PJ at least a few more games before you start drawing out the knives. He needs to start picking our best 'fit' players and despite status leave unfit ones on the bench. He may be surprised to find we have young talent at the club who are capable and hungry enough to step up to the plate. In a league like the championship you cannot field the 'unfit' especially several at the same time!!
Horses for courses please Mr Jewell, one's who can compete!

Paulc added 10:16 - Sep 12
I've heard it all now!

What next? we've got to get better at losing 1-0 rather than 2-0?

Ineptitude on a grand scale I'm afraid. Bit my tongue when PJ's appointment was made, now really holding back..........You've got a month pal, before I let rip!

brian_a_mul added 10:17 - Sep 12
PJ took over a shambles of a squad from Keane with almost the entire squad out of contract. With some key players obviouly on the way out (Norris & McA) confidence was very low in the squad. He realised that big changes were needed but could only sign players during summer transfer window and in fairness he has signed some quality players and bulked up the squad.

Of course its going to take time to gel everyone together, especially the defensive unit. Leicester have also experienced some similar issues but when they find their form they will do very well. Its the same for Town, just be patient and support the team. Remember Rome want built in a day.

tractorboybig added 10:30 - Sep 12
Six games in and the table is taking shape,
the contenders for promotion are all champing at the bit and the dead certs for relegation are rearing there heads.
Here at town we have a complete change of squad in all departments save the disaster at right back and to be quite honest we look no better than what some of you call the shambles of last year.
I think that where we are now is approx where we will finnish,Time for excuses surely past.
What is produced now on the pitch is now the sole product of PJ.

bluelady added 10:32 - Sep 12
those who say give the team time to gell, agreed, also agree we have some quality BUT we have no speed in the team, no real quality players to put balls into the box and rip open defences. We have a good team of ploders NOT a dynamic team. Jet was supposed to be 'that player' but doesnt like playing on the wing and is frankly not good enough yet up front, Carson didnt even get on the bench saturday, Martin is fine until he tackles. We desperately need a townsend type player to let rip down the wing and open up a defence to allow Chopra et al to score, otherwise we will all begin to realise that big Jas was not as bad as we all thought, with the ball at his feet like Chopra he is deadly, without they will not score!

bluenut added 10:34 - Sep 12
Starting to lose faith in PJ now. The players can't always shoulder the blame. When is he going to learn 1 up front doesn't work, Chopra works better with someone beside him.
His tactics baffle me sometimes and lets face it we were lucky to get the win against Leeds, we didn't play like they had a man down.
Frustrating times but will still be there to shout on the boys.

victorywilhappen added 10:34 - Sep 12
arhhh! that's what we should do in this location with bad telephone coverage- where no one picks up the phone... jewels of wisdom. Never played a game of anything with a draw in mind- PJ - when you back a horse, do you want only your stake money back?. WIN MAN, WIN!

northernblues added 10:35 - Sep 12
i was working the burnley v boro game on saturday, and got speaking to mark venus, jokingly i said to him we could do with you and mogga back to sort our defence, to which he said, i'd sort em out i tell you! id leave tony here though, that be a job for me!

HolbrookBlue added 10:45 - Sep 12
Why not put pressure on the opponents, particularly at Portman Road. We have a quality striker at the club who is getting no service whatsoever - he could end up scoring less than Scotland last season.

Until we get this defensive mindset out of the club we will struggle in matches. The tactics must be positive to win.

itfc1981 added 11:05 - Sep 12
Being sent to Coventry is hardly going to make us louder!

blueherts added 11:13 - Sep 12
Like the Venus comment northernblues , so true - we have ALOT of experience/old players in our squad so why not blend them in with the younger players - who do have pace and , dare I say , alot more desire - We have NO leader on the pitch either. Leadfootbitter is shocking - How he is a Captain is beyond me
Bullard has the quality with Andrews - I like Kennedy at LB and push Creswell up to Left mid - Play Carson on other wing BUT we MUST GET IN A RB ..
Edwards - you are being targetted and found out each week .. Happy with the rest ...Oh and JET should be up front with Chops
Start earning yer money Jewell and please stop with these innane comments after each defeat
Just play proper football - I do believe we have squad capable but as play on what the late great Eric Morecombe said ' I have all the players - just dont play them in the right order ' Go do it Jewell - You have 90 days

jas0999 added 11:20 - Sep 12
There you go! I REST MY CASE. I told you all PJ was a negative manager before he was appointed. Derby fans told us that he ruined them. Now PJ has finally admitted what you deluded PJ fans refuse to accept - he is about grinding out draws ... boring, negative football. Sending people to sleep. He has already lost us 4,000 fans by playing these tactics and other clubs are calling us one of the most boring teams in the league.

The alarm bells should be ringing. PJ is a pitiful, shambolic manager. He should be sacked immediately.

bobble added 11:27 - Sep 12
bugger drawing games we have got to win games when we play bad

Garv added 11:32 - Sep 12
Jas0999 you are I'm afraid a joke and pitiful yourself. 90% of realistic fans would have taken a draw before the game on Saturday, but I guess you expect us to win every game? And he has not lost us 4,000 fans.

Bluearmy added 11:34 - Sep 12
Garv don't waste your breath on jas he likes a good moan i known him to pick faults and something that doesn't have faults in them

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