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McCarthy Sad to See Clegg Move On
Thursday, 7th Feb 2013 17:43

Manager Mick McCarthy says he enjoyed working with chief executive Simon Clegg, who left the club earlier this week, and has wished him well for the future. However, the Blues boss says the changes at Portman Road won’t have a huge bearing on his day to day life managing the football side of the club.

McCarthy, who is 54 today, says he is disappointed to see Clegg move on: “I get on great with Simon. I don’t understand the machinations of all the administration side of it. People come and go like managers do.

“But he made my job easy coming in here. He was really helpful and I just slid in seamlessly and it’s been great. I’m sad to see him go, but good luck to him in whatever he does.

“It doesn’t impact me at all, why would it?” he added. “I just work with Simon, he didn’t have any great impact on me anyway. Whoever’s running the club, runs the club.

“It’s great to have that nice working relationship, which Simon and myself had formed, but he’s leaving and going on to pastures new. I haven’t picked him, so it’s not going to affect the team.”

He says he has always got on well with chairman, chief executives and owners at all his clubs: “You lead independent lives but I’ve always had a good relationship with them, certainly with Jez Moxey at Wolves, I had a fabulous relationship with him.

“And Simon, I’ve only been here since November 1st, and we’ve had a great working relationship. I don’t think he’s left because of me anyway! Not that I know of anyway! He’s a good guy, for whatever reason it’s changing and good luck to him.”

Clegg’s exit will see owner Marcus Evans becoming more involved in the running of the club on a day to day basis with board members Jonathan Symonds and Ian Milne becoming joint-managing directors.

McCarthy says he’s not yet sure precisely how Evans will increase his involvement: “I guess he’ll spend a bit more time here and I’ll talk to him more. Do you know, I don’t get involved in this, it doesn’t bother me this, all this does not really affect me.

“We’re working here and it’s different because Simon’s at Portman Road and Marcus I speak to when I need to speak to him. It’s not going to change what I do at all, not in any shape or form. My life will be much the same, I’ll just be talking to somebody else.”

Meanwhile, in the wake of Michael Chopra leaving Twitter yesterday, McCarthy says he’s not sure why anyone would get involved in rows on the social networking site: “I don’t understand why people go on Twitter and why you would get into an argument on it is beyond me.

“You’re just arguing with faceless people you don’t know and are never going to see, they can say what they want to. Why would you bother?”

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ChrisMakin2012 added 17:56 - Feb 7
Bet MM even opened the door for the complete prat

BlueVelvet added 17:59 - Feb 7
lets hope ME and his flunkies leave MM to manage the footballing side of the business and we don't end up with a director of football

bluemingood added 17:59 - Feb 7
I dont use twitter of face book. We are at the peak of the FAD at the mo. Within a few years it will be used mainly by those out of work, wealthy with time on their hands, lazy footballers, maybe businesses that employ a twitterer and the retired. Any normal busy person just hasnt got the time as many are finding out.

BlueVelvet added 18:05 - Feb 7
bluemingood, I generally call those that tweat, or is it tweet, tw*tters (where *=a), which i think generally is a good noun - self important self publicists - time and money rich, and braincell poor

PJ_Needs_Duncan added 18:07 - Feb 7
Only a mother could tell them apart

itfc1981 added 18:11 - Feb 7
I doubt Mick would have said that had Clegg dealt with players contracts during his tenure.

HARRY10 added 18:13 - Feb 7
trying a bit too hard to comvince us all that it will have no bearing upon his work at the club

sadly the contradictions suggest otherwise - and that he well knows it

BossMan added 18:18 - Feb 7
Good to know Clegg wasn't on the team sheet for Saturday !! I hope we can keep Mick long term, he is such a breath of fresh air

h32 added 18:41 - Feb 7
bluemingood - agree with you totally - all part of the sad world we now live in - not surprised MM doesn't want to know anything about any remote part of Twitter or Facebook.

The rest speaks for the man he is - refreshingly, straight to the point.

Guess we'll be branded as Dinosaur's though - but long may that continue !

h32 added 18:47 - Feb 7
........ a few discreet 'warning shots across the bows' there - for anyone having ideas of interfering - another nice one from MM - in whom we TRUST.

Fatcatevans added 19:19 - Feb 7
Bluemingood that's rather harsh on the out of work don't you think, especially those who have been laid off through no fault of their own. To lump them in with brainless footballers seems very random.

MattinLondon added 19:38 - Feb 7
People said the internet wouldn't last and it has done quite well. Social media is here to stay and whoever says differently is deluded. Like many things it can be used for good or bad.

And calling footballers brainless is a rather pointless stereotype used mainly by people who are a bit jealous about the money that some footballers earn.

truthhurts added 20:17 - Feb 7
I'm not getting into the rights and wrongs on what certain people have written on twitter, but its just a tool to express thoughts and opinions. To those that don't like it (and stated as such above), how is it drastically different to what we're interacting in here?

h32 added 20:23 - Feb 7
truthhurts - fair point.

WashbrookBlue added 20:46 - Feb 7
“It doesn’t impact me at all, why would it?” he added. “I just work with Simon, he didn’t have any great impact on me anyway. Whoever’s running the club, runs the club."

Ha, isn't that just the best non tribute ever to a supposedly all influential Chief Executive. In other words, " Simon? oh him. yeah, seems a nice guy, pass him in the corridor every now and again. Not sure what he does to be honest but , hey , good luck to him"

Who are we talking about here , the cleaner??!!

Oh "Simon", I hope you haven't read this, your ego will be terribly bruised. All those achievements he could have talked about. The direct debits, that zorb ball thing, pinching someone else's idea to rename the North stand, getting us nearly relegated three times and turning P Rd into an empty morgue. You know , there's just no pleasing these unappreciative types. You're best off out of it, they don't deserve you, really they don't.

blueblood66 added 21:22 - Feb 7
A bit like arguing on the TWTD forum, faceless!

SouperJim added 16:41 - Feb 8
I hear Simon Clegg is involved in the new Youtube-Twitter-Facebook merger... he's decided on the name YouTwitFace.

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