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McCarthy Admits Scotland Exit Error
Tuesday, 19th Mar 2013 06:00

Manager Mick McCarthy has admitted he may have made a mistake in letting former striker Jason Scotland move on in January. The Blues settled the remaining months of the 34-year-old’s contract with the Trinidadian subsequently joining Barnsley for whom he has scored five goals in two starts and nine substitute appearances.

Asked whether he regretted letting Scotland leave, McCarthy admitted he rues allowing him to join one of the other clubs in the relegation battle: “I regret letting him go to Barnsley.”

Joking, he added: “I just thought I’d let him go to my hometown team and score some goals and see if we can get them out of the bottom three and we’d both stay up!”

He says Scotland’s form since he moved to Oakwell does suggest he made an error: “It looks like a mistake, doesn’t it? Because he’s scored five goals.

“Did he look like he was going to do it here? I don’t know. You move, you get a new lease of life. Good luck to him, good luck to them.

“It wasn’t evident to me or anyone else here, but fair play to him. There was no animosity when he went, none whatsoever.

“He goes and scores and it looks like a mistake, it looks like a daft move, but I can’t do anything about it, it’s happened. I’m not going to beat myself up over it. Good luck to him.”

Scotland’s short-term Tykes contract is up in the summer and his form is already attracting other clubs. We understand Doncaster Rovers could renew their interest in the close season, while Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday are both monitoring his situation.

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Morgan added 06:09 - Mar 19
Refreshing to hear an Ipswich manager admit a mistake. Oh well move on.

The players that have come in are younger and give us a longer term option which I prefer so look on the positives.

howsey51 added 06:22 - Mar 19
I wouldn't worry Mick. He's not Jordan Rhodes.

francisb123 added 06:43 - Mar 19

Dissboyitfc added 07:14 - Mar 19
Actually Mick, it was evident to a few of us, always looked capable of scoring when he came on. Yep a mistake thats for sure and assuming we stay up not a massive one, but if we go down ( which is still possible) by the smallest of margins we will never know how big a mistake, just one scotland goal off the bench could have been the difference we may yet need. Fingers crossed and we move on..... COYB

Mark added 08:03 - Mar 19
I agree it's refreshing to see a manager make a mistake. I know it's easy to talk with hindsight, and none of us expected him to be such a hit at Barnsley, but I thought at the time that settling Scotland's contract was a strange thing to do, just as it was with Delaney earlier in the season. Once we used to sell players, then we gave them away, now we sometimes pay them to go!

I do agree with a focus on younger players however, and was pleased with McGoldrick's performance Saturday. Nouble has promise, but I doubt we'll keep McLean.

Hegansheroes added 08:09 - Mar 19
Hope MM can keep us up but would like to see him gone asap after the end of the season. Scotland does have the ability to score which is completely lacking now. MM has made mistakes & I think we should have kept Moshni as he could play any where & if he wasn't much good he cheered up the fans, sitting with them in the stands etc. Lets face it we ain't had much to cheer us up & the hoof it & see style of play isn't what we like at PR

Wickets added 08:27 - Mar 19
We forgive you Mick just keep us up.

Alwaysablue added 08:38 - Mar 19
Five goals is almost double what we've managed in the last what 7 games? As a whole team, definitely an error of judgement, but i still think we have enough about us to stay up.

radiogaga added 08:55 - Mar 19
Hegansheroes - were it not for MM, we'd probably be relegated by now. Just thought I'd remind you of that, in case you'd lost sight of that...

ArnieMsBigToe added 09:03 - Mar 19
Howsey51: How right you are. There's only one Roy Keane . . . and we were unfortunate enough to have him as manager - what a plonker Rodney.

cthulhu added 09:09 - Mar 19
I think the "new club, new motivation" factor is a big part in this, JS is clearly playing as well as he can in the hope of earning a longer stay at Barnsley, or a decent move elsewhere for what will probably be his last sizeable contract. Pretty much what DJ Campbell was doing at PR (and he's hardly been sizzling the net since he moved to Blackburn, now he's sitting on that nice contract)

I'd be interested to see a comparison of how many games it took JS to score his last five goals for us against the time he's done it at Barnsley.

itfc24 added 09:11 - Mar 19
Nice to hear at least him owning up to his error however as someone has already posted anyone he knows anything about the sort of player that Scotland is knew this was a mistake from the word go. His replacements are substandard in comparision and I really hope this mistake doesnt turn out to be critical for ITFC, if it does this would make the Jordan Rhodes incident pale into insignificance.

RaymondovicBlue added 09:19 - Mar 19
I'm not a football manager I admit but being as MM has said this looks like a mistake I cannot disagree! But as For wanting him out ASAP??????? And keeping Moshni????? Yes he was fun but he showed he was not a championship footballer. Not sue he is banging them in nor forcing clean sheets anywhere

We have a top drawer management team so please don't wish them away!!!!! The best bit for me is his honesty and openness. Rare in this game. But it comes from a man who I'd very secure in himself and confident in what he is doing!

ChrisMakin2012 added 09:33 - Mar 19
I'd swap him for any of the crap we have upfront now!

bluelady added 09:40 - Mar 19
hegansheros how funny, you were joking right? Paying a player to 'sit in the stands' thats novel to say the least! The guy was a liability, maybe a player in there somewhere but its hidden well! As for Scotland, its hard to compare like for like. we have good strikers but if they are not getting the ball at their feet then they are not going to score a hatful. JS is that kind of player too, a poacher, an in the box player who was forced to work deeper for town due to our lack of midfield creativitiy. The striking situation is not the issue and hasnt been for a while, our issue is having a defensive midfield and average wingers. sort that next season (and i think Mick will) and we have Chopra, McGoldrick, and even Jet who will be scoring for fun. The issue with JS leaving is not missing him scoring goals for us, but the fact he has won so many additional points for a rival team (who do get the ball to him in the box!).

MattinLondon added 10:09 - Mar 19
It'll only be a mistake if we go down and Barnsley stay up thanks to Scotland's goals.

Michael11 added 10:21 - Mar 19
Such as the class of MM that there's much more of an apology for letting 33 year old Jason Scotland leave than there ever was when Keane let 19 year old bags of potential Jordan Rhodes go! Let's be honest i don't think anyone at the time objected to letting Jason leave.

theobald1985 added 11:09 - Mar 19
morgan i agree it is refreshing to see mick admit it wipe his mouth and move on.
If scotland was not doing it for mick then he has to make a judgement. I still think we have good forwards in mcgoldrick chops murphy nouble and jet with taylor back next season we have enough firepower to be ok without jason and he is getting games now so eveybody is happy.
I remember Jim Magilton coming out and saying he had never made a bad signing-i think mick is a breath of fresh air

Fatcatevans added 11:19 - Mar 19
Hegansheroes What planet are you on? Without MM we would already be doomed. We should be grateful he's here. Who do you suggest we replace him with? Come back when the medication wears off.

HighgateBlue added 11:50 - Mar 19
MM has done a very good job, but this sure was a mistake. Buying in so many forwards and then chopping and changing has been harmful to our coherence and our goal threat.

However, he'll keep us up and it won't matter. We build for next year then!

At least he's had the balls to come out and admit the error.

999blue added 11:55 - Mar 19
One of the issues boils down to finances in order to fund wages of loan players scotland like others would of been sacrificed it is clear that js didn't figure in mm long term plans anyway otherwise he would stilll b here scotland was only ever a bit part player here although unlucky with his lack of opportunites anyway despite our lack of goals weren't not in bottom 3 and are unlikely to be so mm will keep us up!

TractorCam added 11:59 - Mar 19
I've been saying all season how we should play him more, I reckon if we had kept him and played him more we'd be a lot higher in the table, regardless to that I believe MM can easily keep us up, just need to be more prolific

WarkOn added 12:16 - Mar 19
Good that Mick's put his hands up on this one - still waiting for Keane to do the same about Rhodes! You don't have to be Einstein (photo pun intended) to see that Scotland could have done a much-needed job in the goals dept f or us this season.

Surprised Mick couldn't see his value as an impact sub - just think what his 5 goals for Barnsley could have meant for us if he's managed to do the same here? A win against P'bro, a point at Barnsley and Bristol and a point at least against Forest etc - we'd be pretty much home and dry - and Barnsley would not be threatening our lifeboat.

That said, Mick of course would be happy to see Barnsley stay up as a lifelong Tykes fan - as would I, given their wonderful fans and common sense approach to footballing matters. But not, however, at the expense of us.

Just a thought: DJ Campbell back at QPR now having left Blackburn by 'mutual consent etc.. Worth going back for him till the end of the season?

NSL added 12:17 - Mar 19
Strange decision all round really. Actually paying off Scotland who only had until the summer anyway and bringing in Mclean who is clearly not as good as Scotland, on loan until the summer - and presumably paying his higher wages instead?!

Whichever way you skin it we are worse off. Remember that Clegg was here whilst this was going on though so nothing surprises.

Now Blackburn have been sucked back in it could be a combination of Rhodes, Scotland and DJ that could ultimately lead to us being relegated!

Onwards and upwards anyway.

BlueBoots added 12:18 - Mar 19
The whole Ipswich squad have scored at a rate of 1 goal every 240 minutes in the last 8 games.

Jason Scotland has scored at a rate of 1 goal every 60 minutes since he joined Barnsley.

That said, Barnsley (like the other teams below us) are playing attacking football because they know they need wins to climb away from the relegation zone; doubt very much Scotland would have been so free-scoring if he'd stayed with us (the way Town currently approach games...).

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