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McCarthy: Good Genes Produce Good Players
Saturday, 16th Apr 2016 18:29

“Good genes produce good players,” said Town boss Mick McCarthy after Andre Dozzell followed in father Jason’s footsteps and scored on his debut aged 16 as the Blues drew 1-1 at Sheffield Wednesday.

“He’s a good player, isn’t he?” McCarthy said. “I guess good genes produce good players, and that’s what’s happened.

“He’s a good player. I thought he deserved his opportunity. I always said that [he would] if we got to the end of the season and it looked like drifting away from us.

“It wasn’t working, what I did in the first half and wanted that bit more creativity, and thankfully it worked.”

He added: “He’s 16 still, they were talking to him when he was 14. I was never going to play him when he was 14.

“He goes in the gym of a morning with Lids [fitness coach Andy Liddell] now and does a weights programme and has built himself up and he’s a lot bigger and stronger and able to cope with it.

“How he scored with a header when he missed two yesterday morning in the old versus young game is unbelievable. He gets in the box and he’s a really talented young fella.”

Dozzell is still a first-year scholar but has agreed a two-year pro deal with the Blues, which will be formalised when he turns 17 on May 2nd.

He has already been linked with plenty of Premier League clubs, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal and West Ham amongst them, but McCarthy has no concerns about him going elsewhere.

“I’m not in here to talk about his contract, he’s a very good player,” the Blues boss said when asked about the youngster’s contractual situation.

“They’ve all asked me before, he’s attracting interest from everywhere else, but you wouldn’t be surprised.

“But I think he’ll want to play in our first team, he certainly does and that’s what his dad thinks as well.

“We’ve no interest, I’ve no interest [in letting him go], I might as well pack it up if I lose players of that quality.

“And to be fair, [owner] Marcus [Evans] has kept the players that have [attracted interest], Didzy, Daryl Murphy and I think as far back as Connor Wickham when they first showed interest they kept him and ended up selling him for a lot of money. I’ve no worries about that. I’m happy in my own skin about that one.”

Looking back, he can recall examples of players who would have been better off not moving to big clubs early in their careers.

“I can always and look back at times in my career as a manager,” he continued. “I remember being the manager at Millwall and Mark Kennedy, who is now the U21s coach with Ipswich, got in my first team and Liverpool signed him.

“He made his debut, I think he hit the cross-bar from about 30 yards, he didn’t score and he didn’t play again for another 12 months or something and ended up away from Liverpool.

“He had a good career, but it wasn’t with Liverpool because he was beneath the standard of what they wanted.

“I think playing in somebody’s first team is far better than driving a nice car, having a nice watch and having a nice house because you’ll get that eventually anyway. Just take your time, cool your heels and make sure you do it first with us.”

He agreed that Dozzell’s goalscoring debut was a big boost to Town supporters with the season now effectively at an end.

“It is [nice for fans to see a homegrown player come through] and it was great to have Didzy back, another really good quality player, who showed his ability today,” McCarthy said.

“And Bish will be playing on Monday at Bramall Lane [with the U21s], players that we’ve got of real quality that haven’t been available to us.

“One, because he’s too young and he’s not ready for it yet, he is now getting there, and two, that have been injured all season. It’s nice to have them back, it’s nice to have good players in the team.”

Reflecting on the game, the Town manager said: “It is a good point, but doesn’t do us a great deal of good except that it gives us a bit of comfort that we’ve got a squad of lads that really want to scrap and fight and play and we got something out of a game which could have drifted away from us.”

At the end McCarthy had to calm down Brett Pitman with the striker angry with Jonas Knudsen for shooting well wide when he ought to have passed to the frontman

“I understand him being angry at it because we may well have scored the winner but for me that anger can only go so far,” he said.

“I’ve just said to him that I have to love them all for what they give me, warts and all whether it’s good, bad or indifferent and I think you have to be the same with your team-mates.

“There’s no point having a scrap about it, that’s not going to help anybody. What will help is if the next time he gets in that position he sees him and we score a winner and we improve because of it. But we don’t implode or fall out because I let everybody have a bloody scrap about it.

“We all make mistakes. If I didn’t make mistakes, I might be managing Real Madrid or Barcelona or Manchester United, but I’m not that good.

“Maybe that’s because we’re not that good and that’s the difference between us in the top six and getting promoted, it’s just the way it is unfortunately.”

He continued: “Am I disappointed [at not making the play-offs]? I’m always disappointed when we don’t meet my expectations, me personally, and I thought that we could have been a top six team.

“We’ve all suffered injuries and suspensions, but for us to lose Murph for as long as we did and Ryan Fraser and Didzy and Teddy Bishop has really affected us, like it affects all the teams.

“And we’ve just had a bad four or five weeks, we’ve just had a tough time. Up until that we were having a great season. So I am disappointed that it has drifted away.”

McCarthy says Cole Skuse could be back for Tuesday’s home game against Fulham: “Skusey’s got a bit of a bad back and a stiff neck. He looks like he’s wearing a suit of armour at the minute.

“If you ask him to turn around it’s very slowly. But Tuesday’s a long time away and we’ve good physios and staff.

“Reg Varney has a hamstring problem and Ainsley Maitland-Niles, I just didn’t put in the 18, I got some of our young players on the bench. Good decision that turned out to be, didn’t it?!”

Wednesday boss Carlos Carvalhal was pleased with his side's display but disappointed with the result.

“I can see positives and negatives about this game," he said. "Negative in my opinion, just the score, that’s the one thing negative about the game.

“The positive is the way that we reacted after the last game [a 4-1 loss at Bristol City] and the way we reacted after Ipswich scored the goal.

“We missed a lot of chances. Even after the one when we had three or four clear chances, and everybody will accept that the Ipswich goalkeeper is the man of the match, I think it’s very, very clear."

He added: “We played against a strong opponent, they have ambitions in this competition and an opponent also play a lot in this game, play the future in this game. And we did really, really very well.”

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PeekFreans added 18:33 - Apr 16
Very well done Andre!

jas0999 added 18:48 - Apr 16
Highlight of an exceptionally poor season is Dozzell scoring today and yet again a MOM performance from Bart - how many times have we said that since January?

Time now for MM to focus on next season. Hopefully we won't see Douglas, Coke, Toure etc and hopefully we will spend some money on quality, hungry attack minded footballers to compliment the likes of Bishop and Dozzell.

rfretwell added 18:51 - Apr 16
Well done Mick for having the courage to put Andre on at a crucial point in the match. Credit where its due.

BoredWithThisNow added 18:57 - Apr 16
I was at the game when his old man scored on his debut so I feel truly ancient now!

Great to see him play and score, one chink of light in what has been a very dark few months as a Town fan. Cheers Andre (and Jason, of course)

prebsa added 19:01 - Apr 16
Bad 4 or 5 weeks?! We have been bad since January with a poor patch last year to add to that aswell! Boring dinasour.

Kikapu added 19:06 - Apr 16
jas0999 How you can talk about players like they're dispensable lumps of meet, I just don't know. Let's hope if they do - you go with them.

carsey added 19:08 - Apr 16
I don't think it took courage to put Dozzell on it was a no lose situation for McCarthy if it worked great if it didn't he could say he was too young.
What worries me is McCarthy saying we were having a great season until 4 or 5 weeks ago - we were not. This season has been abject apart from a couple of games and mainly because of McCarthy's awful tactics and style.
Sooner this season is over the better.

MicksZzzTactics added 19:18 - Apr 16
Kudos to young Andre! He is surely gonna mature into being something real special ... and obviously seeing him in a 1st team ITFC shirt (although it might be a short-lived experience) invariably brings back fond fan memories of his dad Jason, especially from when Jason also was a super teenager. And whom I btw believe still holds the record for being youngest goalscorer in England's top division all-time at something like 16 years and 50some days?

As for usually foul-mouth inclined Dinosaur Mick's take on the new Dozzell .... Well excuse me but a FEW of his particular hmmm "choice of words" here sort of reminds me of those coming from Gregory Peck (as Doctor Mengele) in Franklin Schaffner's 1978 scary dramatization of Ira Levin's classic "The Boyz from Brazil"!!! :-) (-:

Kikapu added 19:18 - Apr 16

blueherts added 19:19 - Apr 16
Agree carney MM will Always be a 'play not to lose' manager and games we need to take it to teams he is unable to set up
2 holding midfielders his his default setting
We have had another poor post January season
We benefited last year cos derby messed up
I like how he focused on Dozzell and great to see but do not let that cover up his tactical inadequacies
He is a product of another era and did well for us to get out of trouble but he cannot build a side capable of playing font foot attacking football that is needed to compete at the top of the championship
Sorry to say it but I fear we have more of the same next season unless he has a change of personality

blueherts added 19:20 - Apr 16
Sorry carsey ! Not carney

Mystified added 19:27 - Apr 16
Mick perfectly sums up his style of play when he quotes his team fights and scraps. It's no real suprise then that this season has been a challenging season for lots of ITFC fans who have endured Mick's unispiring brand of football. I thought long and hard about next season and what it may bring but with a heavy heart, I cancelled my season ticket as I don't believe things will change. The investment spotlight will be firmly fixed on Marcus Evans during the summer - let's hope he steps up to the plate for the sake of all those who have renewed.

Guthrum added 19:42 - Apr 16
Five weeks and four days ago, Town were just one point away from 6th place. McCarthy is absolutely correct, it's since then the wheels have come off.

BillBlue added 19:59 - Apr 16
jas0999 - Good post, I agree 100% with what you say but does McCarthy? He Is looking at a 33 year old from QPR, OK according to the Sun, but that does closely follow his previous actions!

blueboy1981 added 20:19 - Apr 16
Just a shame you have no idea how to play such players Michael. Flair scares the daylights out of ya.

Foot in, hoof, block - that's more in your line.


blueboy1981 added 20:22 - Apr 16
........... not forgetting: your favourite words scrap, fight, nick, and ...... BONKERS.

Michael11 added 21:22 - Apr 16
Strange that Pitman went mental at Knudsen for shooting instead of passing, considering he's by far our greediest player when McGoldrick's not fit. Disappointing to end the season with no hope of promotion. Hopefully Evans will see we need a bit of investment to replace Fraser and players like McGoldrick/Bishop can stay fit. Hopefully Dozzell can progress next year like Bishop did last season.

ArnieM added 23:56 - Apr 16
...sad thing is Pitman was right to be pissed off ( not right to quote so OTT), because had Knudsen squared the ball instead of shooting , it would have been a simple tap in goal for Pitman or Sears who were both unmarked at the far post. A simple look up by the LB and it would have been all 3 pts in the 92 min!

But in truth a draw was a fair result ....and in our current EIGHTH position with all our creative players out injured for the whole season it's hardly a bloody catastrophe that some on here would have us all believe, is it!!

jas0999 added 07:21 - Apr 17
Kikapu - you realise this is a forum and it's about opinion right? I don't think I'm talking about players like they are a piece of meat, but I personally think there are a number of players who are nowhere near good enough if we are serious about promotion. Douglas, Coke and Toure are just three. I would of course wish them well, but personally hope not to see them play for us again.

jas0999 added 07:23 - Apr 17
BillBlue - no, I have no excitation at all! We won't spend and it will sadly be same again next season. Some will be delighted with that, I personally won't. We shouldn't be accepting eighth, nor the football on offer.

SpiritOfJohn added 07:42 - Apr 17
Well done André. Surprised and delighted that Mick made a bold substitution at half time. Probably the best news of the day is Mick's emphatic comment "I’ve no interest [in letting him go], I might as well pack it up if I lose players of that quality."

delias_cheesy_flaps added 09:23 - Apr 17
If André is as good as his dad we have a diamond on our hands,
Now for the clear-out of the dross from midfield and defence, goodbye Christophe!

finzha added 09:36 - Apr 17
Guthrum - You're right, everyone was happy with our position until the Rotherham game.
Who knows what our season could've been like if we had McGoldrick, Bishop and Fraser were fit the whole time.
Also Its unfair to say bad comments about Coke and Toure. They've been unlucky with the injuries they've had and the limited time they have been playing they haven't done much wrong. I remember the itfc v Birmingham game when Larsen was whipping in some nice crosses.
My ideal midfield for next season would be Feeney, Skuse, Bishop and [New Signing!]
Also let's bring back the magical combo of Murph and Didz which was so destructive last year!
Note for Adidas - Playing in a collar sucks! I know personally ! And it's also extremely ugly 😂😂

Garv added 09:40 - Apr 17
Murphy has been out but for the majority when he has been in he hasn't been that great this season.

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