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McCarthy: We Mugged Them
Tuesday, 13th Sep 2016 22:53

Town boss Mick McCarthy admitted his side had “mugged” Derby after sub Luke Varney’s goal eight minutes after half-time saw the Blues to a 1-0 win at the iPro Stadium.

“I said to the lads, sod the two draws, let’s lose one and win one,” McCarthy said reflecting on the away trips to Reading on Friday and Derby.

“I didn’t feel that way on Friday, I have to be honest, although I did say after the game we’ve got to repair it and if we do that [we could win].

“It was unlikely, we’ve mugged them, to be fair. They were better than us. They dominated the first half and for 10 minutes we were hanging on.

“But it was all the stuff that I preach to the players and I think sometimes supporters don’t like it when I’m talking about being resilient and tough and hard-working and putting a shift in. It gets ridiculed a bit.

“But without it you get nothing for me. We’ve shown all those qualities tonight. When we were getting a right royal doing in the first half we we’ve got blocks in and saves in and headers out, they couldn’t score. But it was unlikely, they were better than us, played better but couldn’t score.

“And we had Johnny on the spot, Reg, who has been waiting for his chance. He’s a fabulous guy around the place. It’s great when a sub comes on and does that, it’s brilliant.”

He added: “He gave us an outlet we didn’t have in the first half, which was why I made the subs.”

“I wanted to stop them coming forward onto us as much as they were. We weren’t coping with it.

“I was tempted in the first half but I don’t like doing that to players because that is really detrimental to them, so that was why I was screaming for the last five minutes of the first half to make sure we didn’t concede and then I could make the changes. And it’s nice when they work.”

McCarthy had praise for the evening’s debutant, another half-time sub: “I just said to Tom Lawrence, ‘You’ll do for me, kid’. He’ll fit in with us, he’ll be right up my street, he worked his socks off.

“And it’s hard for him, and for Conor Grant who had been out for two weeks. Tom’s come on and it’s hard to show your true ability when you’re having to work as hard as that because when the ball comes sometimes your touch isn’t there, he’s not been playing competitively, so he’s behind everybody else, but I’m really pleased with him as well.”

Regarding Tommy Smith and Freddie Sears, who both missed the game through injury, McCarthy said: “Tommy’s got a problem with his back, he needs some treatment on that and Freddie had a groin strain.

“They were never coming. Sorry for not telling you, but I thought why should I tell everybody my team and who would or wouldn’t be playing. You’ll have to forgive me on that one.”

Are they doubts for Saturday’s home game against Aston Villa? “We’ll see, they’ve been back having treatment. I think Freddie, if it had been a cup final and we’d only got one game left to play then we might have risked him but not when we’ve got 39 to play.

“Cole Skuse had the snuffles and sniffles this morning, flu symptoms, he was bunged up and he’s done well to play 72 minutes. The other two changes were tactical.”

Derby boss Nigel Pearson was disappointed with the result but not with his team’s display: “Mick said to me before the game that he felt that they’d been mugged on Friday, I think they’ve probably done that to us tonight.

“Of course, it’s a disappointing night and it’s difficult to sell the idea that that was OK when you’re losing games. To score one goal so far this season in the league is a poor return, but I thought the player deserved to win the game. I thought they played exceptionally well, but there you are. Move on.

“I really felt for the players after the Newcastle game and I feel for them more tonight. I felt for the fans and the players.

“But the good thing tonight is that I think our fans could see what our players are about, they stuck with them, which is positive, and really you’ve got to be pragmatic with how you look at nights like to night.

“In the context of what’s happened so far this season, that was a very good performance which didn’t get the result we were looking for.”

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ericclacton added 23:01 - Sep 13

Palestine added 23:03 - Sep 13
It will be interesting to look back over this season and see in how many games we were outplayed - even by McCarthy's own words. Would it be most? It is weird really when you set up to basically be outplayed but hope to fight out a result (as we quite often do). It might almost work at Championship level - clearly cannot work in the Prem, if we were ever to get promoted.

My only hope is it improves when Jonny and others come back and we have flair available.

ps. Great win.

ArnieM added 23:25 - Sep 13
So bloody pleased we've finally got the rub of the green tonight. We've lost 6pts this season to utter shyte referring decisions. It's our turn to have some "luck". We should really be 2nd or 3rd tonight if disallowed goals hadn't been given in our other games .

COYBS...now let's beat Villa.

TheDailyTractor added 23:26 - Sep 13
Yes we may well did 'mug them' but I think we are owed it in terms of decisions against us so far this season.

Also I'd like to mention that adam Webster was outstanding tonight. He's going to be brilliant for us. Solid, forward thinking, good tackles, blocks and made one of our best runs forward this evening.

On to Saturday to beat the Villa. COYB

MickMillsTash added 23:40 - Sep 13
I've been to 3 games this season (Wolves, Norwich) and that was the worst one.
There is not one player in that team who will score more than 10 this season which means lower half of the table.
Bru is absolute garbage - weak, slow, not creative - every time i see him start he gets subbed.
Webster very good, Grant nice, Varney worked and worked but we will need more than huff and puff at Portman Road. Ward quiet.
3 points but it masks a lot of negatives. Leon Best had better be good.


PJewellisaGod added 00:06 - Sep 14
We got the win, that's the most important thing. Massive pressure on Derby now to get themselves away from the relegation zone. We didn't deserve the win, but we got it so let's see if we can mug Villa as well. Bialkowski and Webster-10 out of 10. Skuse good and Varney a great super sub. But that was really "all hands on deck" as we survived wave after wave of assaults. Bart really is looking like the player of the year again, and if we want to sell him at the end of the season we could be looking at a massive fee. For me, best goalkeeper IN THE WORLD at the moment. Consistent game after game, rules the box and great shot stopper. He produced some outrageous saves at Reading which kept us in the game and did similarly against Derby. In honesty Varney's shot on target would have been a routine save for Bart but Carson nowhere near the same league.

BigHibbs added 00:19 - Sep 14
Let's not forget McCarthy signed Bart , so when you credit a win down to the goalkeeper you must give credit also to the manager, he made Bart and gerks scrap to see who he picked ! Keeping a level head when both made mistakes, Bart very unsteady for his first year but has improved like a fine wine ! He is the best keeper we have had on a permanent deal since kelvin Davis in my opinion. fantastic win stolen or not ! Let's get behind the team for the villa game on Saturday

JimInGreensboro added 00:25 - Sep 14
They didn't get mugged. They got Barted.

HarryS_H added 01:00 - Sep 14
Derby fans more upbeat than the moaners on here says a lot... a win is a win and when you're away to a team of derby's pedigree it is expected that you might want to do a bit of hard work and defending??

Well done Mick and the lads, I like seeing a town team putting in a shift and winning a game, long may it continue!

Harwicblue added 03:36 - Sep 14
Take that away from home any day

muccletonjoe added 05:06 - Sep 14
Lawrence could well be a match winner for us this season. When we get williams in thete too it does look very positive

Brownie added 07:14 - Sep 14
Pleased to see MM didn't try and say we played well. I wasn't there but listening to those who were this is the original battling win!

A good win though and looking at Bart's save last minute shows he is the best at this level in my view.

I agree re some comments re Bru. Neither one thing or another. Play Lawrence yes and would love to see Bishop but he has something to prove as well. I reckon given the chance Bish will show he YS a good player..

stevieiriswattii added 07:37 - Sep 14
Mick taking another shot at supporters by suggesting we don't understand the need to dig in and be resilient. We do, but not every sodding game. I.e not against Stevenage & Preston at home. If we do, for 90 minutes on every game, McCarthy will be ridiculed. Very pleased for Varney & Bart is now without doubt the No.1.

sereneblue added 07:52 - Sep 14
A win is a win. But would you want to watch 90 minutes of unenteraining garbage every week?!!
No thanks. Pack your bags Mick.

Disco_Inferno added 08:00 - Sep 14
It was a tale of two keepers. Always thought Carson was crap, not just for his England displays - I think he benefited from a shortage of English keepers at that period (Rob Green!). Bart once again earned us points and I very much hope we tie him down to a long contract!

renoble added 08:23 - Sep 14
"But it was all the stuff that I preach to the players and I think sometimes supporters don’t like it when I’m talking about being resilient and tough and hard-working and putting a shift in. It gets ridiculed a bit"

I'm not sure that supporters have a problem with this only most of us would prefer our team also to be creative, thoughtful with the ball, sometimes taking a few risks, playing out from the back now and again and expecting/attempting to win away. It is not what MM says sometimes but what is not said nor seemingly practiced. Four years ago we needed exactly what MM brought to the club and his rhetoric then was spot on - but can we not hope for more?

Cheshire_Blue added 08:37 - Sep 14

Three points off a team that cost millions.
90 minutes of scintillating football every week only to lose the game and finish in league 1 is not my idea of entertainment. You have to get the best out of your available resources and MM can certainly do that.

Well done Mick and the team, long may you continue.

mikeybloo88 added 08:47 - Sep 14
Time to change the sermon Mick and start preaching about playing decent, attractive football...sick to death of this defensive, safety first rubbish every damn week

NoelTheDub added 08:48 - Sep 14
Ive said on many occasions we will win game like this by mugging,hoofing,grinding whatever you like to call the thrash football been dished out by this so call football manager.We are always going into games hoping rather than expecting to beat a team similar to ourselves which is a sad reflection on our club.I read on here people saying I want Barca style but can anyone who supports this rubbish explain to me why 2 players cant pass a ball to each other or beat a player or why our wingers not always real wingers spend more time as extra full backs and what about the huge gap between our slow, uncreative midfield and our poor lone slow striker.This is not about money it the stupid,old fashioned style or tactics this man is dishing out to paying supporters and its only going to catch up with us.Please take your 3 amigos out of the team Skuse,Bru,and Douglas and give the future a chance it might save you..

vanmunt added 08:52 - Sep 14
A good away win but wheres the entertainment..

Pilgrimblue added 09:02 - Sep 14
Amazing but we can't keep playing like that! Sky comment was that we gave ball away too easily so what's MM going to do? Bru must be dropped for starters and MM must realise that possession is key and must also instil a more attacking midfield with players wanting to go forwards.
If not teams like Newcastle Brighton are going to have a field day and before MM realises we will be too far behind the pack. So hoping that Williams Lawrence are the answer and that MM has the balls to pick them ahead of Bru Douglas

OwainG1992 added 09:14 - Sep 14
Our 'fans' are getting too much! I get you want to be entertained and thats all well and good...but away to Detby who we need to be solid against or they would beat us and we won. Did these people b*tching and moaning not notice that? Absolutely fed up with the crap that gets posted on here. Not to mention if we had lost there would be 100+ comments on here not 20odd...says something that!

TCisdynamite added 09:42 - Sep 14
player for player we our worse then most of the sides in the championship. trying to play this 'entertaining' style of football would just end in tears. team spirit and solid defending will see us through for now. while no investment in team mick must do what needs to be done.

appreciate the man for what he's done.

great win MICK and the chaps

Razor added 10:05 - Sep 14
But for Bart this could be a very different message board this morning!

DJ27 added 11:06 - Sep 14
On the theory of win your home games and draw away, you will go up, we should be on 13 pts. Currently on 11 and but for a couple if refereeing decisions we would be on at least 13 if not more. So time for a reality check... I don't get the McCarthy haters on here, but I don't get the McCarthy lovers either. We need to realistic, why can't both sides calm down a bit, meet somewhere in the middle and support the team as one.
Are we entertaining? no. Does McCarthy get the best out of our players? Yes. Let's not forget out most creative players are not fit/matchfit yet. Williams, Bishop, Lawrence, Mcgoldrick and add Best to that who I think is a very shrewd signing if he stays fit, we will play a more attacking game. But away at Derby, what do fans expect? I'm intrigued. Play 2 up front, 3 attacking mid fielders abd 1 holding? We would get smashed. 3 clean sheets from 7 mainly due to Bart shows we are difficult to beat, get some flair players back fully fit and we might juse start playing better football.
But for now opposing McCarthy fans let's both give a little and get behind the team, because majority of fans who actually attend get behind the team, those who don't attend seem to be most critical.

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