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McCarthy: Two Unlucky Goals But Bristol City Deserved Win
Saturday, 30th Sep 2017 18:43

Town boss Mick McCarthy felt the Blues were unlucky with two of the goals they conceded as they were defeated 3-1 at home by Bristol City but admitted that the visitors were the better side and deserved to win.

“It was frustrating,” McCarthy said. “I’m not going to sit here and say overall in the game we were unlucky because I thought they deserved to win, they were better than us.

“But we were unlucky in terms of the goals we’ve conceded, two of them. And after two minutes, it really knocked the wind out of our sails to concede that.”

Was conceding so early crucial to the way the game progressed? “They are a good team, they played very well. It helps if you’re 1-0 up after two minutes, certainly to be that good a team and us, the home team to not really to get started, get a foothold in the game. And they played well then.”

Martyn Waghorn’s goal four minutes before the break made the scoreline 2-1 and got the Blues back into the game but McCarthy admitted his side made little headway after the break.

“I think they handled it particularly well,” he added. “They sat in to the halfway line and certainly whenever we lost it they’d catch us [on the break] and they had a couple of chances because of that. They’ve not conceded many goals either.

“I thought we were a threat in the first half and not so much in the second half, that’s probably because they were 2-1 up and they’ve got a real threat, they’ve got pace up front.”

McCarthy refused to blame tiredness after three games in eight days and the impressive display as they beat Sunderland 5-2 on Tuesday.

“I’ve had pretty much 16 players that I’ve been working with, they all put a shift in every week and I admire them all for that," he reflected.

“Tuesday night, I don’t know whether it took it out of them, I didn’t foresee that coming, I wasn’t looking at them thinking they were tired, but goals do change momentum in games and how things work and they got one after three minutes.

“We got one after 10 or 15 minutes on Tuesday and even having conceded another we got another, but we looked far better, we looked sharper.”

McCarthy admitted that the loss of Tom Adeyemi in the warm-up hampered his plans for the game but similarly wasn’t using that as an excuse for the loss.

“Of course it did because he was selected to play but that’s not detrimental to Tristan Nydam because Tristan played very well,” he said.

“But we played really well with Tom in the team, he’s linked up well with Didzy and them. Everybody was disappointed to lose him, no one more so than him, but I’m not going to blame that either, it doesn’t help, but I’m not going to blame that.

“He’s nicked his hamstring, we don’t know [how serious that might be], he’ll probably have a scan tomorrow and we’ll find out.”

David McGoldrick came off injured in the second half and is now a doubt for Ireland’s World Cup qualifiers against Moldova and Wales.

“Likewise, he’d a tight hamstring,” McCarthy added. “I asked him about five minutes before and he said he was all right. I didn’t think he was, I’d seen him stretching off and then he said he couldn’t carry on.

“Likewise, he’ll go for a scan, he’s in the Ireland squad, I’m sure they’ll want him to go over and assess him.

“But the last thing I need is for him to go over and train or do anything and get injured. We want him fit. As you know we can’t afford any more injuries, certainly not to him, the way he’s been playing.”

The two games are a big chance for McGoldrick to make his mark with Ireland and McCarthy says it would be a blow for the striker to miss out: “Yes, it is but he’s got to be fit.”

Asked to assess the first couple of months of the season with the Blues eighth on 18 points having played 10 games, one fewer than most other clubs, he said: “Would I have taken it? Yes, I would have taken 18 points.

“But I’m under no illusions, and this isn’t detrimental to the other clubs, but the teams we’ve beaten, where they are, Barnsley, Brentford were very good but they’ve still been down there, Bolton, Millwall, Sunderland.

“The teams we’ve beaten are beneath us, maybe they’re beneath us for a reason. We lost to Fulham quite badly, not so much today because I think the two deflected goals have really changed it.

“We lost at QPR and we lost at Leeds, we played well at Leeds. I think overall we’ve had a good couple of months, we’ve played well in the games. My assessment is that we’re giving too many goals away.”

He added: “I can’t do anything about the first one [today], the second one, certainly the ball in the box. I think he’s a good player [Famara Diedhiou] but they’ve spent the guts of £6 million on him and he looks the part to be fair.

“And the third one we can’t do a lot about, but certainly some of the other ones we’ve conceded over the last few weeks we can, we’ve got to do better.

“Something to work on and I’m sure it will help when there’s a bit more pressure on them when Webbo’s back. It was nice to see him on the pitch, he looked a bit ring rusty but it was good to see him back and when Tommy Smith’s back we’ll have our defenders back fit.”

Midfielder Emyr Huws is due to return from his achilles injury after the break but not for the next game at Sheffield United.

“I’m not sure he’ll be fit for that game and likewise Flynn Downes,” McCarthy continued. “We need players back fit, in any position.”

He says his squad will now be given a break: “They’ve worked hard, there’ll be no recriminations from me. They’ve all worked their socks off and done well. We’re in a better position we were last year by a good stretch.”

Bristol City manager Lee Johnson thought his side deserved the victory: “I’m delighted with the result. This is a difficult place to come, especially with the form they have been in.

“There was a lot of talk beforehand about threat from their front five but we dealt with it quite well.

“We played some good football, we had the lion’s share of possession and created plenty of opportunities, plus we worked our socks off.”

Johnson felt Town striker Joe Garner should have been dismissed following a clash with Aden Flint in the first half, the Blues frontman reacting after the Robins defender appeared to stand on him when grounded following a challenge.

"I thought Joe Garner could have gone for a red card but I'd rather talk about my team," Johnson told his club's official Twitter.

In his press conference, he added: "My instinct was that - well, I'm going to be biased first and foremost - was that it was a little bit naughty but I haven't watched it back."

Photo: TWTD

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blue75 added 19:03 - Sep 30
So glad you still give up if we concede in the first 5 mins. You got it wrong Tuesday you let our players play today you could see they were ordered to hoof first pass second. Bristol were the better team played it the correct way. We've got some points on the board Clarence Seedorf is interviewing at Oldham why not take a chance on a young Dutchman? We've got the players that can play we just need a manager that will let them. I'd rather see us try to win 4-3 today than lose like we did!! You can never give up at home McCarthy does that too much especially when playing a team that can pass on the floor!!

Swailsey added 19:12 - Sep 30
Absurd comment blue75.

jas0999 added 19:17 - Sep 30
Very poor today. Lost five of last seven in all competitions. Not great. But eighth nonetheless.

Superblue95 added 19:20 - Sep 30
Blue75- you would rather see us win 4-3 than lose 3-1? No sh*t Sherlock

Radlett_blue added 19:31 - Sep 30
"This is a difficult place to come".

Bobby_Petta added 19:42 - Sep 30
First Match I been to this season, I thought we were poor at the back, wasn't impressed with Lorfa and I Know Spence was playing out of position but he struggled against their Striker. I was disappointed that Josh emmanuel was shipped out, think he would do a good job at fullback. With Webster back hopefully will tighten it up the back. Need ball to feet though as we don't have the height upfront. Better than last season so far, so can't complain, we look like with will have a better season. Still way off being a top 6 club. Good to some youngster given a chance hopefully in a few season will have a young quality midfield with Dozzell, Tristen and Downs. Something to build on!

Lathers added 20:04 - Sep 30
I used to think Mick did his homework on teams, but after his 'I haven't seen Sunderland play' comment then clearly not. And it shows. Playing an expansive 4 man strike force against a technically better team was a rookie error. We were opened up by Fulham, and Bristol City play in a very similar way... Which led to another defeat by being outplayed. So out of his depth when it comes to thinking outside the box. Sunderland were there to be taken, so you have a go, but Bristol are on a good run, positive, set up differently to Sunderland etc etc... We need a manager who recognises this and has a plan a,b and c. Mick does not, which is why we will never progress.

Dissboyitfc added 20:24 - Sep 30
We got from the game what we deserved and that was nothing! Bristol look a good side, made us look very average tbh.

manualthetisfanclub added 20:52 - Sep 30
Normal service resumed!, come up against anything half decent then it's shows our level! Not negative just realist! Decent start though all the same.

OohArrPaulGoddard added 21:33 - Sep 30
Fair assessment from Mick I think. And he got through a post match press conference without antaganising fans perhaps he is learning.......

blue75 added 22:20 - Sep 30
Chrisswailes what parts absurd the bit where we get a manger to okay football or the bit slagging off McCarthy for trying to stop Bristol playing which failed miserably?
Superblue95 I'd rather see us trying to win 4-3 than lose 3-1 like today where we were out played at home. I would actually prefer to see us lose 3-4 at home if we were trying to win a game.

blue75 added 22:22 - Sep 30
Sorry too much rum! Manager to play

Tractorboy1985 added 22:38 - Sep 30
Blue75... too many San Miguel's in mannings I take it?? Bad result yes and very annoyed yes but we have to realise what we are.. a team battling for top 6 at best!! As long as we are in our current position come jan 1st we can't complain about our season! Like some have said.. winning comes first.. entertainment comes 2nd... why can't we all support the club whilst we are in a positive position? If we were like Blackpool at the foot of the table and owners completely milking the club (I'm not an Evans fan) I could understand but we have had a 7/10 start I would say so we should all get behind the lads and support the club! Very disappointed tonight but we go again!! Let's not have any negative energy come 22nd October!! COYB!!!!

muccletonjoe added 06:16 - Oct 1
They have spent 6 million on a striker. Our entire team does not cost even half that. So you have to get everything in perspective before moaning at mick or the players. We compete well against teams of a similar financial standing and occassionally kick one or two afluent butts. I dont think anyone can reasonably argue that we dont do the best we can with what we have.

ChrisFelix added 09:02 - Oct 1
Yes,yesterday was disappointing after Tuesday. But realistically our defence I still a goal waiting to be given away. I'm hopeful that Webster will help Chambers out, that's if he keeps fit. The midfield needs the pace of of adeyami to assist the strikers. Shame our monied neighbours have caught us up, but that life & the delights of following ITFC

ChrisFelix added 09:02 - Oct 1
Yes,yesterday was disappointing after Tuesday. But realistically our defence I still a goal waiting to be given away. I'm hopeful that Webster will help Chambers out, that's if he keeps fit. The midfield needs the pace of of adeyami to assist the strikers. Shame our monied neighbours have caught us up, but that life & the delights of following ITFC

brendanh added 09:53 - Oct 1
Second game vs one of the top teams in as many weeks. In both, MM started a lightweight 17 year old, who contributed little, and we were been outplayed & lost. I'd have started Ward in place of Nydam in the absence of Adeyemi & Downes. Nydam may become a great player, but these aren't the games to blood him. If we lose, MM knows the likes of Nydam are a human shield protecting him from criticism ("one of our own"). Ipswich Town Football Club and results should be more important than protecting the ego of Michael McCarthy.

Lukeybluey added 09:58 - Oct 1
There were glimpses of us trying to do the right thing by passing. But I thought Bristol were really good today. Very well organised and I thought their defence was formidable especially the two giant centre backs. We huffed and puffed but to be fair to Bristol, they didn't give us a look in. I thought Celina looked lively, perhaps needs to hit the gym slightly become a bit stronger in the tackle. Their front two gave us problems all game.

carsey added 09:58 - Oct 1
And hoofball is back. Particularly stupid when the opposition have 2 centre backs each 6'8" tall.

Dissboyitfc added 10:11 - Oct 1
Question for those who marked me down, what did you disagree with? We deserved something from the game? Bristol didnt look a good side or you think we looked better than average?

Swn98 added 12:17 - Oct 1
Question dissboy were you at the game?

Guthrum added 12:27 - Oct 1
What a superb photo!

coolcat added 12:45 - Oct 1
Guthrum I was thinking that.

TimmyH added 12:46 - Oct 1
My assessment over the first 10 games is once again inconsistency, we were rather fortunate to win 4 games running as the performances by and large weren't there. Since that run of 4 wins on the bounce we've lost more than we've won although some entertaining games i.e. Millwall, Sunderland etc. I'm not sure as he's mentioned he's got a grip on the defense at all, season by season the longer he's been here the more goals we ship statistically, okay injuries has hampered the central defense but he hasn't got a grip on the full backs either and which are the one's he should stick with, Iorfa (average) Connolly although only 2 games started (average) Knudsen although looked best at left side of central Mick just loves to put him at LB which again in my opinion he's certainly no better than Kenlock who deserves a run of games in that position just not when injuries occur. The positives are obviously the summer signings on the attacking side but Mick needs to get more of a balance and maybe when Huws returns we might see that to a degree though that could be months away.

So in summary good on the goals front rather poor on the defensive side and still to beat a reasonable side = mid table I think folks = another season in the Championship. Can't see the fans flocking back anytime soon.

blue75 added 14:44 - Oct 1
Dissboyitfc don't worry about down markers you should know by now that those that generally mark down follow McCarthy blindly and are probably looking forward to the club taking up the 2 year option on his contract.

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