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McCarthy in France
Monday, 12th Feb 2018 10:45

Town boss Mick McCarthy was spotted travelling to France on Sunday morning.

If the Blues manager was making a scouting trip, there were only a few games taking place in France yesterday, just three in Ligue 1.

In the afternoon, Strasbourg defeated Troyes 2-1 and Nantes and Lille drew 2-2, while his former club Lyon were beaten 2-0 at home by Rennes in the evening.

While McCarthy and MD Ian Milne have both said in the last few days that no decision has been made on whether the 59-year-old will remain at Portman Road after the end of this season, the Town manager has said he is working as if he will still be in charge beyond the summer.

“I will continue doing that until the season finishes or whenever my future is determined,” he said speaking just over a week ago.

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yungblue added 10:47 - Feb 12
As many I suspect, I won’t be renewing my season ticket until I know who the manager is, JUST IN CASE MM is still in charge.

warktheline added 10:54 - Feb 12
Coventry would have been better!

toxtethblue added 10:55 - Feb 12
For one glorious moment there I thought he was going there for good...

Lightningboy added 10:55 - Feb 12
Taking the long way round to Barnsley finger’s crossed.

dirtydingusmagee added 10:55 - Feb 12
one way ticket ,one way ticket, one way ticket from the Blues !

FinidiCentenary added 10:56 - Feb 12
It's not really news this is it.

He makes a trip at the start of every year to retrieve the 4,000 balls we've lost from forward passes at Portman Road and Playford Road.

Sells them for £10,000 to and gets given a summer transfer budget with it.

boroughblue added 10:58 - Feb 12
Don't come back

12th_Man added 11:02 - Feb 12
No doubt looking for other useless centre back from the French non league

Northstandveteran added 11:13 - Feb 12
I suspect someone has seen him a video of a young French kid on a games console and told Mick he is the next 'Thierry on Wii' .

Northstandveteran added 11:15 - Feb 12
I did hear he was coming home via Holland once he's checked out a left back named 'Willhire van Rental'

Scuzzer added 11:17 - Feb 12
Next PSG manager?.....ha ha!

chatty added 11:24 - Feb 12
I have just found this
3. Barnsley becomes Chien Lee and Paul Conway’s second club This won’t be Chien Lee and Paul Conway’s first time working together. Lee is currently chairman of OGC Nice in Ligue 1, with Conway working as a Director for the French side. Barnsley fans will be hoping that the owners can bring success as quickly as they managed in France, where the team qualified for the Champions League for the first time within their first year of ownership.

Could he be visiting Nice??

Biff added 11:25 - Feb 12
Come on let's be fair look at what he has had to work with , little money has been made available , you could blame Marcus . But he has had his fingers burnt in the past . Everyone screams about Marcus making more money available, yes he is a millionaire but probably not a multi millionaire and certainly would not appear to be rich enough to keep ploughing millions into the club. At the end of the day Mick may well go and a new Manager come in but any new Manager will have the same restrictions placed upon him and probably this time next year the majority of fans will be calling for his head , hopefully not , but there are no guarantees .As they say be careful what you wish for.

BrianTablet added 11:26 - Feb 12
He's seen Escape to Victory and quite fancies Michael Caine in the holding midfielder role.

BlueBlood90 added 11:27 - Feb 12
Can someone go and burn his passport please?

brittaniaman added 11:27 - Feb 12
Perhaps he has gone to France to avoid Training this week so if anything goes wrong next Sunday he will not get the Blame for it ???

BobbyBell added 11:36 - Feb 12
Carrot Road coming up and just had our worst performance of the season and lowest crowd for 20 years. Oh good, our manager is in France. Why the hell isn't he at Playford Road having made the squad come in for extra work?

baxter7 added 11:46 - Feb 12
Perhaps he is going on a booze cruise to make some more money for transfers and biff Clough as had less money to spend than us yet they played football unlike mcarthy always sets his team's up not to lose his time is up

oldelsworthyfan added 11:47 - Feb 12
I respect, but don't entirely hold with, the argument that we have not done well because MM has had little to work with. Many good managers have done better with less money to spend. Sir Alf for a start.

The way we play under MM is so predictable, negative and old fashioned that it's easy for the opposition to work out. A good side will tear us apart. A poor side (like we saw on Saturday) can be just as negative. Both hope and pray for a lucky break to turn 0-0 into
Is that worth watching? I don't think so.
Carrying on with MM, if by some miracle he did get us into the Premiership, we all know we would come straight back done again. Is that what we really want?

Bluesquid added 11:51 - Feb 12
Le bonquers!!!

dirtydingusmagee added 11:52 - Feb 12
he could have gone to the moon for all I care these days, His name is still on door that's the worrying and annoying thing .

Len_Brennan added 12:02 - Feb 12
What you say is mainly true, & yes it is always a risk to change your manager, but that's not the full story here. Club owners who blindly sack managers to get in a big name like Birmingham did with Zola, or even as ME did when replacing Magic with Keane, tend to get what they deserve, but it's the fans here who have seen enough & are calling for change. Ultimately it will come down to the finances & the dropping attendances cannot be ignored any longer, no matter how well Mick & ME get on.
Nobody wants to see us flirting with relegation or going down, but that's not the inevitable consequence of letting Mick go. The football has to get better and surely we can find a manager who can be at least as successful, while playing a more attractive brand of football.

Marcus added 12:04 - Feb 12
If he comes back speaking like Joey Barton's attempt at a French accent then the next interview should be interesting.

Pilgrimblue added 12:20 - Feb 12
He must have got the wrong ferry and only realised when he couldn't undetstand why they weren't speaking Irish.

BullardsMagicMullet added 12:21 - Feb 12
Knowing Evans probably on a cheap booze run to top the grounds stock up.

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