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Milne Unaware of Any Concerns on Bialkowski Contract
Tuesday, 3rd Apr 2018 12:12

Town managing director Ian Milne says he’s unaware of any concerns regarding keeper Bartosz Bialkowski’s new contract, which the Polish international agreed in January but is still to sign.

“It’s still happening as far as I’m concerned,” Milne told BBC Radio Suffolk’s Life’s a Pitch. “I don’t know where the hold-up is but I’m not aware of any concerns on that at the moment.”

Bialkowski, a Crystal Palace target in January, said in February that the deal, which runs to 2020 with an option for a further year, will be signed but that there were “still a couple of things to sort out”.

While the 30-year-old’s current deal is up at the end of the season, the club has an option for a further year which they are certain to take up before the May deadline.

Speaking following the news that he will be moving on at the end of the campaign, manager Mick McCarthy said he wouldn’t be continuing to work on plans for next season.

That being the case, asked who will be addressing the player contract situation with a number of first-teamers, including David McGoldrick, Teddy Bishop and Luke Hyam, having deals which are up in the summer, Milne added: “We’ve got to wait for the announcement on those. I can’t give you any further answers on that one at the moment. It’s going to be [owner] Marcus [Evans] who is going to make the decisions.

“Mick’s going to honour his contract and give every assistance on that. [Marcus and Mick are] very friendly and will continue to be so and he will see his contract out.”

Photo: TWTD

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blueoxford added 12:17 - Apr 3
Chocolate teapot

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 12:25 - Apr 3
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

NBVJohn added 12:26 - Apr 3
'Milne Unaware' are words that could actually precede any statement about this man.


JCTractorboy added 12:41 - Apr 3
“I don't know where the hold-up is but I'm not aware of any concerns on that at the moment.” Well surely you should know you melt. One of the biggest problems with club at the moment.

Townly added 12:43 - Apr 3
Is he aware of where Portman Road is?

What a shocker.

"Chocolate teapot" is better .

Suffolkboy added 12:52 - Apr 3
Glad to see I'm not alone in this sort of assessment ; gives the distinct impression of being unable to organise a 'p. S up in a brewery ' ,MOST of the time !
Brigs shame upon ITFC and Portman Rd ; if he was aware of pitch concerns ,and it's a big if , why on earth did he not think it right to express those to us all.and tell us what commitment there is to getting it right again ?
Some money fron Mings and Murphy ought to have gone that way ; just what are the priorities?


blueherts added 12:56 - Apr 3
Yep , you get the feeling old ME doesnt put his 'strongest' generals at old PR . I also think ME has to grow some and just get rid of MM NOW this would never happen in any other club or business - keeping manager on even though he is going - absolute tosh

dubblue added 12:57 - Apr 3
I assume Bart's agent has sent somebody the list of items he wants addressed/clarified. Seems strange the MD is not on the mailing list! What's him role again???

christiand added 13:37 - Apr 3
We can't go around criticising the MD and the club, they have only had a 'paltry' 2 months to get Bart to sign the new deal, who can possibly get a deal over the line in that short space of time?! How can they possibly not know what the hold up is?! Here's a thought Mr Milne try speaking to the player, you never know he might actually tell you what the hold up is!!!

NITFC added 13:47 - Apr 3
Something else that Milne is Unaware of then?

itfchorry added 13:50 - Apr 3
Milne Out - clueless

iaintaylorx added 14:16 - Apr 3
Why are we even leaving it THIS late in our best players contract anyway!?

martin587 added 14:22 - Apr 3
I just hope your right as Bart has been our saviour for the past three seasons.He is worth his weight in Gold.

Northstandveteran added 15:12 - Apr 3
Our best player because

a) He gets more touches per game than the rest of the team

b) The competition isn't exactly hot

Of course we would like him to stay but players come and go....

Steijn has an excellent record of promoting youth. We have a great young keeper at the club. He may decide to have a mass clear out, promote the youth team, cash in on Bart and invest the money on an older defender, midfielder and forward to stabilise and teach our young team.

Orange Army!

BeattiesBackPocket added 16:29 - Apr 3
Does this spazmatron know anything!? There used to be a day at the club when the Chairman etc even knew who the tea lady was this bloke doesn't even know what day it is!? Thats 2 muppets/puppets who know nothing about football or anything bought in to run the club by Evans! Bravo Marcus!

jas1972 added 17:25 - Apr 3
There is no point in getting agitated at Milne. He was not "brought in to run the club", he is an employee of the Marcus Evans Group who was told one day that he should add "Managing Director - ITFC" to his job description, but otherwise carry on as normal. His main role is to avoid the need for ME to say anything to anyone that he doesn't want to, and he carries out that duty very well. Of course, football-wise there is no point to him at all.

prebbs007 added 17:34 - Apr 3
What is actually the point of you Milne ? What do you actually do ? What benefit does ITFC get from your existence ? Can you please just head out of the same door as the dinosaur and don't let it smack you on the ar$e on the way out.

Trac70 added 17:35 - Apr 3
Milne hasn't got a clue which day of the week it is!!! He doesn't even know who our keeper is. They said Bart and he said "I prefer Homer" Doh!!! Useless chocolate teapot!!!!

colonel added 17:49 - Apr 3
So the guy who has been the best employee in recent years has a couple of issues over committing his medium term future to his employer & the MD doesn't know what they are? ....... Righto

North_London_Blue added 18:07 - Apr 3
There seem to have been an error on the headline. A more accurate one would have read “Milne unaware of anything”. Consequently, further interviews with him can be disregarded just as redundant as his employment with the club.

Be lovely to see Bart stay though!

North_London_Blue added 18:08 - Apr 3

dukey44 added 18:10 - Apr 3
Haha and gets paid as a parrot as he's never really aware of anything? I'm a boss myself but I'm aware of everything happening around me? This could only happen at Ipswich at the mo. So I hear Mr Evans is going to speak out to the fans?

Edmundo added 18:17 - Apr 3
Believe it when I actually see it, dukey. And I mean see him on the pitch facing Our Club's supporters.

Cloddyseedbed added 18:17 - Apr 3
Mr Milne seems unaware of everything ITFC. Pointless this man being here.

jas0999 added 18:26 - Apr 3
Doesn't know very much does he?

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