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Hurst: Waghorn Exit and Signings Closer, No Knudsen Stoke Move and Aware of Garner Interest
Saturday, 4th Aug 2018 18:33

Boss Paul Hurst has confirmed Martyn Waghorn’s Town departure is edging closer as are some of his moves to bring players in, but poured cold water on reports that Jonas Knudsen is set to join Stoke and says he’ll look at the situation with Bolton target Joe Garner.

“That looks like it’s edging more to a conclusion,” Hurst said when quizzed about Waghorn, who was left out of the 18 today. “Let’s not kid ourselves what that conclusion will probably be.

“And as a result I didn’t think it was fair on the player, I didn’t think it was fair on my group of players or us as a football club to involve him.

“That was the reason why he wasn’t involved but again we’ll see what the next hours and days bring but thankfully Thursday’s getting a little bit closer even while I’m talking.”

Hurst wouldn’t comment on the club who are set to sign Waghorn, but we understand it will be either Derby or Middlesbrough with the Rams appearing the favourites.

“I don’t think that’s my place to, in all honesty, but I’m sure we’ll all find out soon enough,” he said.

Hurst hinted that the Blues may ultimately take a fee lower than their valuation of Waghorn.

“I think we have to make a decision that we think’s right,” he continued. ”Whether or not it’s quite met the valuation that we really feel [it should].

“But ultimately, as I’ve said and have said from the start, we’ve got to make decisions that are best for this football club and not everyone’s going to agree with them.

“I understand that but what I would say is they’re not in my shoes or the owner’s shoes and understand about all the intricacies around people’s situations.

“So, as I’ve said before, without rushing it, the sooner it is concluded the better. And while I understand the questions and respect them, I want us to be talking about players that have been out on the football pitch and that are part of this squad, and that’s while I’ll be pleased when the window is done overall rather than speculating about who is coming in or who is leaving.”

Shrewsbury pair Jon Nolan and Toto Nsiala were also both left out today as was Blackpool defender Curtis Tilt, while Kayden Jackson played for Accrington.

Asked whether he was getting closer to landing some of those targets, he said: “I think some are kind of edging more in our favour. Whether it’s the players, whether it’s the clubs they’re at, whether it’s us, things can change.

“You could have a deal set up and today there have been games, which I don’t like in respect that someone might suffer some injuries and then they think, ‘We just can’t let you go’, scenarios can change. A player might have got injured today. hopefully there’s not.

“Those are the things I’ll be looking at and trying to get updates on and see where we’re at."

He says he would be straight back on the phone as soon as the press conference was over.

“I could do with five minutes’ breather but I’m sure they’ll be some messages and some calls to make,” he added.

Hurst says he’s keen to add players with his bench today rather more youthful than Blackburn’s.

“In numbers in one respect we’ve got a squad there,” he reflected. “Straight away I glanced at a couple of squads today and they’ve got five subs, so we’re in a better position in some respects.

“But not being disrespectful to our own players, looking at the benches, if you looked at Blackburn’s bench and you looked at ours there’s was certainly a stronger bench in truth, more seasoned players.

“We were quite young on there in general, certainly not much Championship experience. We will look to add to the squad and make it stronger, that’s what it’s about and again hopefully the next few days will see us do that.”

Hurst says no significance should be drawn from Knudsen’s post match applause towards the fans in several stands on his way off.

“I don’t know that that’s not unusual or any different from what he would normally do,” he said.

“What I would say is to my knowledge that’s not going to be happening. Every time I’ve watched Jonas in the past and speaking to people about him and seeing him first-hand now, he’s a fully committed player and I certainly didn’t see anything in his performance today that would suggest he’s got something else on his mind.

“If there is then credit to him for his performance today. But, no, I went and clapped the fans and I’m not planning on leaving. Hopefully it’s just a similar situation to my own.”

Last night it was reported that Bolton had made a six-figure offer for Joe Garner and Hurst says he is aware of the Trotters’ interest.

“I think [Bolton manager] Phil Parkinson came out [and revealed his interest], I think I read that somewhere, I don’t know if they were direct quotes.

“But, we’ll look at that situation. As always, if we feel it’s the right thing to do we’ll look at it, if it’s not then Joe will stay with us.”

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Warkys_Tash added 18:38 - Aug 4
On the evidence of what I witnessed today absolutely no point selling Waghorn & Garner to fill the squad with League1 & 2 players.

Lots of hoof ball up to one striker. Keeper kick long every ball. 2 shots on goal all game.

No creativity in midfield, Skuse & Sears played out of position.

No Plan B

Bright sparks were Chalobah, Edwards & Edun.

Need centre halves & strikers in asap.

Queue the minus if you feel you saw something else??

Esseeja added 18:49 - Aug 4
Early, what game were you watching? They had 2 sot and we had 3, the keeper occasionally threw it to Chambo and we came up with a plan B when Edinburgh came on. Most of the game was pass and play. Mostly in the second third on the pitch.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 18:54 - Aug 4
Warkys_Tash: I have to agree in all honesty that it wasn't very inspiring today, but it is work in progress. I'm glad to have got the first match out of the way. Waghorn will leave, whether we think it's a good idea or not, so we need to move on there. Harrison looks a bit of a nuisance up front, but he clearly needs some support. Don't know what the outcome with Garner will be. Our players haven't really played together properly yet, and you could see that Blackburn were a much more coherent unit; but it's early days, so let's remain positive. With some more players to come in and some more time to gel into a team, perhaps the performances can improve.

jas0999 added 18:54 - Aug 4
If Waghorn and Garner go, for me, we need before the window closes:

2 x CBs - the fella from Accrington is clearly a RB.
1 x midfield player who can create. Seriously lacking creativity today
2 x forward players to replace those departing.


BlueandTruesince82 added 18:54 - Aug 4
Think its to early to Judge. A so called L1 player was MOM today.... new system, the hoof slowly (but surely) being eroded away.....

Lots of positives today too

Umros added 18:57 - Aug 4
Tend to agree with first post. The whole Waghorn saga needs to be over to enable us to secure players we clearly want, Tilt looks like a must based on today’s defending and Harrison needs a target man alongside him to feed off. Pleased with the two goal scorers, Edwards looks a bargain, we are finally causing wing play problems. Blackburn did not deserve the three points and blatant time wasting unpunished by the ref was duly punished by a late goal, yep maybe it was a bit of luck but then so was the Blackburn free kick for their first.

surgery added 18:58 - Aug 4
PH please will you come clean on the Waghorn debacle

Has he said that he wants out?
Does he not fit into your game plan?
Is ME forcing you to sell?

If not 1 and 3, why are we selling our best outfield player?

HALLSJ added 19:03 - Aug 4
Warkys Tash, - Kn..
Considering all the changes in the team, not too bad.
Players to possibly come in, Huws, Bishop, (Waghorn/Garner-who knows) Shrewsbury two and maybe the Blackpool lad, we'll be fine.
Better with fresh management thoughts/ideas

Wooly added 19:07 - Aug 4
Poor, I bet Mick was laughing at us today... no quality for me sorry

blueherts added 19:10 - Aug 4
For me absolute number priority this close season was to keep Bart . 5m for us is a huge some of money and if we had to cash in on anyone , which we do , then Waghorn it is . We have some lean times of late poor entertainment and an outdated manager . We now have a new regime new players - only 4 started today from MM last team and some positives . I am sure the team PH puts out in afew games will be different . This is a transition and will need time for players to gel and work the system . We def missed spark with no Dozzell in there today . Lets see how we look personnel wise in 7 days . We know comings and goings . Any new season look at things 10 games in . I am excited about this season and think we have to have realistic expectations

toxtethblue added 19:11 - Aug 4
If Waggy does go then for the love of god Evans give PH all the money to buy who we need. Tilt is worth 1 million so pay it ffs. Another forward or two also needed and the two from Shrewsbury.

Sergio added 19:11 - Aug 4
Tash you are talking utter sh ite. No creative midfielders? the three 'bright sparks you name are all midfielders! No plan B? PH changed the system with twenty minutes to go and we created our best chances and scored. Two shots on target? Did you not see Morris & Edwards efforts?


HALLSJ added 19:15 - Aug 4
Wooly, patience isn't your middle name is it!!!!

TimmyH added 19:16 - Aug 4
REALLY disappointing this news, probably our best outfield player last season and he's only been here a year...just hope we're going to replace him with fairly similar quality (bet we don't)...a few on here talking about the money for the Shrews pair and the other fella and that famous statement 'good business' if he goes but personally I would like him to stay and build a few new players around him and basically learn from him.

Is it a case that he wants to leave?

HALLSJ added 19:17 - Aug 4
Sergio, totally agree.
Tash needs to take a deep breath and re write his post

HALLSJ added 19:20 - Aug 4
Surgery, can't agree more.
Does Waghorn want out?
Derby were poor last night, lucky win.

agentp added 19:23 - Aug 4
surgery You do realise Hurst can't do that don't you.

GatesPerm added 19:29 - Aug 4
Warks Tash - Yes I did see something different:

I saw a new Ipswich team trying to gel with each other and their new manager. Some of the players there today have only been at the club for a few hours.

I saw a winger playing with whitewash on his boots and making a couple of lovely runs and scoring a goal.

I saw a centre forward who ran himself stupid.

I saw in Chalobah a young man who is clearly an extremely good footballer and who should be a good player for us this season.

I saw a defence, who after Woolfenden replaced Spence and the new lad went to his best position actually looked reasonably solid.

I saw Chambers and Knudsen trying to pass the ball around at times rather than hoof it.

I saw Portman Road back supporting its team and 18000 fans creating a decent atmosphere.

Yes, it was a long way from perfect. I have always been an advocate of Skuse but the more advanced role really doesn't suit him, Sears ran about a lot but no more than that and somewhat disappointingly Downes had a quiet game.

This season is all about rebuilding and honestly, I have absolutely no idea what the outcome is going to be but we have to give the new manager more time (certainly more then one game) to prove whether he is a worthy manager of this great club.

There are a number of contributors to this forum who would have had Sir Bobby sacked after three months.

itfcbam added 19:32 - Aug 4
Keeper kicking long every time???? Really?? Most of the time the ball was rolled out to either centre back.
I would say pluses Chambo, Wolfenden, Edwards.
Knudsen, Chalaboh, Harrison worked his socks off, literally.
Skuse lacked sharpness.
Janoi though I thought was poor, we looked far more solid with Wolfenden on.

agentp added 19:35 - Aug 4
itfcbam He so obviously didnt watch the game; probably wasn't allowed out.

Keaneish added 19:36 - Aug 4
Warkys_tash - no plan B other than changing to a 442? No idea what you saw if you thought that was hoofball. We continually looked to play it out of the back, switch the play or play through the midfield.

MrJase77 added 19:44 - Aug 4
Lots of idiots talking utter sh!te as usual on this forum. Slating the team after one game, must be trolls from up the road.

First game of the season the team needs to gel, we need to get some more players in. Some really promising stuff. Edwards was fantastic, great effort from Morris. This is a WIP. Support them instead of expecting miracles on day 1.

OwainG1992 added 19:45 - Aug 4
Fair enough from the boss this.

All in all Gwion and Chalobah were the stand outs for me.

oioihardy added 19:46 - Aug 4
Today we looked good in patches. And terrible in some. More goods than bad. From ground kicks bart kicking it up to Harrison didn’t not work. Should of realised this and noticed he wasn’t winning headers and should of used the full backs to pass it out more. Apart from that. Apart from that I love the signing of chalobah. He was quality. Can see a prem player in the making in him. And some brilliant win play. We are so desperately needing a new forward a Murphy type player for plan b to knock the ball down to Harrison. 2 cbs. Few more creative cms and at least 2 new forwards. I thought that was a good performance to build on though :) coyb!!!

bluearmy78 added 19:53 - Aug 4
I watched the game on today, check it out guys, loads of live games. Edwards looks a quality signing & young Morris looked good when he came on. It’s still early days for PH and we’re still a team that are still gelling but it is a team in working progress. By selling Waghorn PH will be able to get in his players & I see Nolan as that number 10 which will add that spark which the team crave for. Like it or not Waghorn will be away but I’d rather cash in on him to benefit the side by getting in new additions to strengthen the squad. PH is no mug, good times ahead for me at the club & too all of the doom & gloomers, we’ve played one game against a good Blackburn side who have been together over a year, we haven’t been beaten! In PH I trust, COYB!

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