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McCarthy: Fans Waited to Throw Bottles at Me at Brentford
Thursday, 6th Sep 2018 09:14

Former Town boss Mick McCarthy has revealed that fans waiting to throw bottles at him led to police advice to leave Griffin Park via a back exit following the Blues’ 1-0 defeat to Brentford in April.

McCarthy, who had already announced he would move on at the end of last season, decided then that the home match against Barnsley on the following Tuesday would be the final game of his five and a half years in charge at Portman Road.

“I got asked to leave via the back door at Brentford because there were people with bottles and beer waiting to throw them at me,” he told the Irish Daily Mail.

“Of course me being me, I said to the police, ‘F*** em, I’m going out the front door’. They said, ‘Well, if you do we might get covered in beer; we might get hit with bottles’.

“I don’t know if there was one person or 20 people or 100. But I had to go out the back door.

"I spoke to [Town owner] Marcus Evans then. Barnsley was always going to be my last game.

“But it would have been nice to go out and say, ‘Thanks for everything, it’s been great’, rather than, ‘Well, what do you think about being booed?’. So I said, 'Thankfully I won’t have to listen to it again', and I did one.’

Asked whether he received hate mail at Town he says his personal assistant dealt with his post and shredded anything abusive.

“Why on earth would I read it?” added McCarthy, who starts a new role working as a pundit for Virgin Media Sport.

Despite the manner in which his time at Town ended, the 59-year-old still wants to go back into management.

“Because we love it,” he said. “I want to do it again. I have no desire to rest on my laurels. That’s what I enjoy doing.

“I have to say I enjoy the combative nature of it. I enjoy the managing of players and solving problems, both on the pitch and off the pitch, dealing with all the things that come with it, and sometimes the s*** and sometimes the glamour of it. I’ve had more of the glamour than the s***, I have to be honest.”

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itfckal added 09:16 - Sep 6
Whatever Mick, you are irrelevant now.

A thing of the past, stop trying to bad mouth us and give us a bad reputation, we stuck by you longer than a lot of clubs would have.

JackSted added 09:20 - Sep 6
Yes... the fans wanting to throw bottles are stupid/idiotic.... but Mick needs to move on and stop putting in little digs at us. You left 5 months ago for fcuk sake. Move on lol

WarkTheWarkITFC added 09:21 - Sep 6
Did this really happen?

I didn't see a single person mention this on TWTD. Lots of fans, myself included, heard some really disgusting and absurd chants aimed at McCarthy that day from a group of about 6 kids.

But Town fans actually trying to throw bottles at McCarthy?

This just sounds like Town fans having a beer at one of the many pubs at Brentford and somebody from the club deciding not to risk it. Even McCarthy said it could have been one fan.

Very annoyed with this. We've already seen the national narrative of us driving out a wonderful. overachieving manager and all round good egg. Now we are going to be accused of having a load of blokes standing by a door shouting for McCarthy to come out so they can 'do him'.

I very much doubt anybody made a serious threat against Mick and this is the sort of story that will stick.

Horseboy added 09:22 - Sep 6
Fair enough itfckal, but this forum is brining this to our attention? Maybe this forum take some responsibility and not post it?

PortmanTerrorist added 09:22 - Sep 6
Of course there will always be idiots whose actions we cannot support, but if he had a shred of decency he would have resigned long before, instead of pushing a fan base of a wonderful Club like ours to the edge, disenfranchising so many that non-renewed season tickets in recent year, and treating us all with contempt in press conferences and general behaviour.

No one deserves to be physically abused, but to suggest he did not contribute to the situation either is ridiculous.

Note to Mick's next Club: once he saves you from relegation (as that is the only time he will get hired) get shot quickly and bring in someone progressive. You have been warned.

oioihardy added 09:22 - Sep 6
If that did happen that is terrible and every single one of them fans should be ashamed. And don’t deserve to be a town fan. Football is a sport. It’s not life. Yeah it was awful in the last few seasons with him. But that doesn’t mean he deserves that. Idiotic stupid tw@ts

afcfee added 09:24 - Sep 6
Disgraceful and disrespectful

rfretwell added 09:30 - Sep 6
Well I certainly didn't see any physical threats at Brentford by our fans towards MM. One idiot at the most, if that, I would say

havinit69 added 09:30 - Sep 6
Is it me or does anyone else think that Mick is worried about being forgotten and these digs are his way of keeping his name in the media.

Every time I read a dig from him its always followed by 'I'm ready to get back in to management' which in itself, wouldn't make the newspapers.

Sad really.

Bergholtblue added 09:31 - Sep 6
There must be some truth in this otherwise the police would not have advised him to leave by the back door. As for a bad reputation, we gained that with the disgusting chants over the last 6 months of McCarthy's time here.

witchdoctor added 09:37 - Sep 6
that’s if they did advise him to do that..

BluJu added 09:41 - Sep 6
It's disgraceful if true, but how would they possibly know they were "going to throw bottles"? Had they gone and told the police, "we're going to throw bottles"? Did they ask them, "are you going to throw bottles"? Of course not. The police just thought, "they might throw something" and took it from there. Same police that get every derby game shifted to Sunday lunchtime for 2 clubs that pride themselves on rarely seeing any trouble at all.

This would've been disgraceful - had it happened.

peteswindon added 09:42 - Sep 6
Scumbags is the only word I have for these so called fans.

Sourdough added 09:49 - Sep 6
Disgusting episode in the history of this club. Mick is a man much admired in the football world.

TrueBlueFerret added 09:53 - Sep 6
What a Waste of Good Beer!!

WadeyBlue added 09:56 - Sep 6
What a load of made up bllx. i was there. No one had bottles and no one was trying to throw anything.

a few people shouted and that was it.

biggest load of made up tosh yet. Either by the old bill or MM himself. Wouldnt surprise me if it was MM who made it up. He doesnt seemed to have moved on.

BryanPlug added 09:56 - Sep 6
This is rubbish. How could the police know people were intending to throw bottles at him?

agentp added 09:57 - Sep 6
havinit69 Are you serious. He's a fcking pundit. That's what he does talk about his past clubs and stuff. Hardly a dig is it, now.

blue75 added 10:00 - Sep 6
Funny I’ve been all over the place following town, I’ve always liked the knowledge that ours fans were always out to enjoy themselves. Yes there has been trouble & there will be in the future but I don’t recall us starting it. This alleged potential attack seems very out of character for our fans, look how McCarthy was actually treated at Portman Road very tame compared to most other club. I heard fans chant his football was sh1t and that he should go. I didn’t hear anything that I would call overly abusive for a manager that was on the way out, it was never personal just about his tactics and lack of respect for the fans. I don’t like this sort of story keep reappearing just to keep his name in the media, he’ll get another job soon then hopefully it’ll be time to move on. Maybe it’s time the story of how Ipswich fans were the first English fans to visit Milan and be told we were welcome back any time as we were so well behaved was republished!!

roytheboy added 10:02 - Sep 6
Morons who would behave in such a disgraceful and disgusting manner are not my idea of football supporters, they are simply mindless hooligans and our club does not need them, yes the time had come for Mick to move on and I'm sure he realized that too, however all his decisions during his tenure were not bad ones, I would like him to be shown respect for that which he did achieve despite the financial restraints that he had to contend with.

havinit69 added 10:04 - Sep 6
agentp, yeah I am serious, you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine.

beornioblue added 10:07 - Sep 6
I highly doubt any of that is true to be honest!!

The most amazing thing about that interview is that he is now a pundit ha ha who on earth would want to listen to that dull uninspiring bore about anything!!

The most hilarious thing was him trying to lie his way out of what he did to the fans at Norwich last year the utter tw@t

TimmyH added 10:12 - Sep 6
Go and get yourself a job man, stop harping back to what's gone before!

Coco added 10:16 - Sep 6
Fake neeeews

pumppedlar2 added 10:20 - Sep 6
Glad Mick's on Virgin Media (I've got Sky!).

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