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Owner Evans Thanks Season Ticket Holders
Thursday, 9th May 2019 11:48

Town owner Marcus Evans has written to the club’s season ticket holders thanking them for their support.

The Blues’ season ticket total had hit 11,748 by Monday’s early bird deadline, not enough to trigger a reduction in the price but 15 per cent up on this year’s figure of 10,200. Ninety-five per cent of existing season ticket holders renewed. Evans’s letter was emailed to season ticket holders this morning.

I am writing to thank you for pledging your support for the club for next season by purchasing a season ticket.

We have been delighted by the response that people like you have shown in signing up for 2019/20, with season ticket sales up by 15 per cent on last year. I truly believe we can repay you with entertaining and winning football next season.  

Although I have cut prices over the last two years by up to 25 per cent, I still realise that watching your team play comes at a significant financial cost so I’d like to reiterate on behalf of Paul, the players and myself that we really do appreciate your support.

It’s been a challenging year for all connected to the club but if there is one positive to take, it’s undoubtedly the backing for the team that has come from the stands.

As Paul has said many times, the atmosphere here has been nothing like a club that has been in the position we have.

I think perhaps supporters have appreciated the way the team has played, in an entertaining style. We also have a young team, with players evolving through our academy system and into the first team.

Those players will need time to develop and fulfil their potential of course, but along with the experienced players we have here and a few new additions where needed, I strongly believe we are in a good position to move forward as a football club.

Once again, thanks for becoming a season ticket holder for next year. Owners, managers, players come and go in this game but it’s the fans that are the lifeblood of any football club and I will do everything I can to reward that support and bring success to Ipswich Town.

Have a good summer and see you at Portman Road in August. 

Photo: ITFC

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TractorCam added 11:54 - May 9
Thanks Marcus, nice to feel appreciated. Bring on the moaners though....


MrTown added 12:19 - May 9
It’s a good letter, sensible, nothing earthshaking.

Seems to be behind the idea of youngsters developing as long as the importance of good experience isn’t lost. Good to know he recognises we need strengthening in certain areas (Striker, Full Backs, Goalkeeper)

Knowing Town we will sign 4 central midfielders.

Bluearmy_81 added 13:00 - May 9
This guy plays you all like a fiddle and you lap it up. Will ITFC ever acheive/succeed again under his ownership? Given his history it's highly doubtful. Keep backing him and calling him Marcus though like he's you're mate and hasn't taken us to our lowest ebb in 60-70 years!! You're all deluded if you think things will magically change when in terms of investment nothing changes...

TimmyH added 13:03 - May 9
and so you should Marcus after the disastrous decisions made last summer...

TractorCam added 13:04 - May 9
Bluearmy81, and what are you doing about it? Are you currently protesting his ownership?

mrmorisato added 13:10 - May 9
Really Marcus!? I'm a Season ticket holder, and I didn't receive an email this morning!! #EvansOut

rabbit added 13:12 - May 9
I doubt he is TractorCam, Bluearmy_81 is a Liverpudlian who I can only assume believes he garners intellect by insulting genuine people who have a conflicting opinion.
Very sad to say the least but that is the standard of some posters...or should I say "impostors" .

LonE17Blue added 13:17 - May 9
Fools Gold!

Talbs77 added 13:17 - May 9
Let’s not all jump on bluearmy81, our mate Marcus has brought this club to its knees.

I loved his comment about us season ticket holders “appreciated the entertaining style” of this season. Is he for real????

My opinion is that the fans have got behind Lambert through the most horrendous, soul sapping season certainly in my 32 years of following the club.

What makes it more worrying for me is that, despite the season we have just gone through he still doesn’t get it.

Why the hell didn’t he extend the early bird especially when the amount of tickets sold so far has been nothing short of extroadinary.

20000 plus at home every other week next season could be the difference.

I don’t hate Evans but I worry he will continue to make mistakes. The elephant in the room of course is who could buy the club and replace him?

I don’t have all the answers but I worry this may not be the end of our woes and am terrified we could become in league 1 what we did in Championship, a slow painful decline from year on year mediocrity.

BlueandTruesince82 added 13:18 - May 9
Owners Thanks fans.

Shocking. Shouldn't be allowed in this day an age

Fixed_It added 13:21 - May 9
And I'd like to thank you Marcus for investing your money to keep our Club afloat, ensuring that our Academy continues to achieve excellence and giving us hope of a future - unlike the owners of Bolton Wanderers for example. You are right that this season has been a massive disappointment, and I am sure you regret the appointment of the previous manager who contributed towards our demise with his transfer policy. However, if we all stick together (including those who will inevitably down vote this response) I am sure we can return better and stronger soon.

DoseOfReality added 13:24 - May 9
WTF is that guy on. Total complete and utter abject failure since you took over Evans.

Surely nobody can be left believing this rubbish...??!!

Extend the early bird at least for those who are prepared to buy now but for the vast majority you need to start delivering and stop talking bullsh1te.


runningout added 13:30 - May 9
We have lost our heart Mr Evans. Not all of it is down to you. But a lot is. A nice letter won’t stop the bleeding

Carberry added 13:33 - May 9
And thanks for just missing the 12000 threshold so I don't have to reduce the cost. By the way where's the big announcement PR Paul was promising? Has that disappeared?

TractorCam added 13:34 - May 9
Very true rabbit, if he isn't protesting then he is just as 'sucked in' as the rest of us,

herfie added 13:36 - May 9
Happy to take ME’s words at face value, and believe it’s an honest attempt to further bridge the gap with loyal supporters - the club’s life-blood.

Really no point in reheating all those issues surrounding his ownership, which have been flogged to death over the months and years. However, it will be future actions and decisions that are going to matter; hopefully firmly based on hard lessons learned. On no account must our club be allowed to further decline. That must be the single principal, aim, and everything ME and PL now do must be geared towards ensuring that. COYB!

TR11BLU added 13:40 - May 9
Same old whingers and whiners first to post on here.

Life is about choices, we all have them;

Whether to buy a season ticket
Whether to thank those that do


Carberry added 13:43 - May 9
...and we all have the choice to see further than the end of our noses.

DoseOfReality added 13:44 - May 9
Well said Carberry. PL made a point of stressing there would be a big exciting announcement and we would all love it.... Just something else that didn't happen.

Big worry PL will get as disillusioned as most fans are and leave. Then worry coz Evans sure as hell wont get the next appointment right

blueboy1981 added 13:47 - May 9
...... but suckers I am not going to give you a discount for being so close to the target, and I’m not going to give others the chance to sign up by the end of the month - so you could ALL benefit.

Scrooge ! - or what ?
Just like fans who don’t want the extension until the end of the month - the target would have been met by then, all would benefit.
No brainer for anyone with a brain cell.

TractorCam added 14:00 - May 9
blueboy1981 the sales reduced drastically on the last 3 days, because majority of fans who wanted one got one. The target was set from the start, a whole 2 weeks before. He has absolutely no reason to extend that. And I couldn't give a monkeys about an extra £30 discount "because we were close", bottom line is we didn't reach the deadline, that extra money we all miss out on can go to player wages, a much better use.

Ipswich_Crazy added 14:01 - May 9
I received an email from Marcus Evans :)


blueboy1981 added 14:03 - May 9
..... it is sad that people who have signed up before the earlybird deadline, that they do not want it extended with the chance of swelling the ranks, and in so doing benefit themselves financially.
That’s not the work of a united fan base for sure.

SELFISH - is what I call it, because there are many reasons for people not being able to have met the Bank Holiday deadline.
Many have to think twice before spending on the ‘unknown’ - the unknown being one of them, and having to consider priorities for disposable income.

Barty added 14:04 - May 9
My season ticket has come down by £120 from two seasons ago and for that I am grateful.

Talbs77 added 14:08 - May 9
Tractorcam he could easily have extended for a further 2 weeks, what exactly has he got to lose?

A further £30 discount is a lot of money for some people and know they need it a hell of a lot more than player wages.

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