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Lambert: Judge Situation the Same
Thursday, 25th Jul 2019 15:03

Blues boss Paul Lambert says Alan Judge's situation remains unchanged, reiterating that QPR’s offers for the 30-year-old have come nowhere near Town’s valuation of the Republic of Ireland international.

“It’s the same as it was the other day,” he said when asked about any developments on the potential move with Judge having trained with the rest of the squad at the Open Day. “Yesterday we were off, we’ve come in this morning and it’s the same.

“QPR tried to do something [reportedly bids of £250,000 and £450,000], but it’s nowhere near the level that I think that Ipswich are looking at.

“And Judgey trains well and there’s no problem that way, but he wants to have a chance to speak to them.

“But you can only have a chance if the two clubs agree something. There’s no way we can just turn around and say, ‘OK, on you go’.”

He confirmed that Judge hasn’t made a formal transfer request, despite indicating that he would be interested in the switch.

“No, he hasn’t done that, but I spoke to him a few weeks ago about it and I understand where he’s coming from. He has to understand where we come from as well,” Lambert added.

“But ultimately QPR have to, or any club. If they’re interested, they have to start the ball rolling.”

He says Town are prepared to put their foot down with Judge not moving on unless their valuation is met.

“I think that’s the way it should be,” he insisted. “I don’t know any other club that would say you can have him for buckshee. I don’t think that’s good.”

Have QPR been told a price that Town would take? “No, I don’t think so. I think the offer that’s been made is nowhere near what [owner] Marcus [Evans] is looking for so there’s not any real great news on that side of it. The ball is in QPRs court really.”

Does he have a valuation in mind? “My valuation? It doesn’t matter what my valuation is, it’s the owner’s valuation. We talk and he asks me what I think, but regarding valuations, it’s not my money, it’s the club’s money or Marcus’s money.

“Marcus knows what I think with the whole scenario and it’s up to QPR to come up with the money that Marcus thinks is acceptable.”

If Judge does go then would he want assurances that the money coming in will be available to replace him? “Even if Judgey doesn’t go I still say we need some players. Every manager’s going to say the same.

“We’ve brought in a loan and two frees, but that’s the way the club is at the minute. We’ve a lot of young players who are learning their job on the pitch. They have to learn and grow up really, really quickly and take responsibility amongst themselves as well. But they certainly need a little bit more strength.”

So Judge, who became hugely popular after signing in January and then agreeing a two-year deal in April, could stay with Town? “He’s Ipswich Town’s player. The football club pays his wages so he’s Ipswich Town’s player.”

If the former Brentford man does move on his would be big boots to fill but Lambert says that’s just part and parcel of football.

“But that’s the nature of football,” he reflected. “Football never really surprises me what comes out of the woodwork. That’s the game.”

Judge trained at Portman Road today as he continues his comeback from his broken wrist, but Lambert isn’t certain yet whether he would be involved at Burton on the opening day if he is still with the Blues.

“I don’t know, I really don’t,” the Blues boss continued. “Obviously he’s training with us, he’s not done anything games-wise. I’ll see how this coming weekend is and then I’ll decide from there.”

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ShropshireBluenago09 added 15:09 - Jul 25
An international player, championship regular, near peak fitness and under contract
Value should be more like £2million.


Bluearmy_81 added 15:12 - Jul 25
Ha ha they know Town love getting mugged off...

robmonkey007 added 15:14 - Jul 25
At least he's not spat his dummy and put in a transfer request. He's being professional and keeping PL and club in the loop. Agree.....£2 million seems good but think that club will end up excepting 800'000 plus

BlueBlood90 added 15:14 - Jul 25
I think we'd take £1m for him. He's 30 years old and we've gone public saying that he wants to go so that weakens our position a bit. He'll be a big loss if he goes but not irreplacable. Nobody is. COYB

ForeverBlueSince1996 added 15:16 - Jul 25
Have to feel sorry for Lambert everyone moaning about no signings but how can he sign people with no money? If someone is a free agent this late in pre season there is a reason for it

PortmanTerrorist added 15:19 - Jul 25
Am actually struggling to fit Judge into the shape PL wants to play, esp as he wants to be a no.10. Having said that, there is no money in the world that will tempt another player of Judges experience and quality to come to League 1 ITFC. As such we should hold on tight, tell him to stay, but agree he can leave in January for a sensible $3m IF we not challenging for promotion.

Besides it seems a little weasly of him to want to move now, given he knew we were getting relegated when he signed. Also seems a bit daft to quit on a promotion challenge for another relegation scrap with least show interest in a better Club, if any are interested in him !!

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 15:19 - Jul 25
Typical boring post Bluearmy

cat added 15:28 - Jul 25
If he wants out then move him on, no one is bigger than the club. As for the fee being reinvested I won’t hold my breathe.

BlueySwede added 15:29 - Jul 25
"Marcus knows what I think with the whole scenario and it’s up to QPR to come up with the money that Marcus thinks is acceptable"..
Pretty clear that Lambert does not want Judge to leave, no matter what..and who can blame him. Maybe in January, when, hopefully more players are available. But to loose him now would be tough to take.

badadski added 15:32 - Jul 25
Putting in a transfer request doesn't weaken the position at all - Mahrez took ages even after transfer request put in, over a season later infact, Harry Maguire they wont sell until valuation met regardless of whether he wants out or not. He is under contract so like Lambert said, put up the cash or go away. No player is going to be unprofessional if the right offer doesn't come in as just imagine if Ipswich refused to allow him to go, he threw the toys out of the pram and got a career ending injury with no place to go.


Bluearmy_81 added 15:36 - Jul 25
Ditto bobble. Lots of love 😘

Northstandveteran added 15:46 - Jul 25
At 30 years of age, a nice signing on fee and probably a better wage packet, he'll be off.
He has no allegiance to the club and is not an Ipswich fan like us.

Linkboy13 added 15:48 - Jul 25
If this drags on it will end up with him putting in a transfer request playing for a club challenging for promotion doesn't make a blind bit of difference when you're 30 yrs old with a young family it's all about money and location i should imagine he'll be earning twice as much at QPR with not long left in his career sorry but just being in the real world.

TractorRoyNo1 added 16:21 - Jul 25
we hold the trump card, his registration, £1m, £2m, £3m isn't going to change ME's .life, so say No until they hit the currently unknown magic number on the eve of the transfer deadline

DifferentGravy added 16:29 - Jul 25
Bit hacked off with this. Judge is an intelligent player of championship ability. So, really surprised we managed to persuade him to Portman Road, given our predicament at the time, even more so once we were relegated. Yet no sooner has he committed to the club and is firmly in the plans of Lambert(or so we were lead to believe) , a championship club come a sniffing and he wants to talk......make sure its at least a two year deal.....wages of equal amount.....hes off.

I wonder just how premeditated this all was from both sides of the camp.

shouldistayorcounago added 16:30 - Jul 25
I'd only be happy with 2mil or more. Think he'll be vital for us as an experienced head and not sure that we'd be able to recruit anyone of a similar standard in our current position. I'd be surprised if we get more than 800k for him though, we're terrible at negotiating deals for our players.

MrTown added 16:41 - Jul 25
Great player, when he's in the no.10 he is fantastic, 2 year contract with an option for the 3rd.

has to be something north of £1.8m.

oldbri added 17:21 - Jul 25
Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert says midfielder Alan Judge hasn’t handed in an official transfer request despite admitting the player is interested in a move to Queens Park Rangers, East Anglian Daily Times report.

Dolphinblue added 19:05 - Jul 25
Judge is an absolute star in league one..people questioning this are wrong...worth £2million min in todays market, if he really wants to go hold out for that amount or he stays sulk or not.

Linkboy13 added 19:34 - Jul 25
The only person who's going to benefit from this is Marcus Evans doesn't matter how much we get for him none of it will be spent on players when will people realise this what's the point keeping a unsettled player costs money and has a bad effect on team morale.

herfie added 21:22 - Jul 25
Can’t help but wonder whether PL believes that AJ hasn’t quite cut it here, and a decent fee from QPR wouldn’t be the total disaster some might believe. Of course, whether any inbound funds find their way past ME’s bank account and result in further squad investment, remains a closely guarded secret!

cranky_old_tractor added 23:22 - Jul 25
At least 2 million but its a useless exercise if Evans does not spend it and get PLs 3 identified targets

SohoBlue added 00:45 - Jul 26
Part of me thinks here that we tell him
Plain and simple that he stays until we get the price the owner wants. End of story. So he’s disgruntled. Fine. That’s life and business. We’d be disgruntled to
Lose him at this critical time for peanuts. Then if QPR don’t match our valuation he needs to work his socks off to show he’s worth the extra money we believe he is to the club who wants him...if he’s so keen to go. Contracts should be mutually binding. We rehabilitated him. Took a chance on him, gave him terms just weeks ago. He accepted. And having just recommitted knowing our situation and knowing he is critical to our plans and chances this season, it’s unacceptable for him to move for under our valuation.
As for disgruntled, he’s a big boy. Set an example to the kids supporting this club, getting his name on their shirts, make us all proud and get us back up in one season. Then reap the rewards/move on If someone comes in with a realistic offer.

Until then, it should be a non issue and we don’t even tolerate an approach. Marcus must see that as the business decision it is relative to what he can do for the club this year.
Alan, you need to get your head down and help the club who believes in you and values you highly...not demand to leave for a pittance and leave us wanting now of all times.

It’s not naive - it’s looking out for the bigger picture, our club’s reputation and future. It’s business. You’re a valued, even prized asset to the club and under contract. To let you go without due recompense would be utter madness.

The other part of me wonders if there’s more to this behind the scenes than meets the eye... and QPR are aware and taking advantage of it.

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