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Lambert: Evans's Comments Complete Rubbish and Lies
Saturday, 21st Sep 2019 21:39

Paul Lambert has labelled Gillingham manager Steve Evans a “disgrace” for post-match “lies” claiming the Blues boss had said “something very concerning” to him during the game and had also insulted one of his players.

“He said something rather concerning during the game,” Evans, 56, is reported to have said by the Kent Messenger.

“I spoke very politely to the fourth official and the referee noted it at half-time. He tried to put his arm around me and asked that I wouldn’t say anything further to the referee.

"He doesn’t need to come and talk to me [after the final whistle]. After what he said during the game in the first half. It was really alarming.

"Lots gets said between benches. Every week, there will have been tussles (between benches) at Lincoln and Oxford, tussles at Doncaster and Peterborough, there are differences of opinion, that is all it is and then it goes away. Not not what happened today. But we will let the referee and people that need to know deal with that. They are aware."

Evans wouldn’t elaborate on precisely what was said: “He said something that would concern someone in the street, never mind a professional football manager trying to win a game. I will leave it at that and leave the referee to do what he has to do.

The much-travelled boss, who along with his assistant Paul Raynor maintained a lively dialogue with the fourth official and the Town bench from the first minute of the game and refused to shake hands with Lambert at the final whistle, also claimed the Blues manager had made a comment to one of his players, Jack Tucker, who was making his first league start.

“You don’t do that in this game do you?” Evans continued. “You don’t need to shout at a young man making his debut, ‘you’re rubbish son’ when he kicks one ball out of the park.”

In response an angry Lambert, who in his post-match comments had sought to make light of the touchline exchanges, although was clearly unimpressed, told the club site: “I have seen Steve Evans’s comments and they are disgraceful and a load of lies. The abuse that was coming from their bench was vile.

“I have worked in the Premier League and I’m competitive and gone up against some great managers but I have always shown total respect throughout my career.

“I went to shake hands with Steve Evans at the end of the game and his assistant but they waved me away. That’s up to them but it shows a lack of respect and it’s not how I play the game.

“As for saying I spoke to one of the players the way he has suggested, complete rubbish and lies. I would never talk to a player like that. I went around saying ‘well played’ to their players after the game.

“What’s been said by Steve Evans is a disgrace and what I and my assistant Stuart Taylor had to put up with on the touchline was a disgrace as well.”

It’s not the first time Evans has made derogatory comments about a Blues manager after losing to Town.

In 2016 when boss of Leeds, following a 2-1 Blues win at Portman Road, Evans slammed Mick McCarthy’s Blues for “lumping” the ball up to striker Daryl Murphy, said they had been “as bad in spells as we were” and dismissively added that if Town were “the benchmark [for the play-offs] then we’ll take that benchmark”.

McCarthy responded a few days later, saying: “He can talk, can’t he? He certainly gives his jaw some exercise, I don’t know what else but his jaw certainly gets some exercise.”

Town and Gillingham meet again at Portman Road in the Trophy on Tuesday 8th October.

Photo: TWTD

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itsonlyme added 21:54 - Sep 21
Evans sounds like another sore loser. You give and take s**t from the bench but at the end you shake hands and move on. But Evans seems to dislike us for some reason.

Nazemariner added 22:01 - Sep 21
This sort of gubbins must go on every week? Don't get moaning about it just because you lose.


Lord_Mac added 22:14 - Sep 21
Christ - when I saw the headlines, I thought Lambert had fallen out with Marcus!! Phew! It's only Steve Evans, so nobody important.

ITFCMonk added 22:16 - Sep 21
Perhaps it’s an Evans thing

Lord_Mac added 22:22 - Sep 21
Just seen this on the forum
No idea whether the allegations are true.

positivity added 22:34 - Sep 21
that's the first mick quote that's amused me in a few years!

VanDusen added 22:40 - Sep 21
Yeah Lord Mac - that was a big scandal about 15 years back. It's why he's so universally despised.

Mind you - I didn't think it would be possible to say this about Steve Evans but today he really looked like he'd let himself go!? Could barely waddle to the dugout.

Don't think he'll be there much longer anyway. One of my mates who's been a diehard Gills season ticket holder since the year dot is boycotting til he's gone and understand many others have done too. He's been installed by equally dodgy chairman Scally as a mates' job. Not popular...

algarvefan added 22:51 - Sep 21
Nothing to see here folks move along quietly, storm in a tea cup, handbags at dawn.

wkj added 23:22 - Sep 21
For once I can say with no ambiguity, EVANS OUT!

1psw1ch added 00:03 - Sep 22
Na na na na ,,,sour grapes ,,,just cause we are top of the league ,,,yeahhhhhh coyb

CraigEdwards added 07:37 - Sep 22
Who are all the pies or McDonalds after the game fat Txxt

wokingblue added 07:50 - Sep 22
I was sitting behind the two benches and Evans and his side kick were engaging in aggressive shouting at the official and the Town bench from the off. I'm surprised he didn't get sent to the stands. I couldn't hear what was said but I'm afraid Lambert's story seems to be the credible one here. Evans would be best advised to use some of his energy in the gym.......... maybe that was the advice from Lambert!! ;-)

ShropshireBluenago09 added 07:58 - Sep 22
Ars@holes both of them. Was right near the dugout Shrewsbury v Posh last seat. Constant moaning, berating, shouting at the ref. Paul Raynor is probably worse

Dissboyitfc added 08:32 - Sep 22
What a sad insignificant little man, thats all he is!

Sore looser who needs to grow up, really not a good look!

Len_Brennan added 08:52 - Sep 22
Typical bully type; does all the scummy behaviour against others & then looks to blame those he is abusing to cover up for his own inadequacy. A toxic presence around any & all he comes in contact with I'd imagine.
3 away points in the bag, we move onwards & ipwards (typo that I'm leaving in because it nicely represents our current momentum).

jas0999 added 09:07 - Sep 22
The bloke has form. Best just to ignore him.

BlueandTruesince82 added 11:36 - Sep 22
Evans has form. By all reports - I wasn't there, Evans was going at the 4th officially from literally the moment the game kicked off.

Bergholtblue added 11:38 - Sep 22
Even the Gills fans back up Lambert's story. Take a look at some of their comments after Evan's interview with local media.

senduntd added 11:54 - Sep 22
An extremely unpleasant man. A convicted fraudster given a suspended sentence. Is he a fit and proper man to manage a football club?

ArnieM added 12:55 - Sep 22
Sounds like the Gils boss is full of shyte frankly.
Before the game he was bigging Lambo up days what a wonderful manager he is etc etc ( I felt this was merely gamesmanship tbh trying to put us off miter before the game). Now he’s reportedly mouthed off from the 1st whistle at the 4th official and our bench. Seems is main focus of attack to win matches is BS.

I notice he also had plenty to say about their previous game too. He’s all mouth and no trousers !

grumpyoldman added 13:01 - Sep 22
According to some comments on that site last season it was Lambert’s fault we were relegated and every Ipswich fan wanted him out. If Lambert has said something out of place surely it will appear in the refs report!

SpiritOfJohn added 14:50 - Sep 22
I was lucky enough to shake Mr Lambert by the hand this morning before he started The Great East Run. I thanked him for turning our club around. A true gent.

bluelodgeblue added 17:42 - Sep 22
I live in Lincolnshire surrounded by posh fans and they say he was the most gobby , nastiest abhorrent manager they have ever had! A total nasty piece of work! They were so relieved when he was sacked!

londontractorboy57 added 17:42 - Sep 22
Pity Mickma didn't lump him on the chin

JohnyJohnson added 20:22 - Sep 22
Both Glasgow boys. Google says Evans is a Celtic fan and Lambert prefers Rangers. Might have something to do with it...

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