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Lambert: The Uncertainty's Incredible
Thursday, 28th May 2020 10:44

Blues boss Paul Lambert says the continuing indecision regarding the future of the 2019/20 League One season is “incredible”.

Yesterday, the EFL board met to discuss feedback from clubs on its draft framework for completing the campaign. Clubs were then due to vote on the change in the regulations outlined in the framework which would allow the option for unweighted points per game to settle placings, promotion and relegation.

League One clubs were then subsequently set to be given five days to vote on how they would like the season concluded. It is expected that while the EFL, Town and a number of other sides want the season played to its completion, the majority of clubs want it ended now, largely due to the cost of staging games behind closed doors and coronavirus testing.

“The uncertainty’s incredible. It’s the only league I think not to know what’s happening, I don’t think anybody does,” Lambert told talkSPORT (from 3.09) in an interview mainly focused on the 23rd anniversary of Borussia Dortmund’s Champions League triumph.

“It’s a decision - what are we’re doing, are we playing, are we not playing, are we going for next season. I haven’t a clue.

“We can’t do anything at the minute, we’ve not even started back [training], we’ve not even been given a start date. You can’t have a training date if you haven’t got a start date.

“The way it’s been going on I don’t know if anybody knows what’s happening with it, everybody’s feeling the same, other than the Premier League and the Championship, they seem to know what they’re doing, but the rest of us they don’t really know.

“Are we playing? Are we not playing? Just somebody tell us what we’re doing and everybody has to abide by that but until we know that I think this is going to keep going on.”

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BryanPlug added 11:20 - May 28
I don’t see why they can’t start training without a start date. It’s not like they’ve got anything else to do FFS. Lazy.

Suffolkboy added 11:49 - May 28
Typical of Football generally : the structure is wrong , committees aren’t the best at decision making ( especially those with ill defined powers and unexpected responsibility) ,and proper leadership has long been a rare quality and quantity !
There’s little doubt the 2 metre rule will have to be lifted very very soon. ( no real scientific basis originally ) , and it’s really difficult to see why a way can’t be found to properly finish the season .
Where there’s a will etc !
Undoubtedly some Clubs wil go to the wall ; but it’ll only happen sooner rather than later ,and overall there should be a much healthier body of Clubs left ,with a more focused and business like approach !
We’re behind you— COYB

MaySixth added 12:05 - May 28
Well done Lambert. Spot on.

Alan_Handsome added 12:26 - May 28
@suffolkboy - you're not Dom are you? "Well they were old and would probably have died anyway. The ones who are left will have stronger genes and therefore the population, moving forward will be better prepared". Just cos WE aren't one of the ones likely to fold, it's no excuse to just bin off any other teams?

Orraman added 12:33 - May 28
Although this is not strictly an ITFC comment it does relate to relegation whichever way the season is finished". At the start of the season Bury were officially in Lge 1 so, as they dropped out surely only 2 clubs should be relegated to bring the numbers back to even with 4 promoted from Lge 2. If finished on PPG this would seem even more unfair on Tranmere.

carlo88 added 12:35 - May 28
He is right he hasn't got a clue

Orraman added 12:40 - May 28
Forget my last post. - just remembered that it is normally bottom 4 relegated from Div 1

skusesrightpeg added 13:48 - May 28
the only Uncertainty should be if your going to have a job come the end of this

gainsboroughblue added 14:49 - May 28
The reason they can't train before getting a start date is presumably because if there is to be no league one football, any training would be considered unnecessary activity.

Lathers added 15:13 - May 28
If he’d done his job properly this season we’d be sitting in the top 2 now just waiting for our promotion to be confirmed once they finally cancel the season. No need to return to training or play another game until whenever next season starts. I really hope this situation leads to a clear out of the dead wood over the summer, including Lambert.

Michael101 added 16:20 - May 28
Leathers , the dead wood will not be cleared out,excuse has already singed a new contract.

blues1 added 16:30 - May 28
Some people just cant help themselves can they? This story has absolutely nothing to do with lamberts position at itfc. Or who will or wont be here next season. So why cant people just comment on the subject at hand rather than just use every story to slag off Lambert or the club.

shouldistayorcounago added 16:58 - May 28
I'm not saying this season hasn't been a disappointment, but I think comments about us being sat in the top 2 are pretty fanciful. From the start of the season I said we'd be lucky to get in the top 8 with the squad we've got. We were comfortably the worst side in the Championship last season, with a squad of pretty poor standard and we never really strengthened the side this season.
We started the campaign well and we all got our hopes up, myself included. Some of the signings we made looked good but then the old Playford Road voodoo kicked in and handed us injuries to promising players like KVY and Garbutt. Ultimately our team just isn't good enough and the position we are in the table reflects that.
Could Lambo have managed things better? It certainly seems so. Would we be able to attract anyone to do a better job with already limited funds even more restricted following a pandemic that has hit our owner's business portfolio pretty badly? I suspect not but it isn't inconceivable.
Ideally a lot of players would go because frankly they're not up to it, but we are in far-from-ideal circumstances. I'm not Evans biggest fan by any stretch but if he keeps us afloat after this then I think for the time-being, that will have to do. Sadly we are where we are, and the road back to where we feel we belong looks a much longer and steeper one now.
Our aims have to alter to reflect that. That may mean that it is safest to let Lambert have a good long run at managing this club to see if he can shape things for the better long-term. Not ideal but that's the hand we've been dealt.
Hoping for better days once football resumes. My support is unwavering, but my perspective has changed.

therein61 added 17:41 - May 28
While uncertainty remains as to the conclusion of the season training is even more difficult regards a players own personal view due to safety they cannot be forced to train if they feel unsafe the whole thing is a sorry mess country wide.

ITFCsince73 added 17:50 - May 28
Yes Blues1. This is a platform for all opinions and comment.
Have you seen rules of use that nobody else has...

ITFCsince73 added 17:54 - May 28
When a ball is next kicked by the club....we know Chambo will be in central defence as the fist pumping leader, and sideways will be just in front not going past halfway, looking to pass sideways.
Apart from that looking forward to any restart over coming months.

hawkzzter added 18:14 - May 28
When is someone just going to make a f**king decision!!! I think I might die of boredom before I ever see any football again!

therein61 added 18:22 - May 28
Just read on BBC Sort that Premiership is due to start on 17th June so as it flows down to the lower leagues we fans might just get a game to watch by Christmas.

blueoxford added 19:09 - May 28
Money talks. The Premiership has it in abundance and will throw money at the problem to kick off the season again. They can get plenty of money from TV revenues without the crowds. There is no money in Division One. It’s decisions about what will keep losses to a minimum.

COYB11 added 07:29 - May 29
Completely agree with Lambert here.

However it's a shame we have to keep hearing from our manager when he's speaking through Talk Sport. I think during this period it would have been nice if the club had kept in touch with the fans a bit more. Just an official weekly update from Lambo, O'Neil, Chambers or perhaps even that bloke who owns the club?

5 minutes of their time just to to talk about EFL; where we stand on season resumption; injuries, incase we do come back; health of staff/squad; and just general well wishes to fans and thanks to key workers. Wouldn't have been hard and probably wouldn't have been much to say - but would have, IMO, been nice.

Oh well... Hope everyone's safe and healthy!

ITFCsince73 added 08:01 - May 29
COYB11. No time to be talking to press. What with phoning vulnerable supporters and doing shopping trips.

COYB11 added 09:08 - May 29
ITFCsince73 - haha wouldn't even need to face press! Could just be statement from someone saying briefly:
-We hope you're all well
-Players such as .... have been calling elderly fans
-We want to play out season because...
-Lankester ready to train
-Thanks for your continued support

Just a thought, but as with most things with ITFC these days, it is probably too much to ask :P

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