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Lambert: This Will Change the Face of the Game
Friday, 26th Jun 2020 11:41

Blues boss Paul Lambert believes the crisis in football created by the coronavirus pandemic will lead to change which will be beneficial the game longer term.

Lambert says it’s been a tough situation to deal with as a manager given all the uncertainty with no date yet set for the start of the 2020/21 season.

“The health and safety of people is obviously the most important thing through all of this,” Lambert told the club site.

“From a job point of view though, it’s been as hard a challenge as I’ve had as a manager for different reasons.

“There are a lot of questions out there and not many answers. We are continuously in the unknown. You can’t plan for anything and it’s been as frustrating as hell.

“Going forward, I think this will change the face of the game though. It could actually prove to be beneficial for football long term. It might bring everyone together.

“Clubs won’t have the money to go and spend this and that either, and you’ll find that youngsters will get a chance. Supporters will be fine with that. I’ll be fine with that.

“We have got a good group of youngsters coming through here and we will look to develop them into first-team players over time.”

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Skip73 added 11:50 - Jun 26
I don't think it'll make the slightest difference. We'll still be seeing the likes of Man Utd wasting millions on crap players while the rest of the leagues have nothing.

Bloots added 11:52 - Jun 26
Lambert out.

pointofblue added 11:54 - Jun 26
Let me help you plan, Paul - due in no small part due to your incompetence and ineptitude we will be in League One next season.

CokeIsKey added 11:56 - Jun 26
It’s an absolute shambles that this man is even taking to the press as Ipswich town’s manager. I don’t care if he painted the training ground walls blue. He’s grossly incompetent.

Suffolkboy added 12:05 - Jun 26
Sensible commentary met with the usual vicissitudes ; the emotional reactions ought to have mellowed by now !
Might we hope these rancorous attitudes will dissipate ahead of whatever next season brings ; or is our Club to be blighted by ‘non- supporters ‘ who seemingly have the answer to every ill at their fingertips ,and without hindrance or let ?
The truest of ITFC support will continue with positive best wishes ,always interested in detail and possibilities for improvement !

Pencilpete added 12:07 - Jun 26
So things will be different, no money to spend, free transfers, loans relying on youth .....

Doesn't sound that different to me, it sounds exactly the same as the last 7 or 8 years to me ???

noel added 12:28 - Jun 26
We are constantly hearing about the great youngsters we have at this club. we have been hearing this for the last 20 years. With very few exceptions, this has proved false. It is a fairy tale to give false hope to long suffering supporters. Our scouting is crap, our recruitment is worse, and our youth system is not providing the goods. We need drastic changes at all levels.

northernblues added 12:37 - Jun 26
Let Suffolkboy and piercing blue remain deluded, this virus however bad has formed a smokescreen to Lamberts poor time at the club!

positivity added 12:47 - Jun 26
bit unfair noel we've had some great youngsters at the club, the problem has been
1) they haven't had enough chances here
2) or they haven't had a manager to bring them on
3) or they've been sold on the cheap
4) or they've had awful injuries

a team of the likes of supple/kvy/webster/clarke/mings/bish/hourihane/bent/marriott/wickham/rhodes would be competitive (if a bit attack-minded!)

martin587 added 13:06 - Jun 26
I’ve been a supporter and season ticket holder for just over 55 years so I’m justified in saying I have seen the best and worst the highs and lows of MY club and believe you me the last 7-10 seasons have been the worst by a long long way.The managers we have had burning this time have been nothing but terrible and it’s not all down to Mr.Evans either.The last two seasons have been a disgrace and I point this to the manager and his team nobody else.Unbelievable decisions throughout the selections have been our downfall and the manager must take ALL the blame.We the supporters have had to endure the failure again and again.Support this last season has been unbelievable for a league one team.
Everybody on this site deserves their say whether it pleases some or not so we don’t need certain posters on here saying we are not true supporters.I can give a lot of you a good run for your money about support.Remember we all love our club and want success.

Cakeman added 14:07 - Jun 26
Well said Suffolkboy.

roystevensonsrocket added 14:41 - Jun 26
I know it’s not popular but I think PL can turn it around . Yes yes I know it was a misjudgement to employ the rotation policy as the the ‘back up players’ weren’t as good as he thought . But he did learn from that as when he changed it the wheels had already come off with the confidence totally ebbing away . You’ve got to remember he didn’t know too much about how league 1 teams now . I think he’s learnt his lesson and fully expect us to be in the top half of the championship in 2 years . I should probably qualify this be saying I started supporting TOWN in the 62 winning season. I remember it well standing on the terracing with my late dad who worked for churches . It’s a pity I’ve gone senile . Oh dear what a giveaway !!!

heathen66 added 14:59 - Jun 26
The first think football should do is stop the loan market. This way it stops all of the big clubs with all money signing every player they can get their hands on and loaning them all out.
The likes of Man City and Chelsea will have to do their checks and get the right players.
Those players trying to make a name for themselves will HAVE TO sign for lower clubs and then if they do make progress, the lesser clubs can then profit from the Sale.
Players will not want to sign for the bigger clubs if they are not going to play at all and will therefore WANT to play the lesser clubs otherwise they will be out of work
Clubs will then play with their own players, who want to play and do well for their club and not look forward to the season end to get back to the BIG Club...only to be loaned out...again.
Luke Garbutt is a prime example of this, at a big(ish) club being paid big money...being loaned out..again...and now has no club and will have to reassess his demands.
Trevoh Chalobah was out Player of the Season...but will never play for Chelsea, but is on great wages...because he is a Chelsea player. I doubt many Championship sides could afford his wages !!!
The game needs to get back to basics...simple

londontractorboy57 added 16:03 - Jun 26
pointofblue Melt that you are.

cat added 16:27 - Jun 26
Strange that negative comment on Lambert has been downvoted. It appears that the mentality of the club which appears to reward underperforming personal with contracts has spread to some of the fans. There is no argument here cause Lamberts 26% win rate ain’t going to get us anywhere.

Cakeman added 16:43 - Jun 26
cat I fully respect your comments but maybe the reasoning behind the down voting of negative Lambert comments is that the comments Lambert makes on this thread subject have nothing to do with the seasons past. He is trying to make valid points about how football could change post COVID.
It’s disappointing that some people will have a go irrespective of what subject Lambert talks about.
Our managers track record with us is poor but please let us not knock everything he says.
PS I’m not criticising you cat just giving my thoughts.

Northstandveteran added 17:05 - Jun 26
Yeah cat.
Get those clippers out. I know the barber's are shut but the worzel gummidge look ain't working son.

Bluearmy_81 added 17:14 - Jun 26
Martin, not all down to Mr Evans?! 😂 Comedy gold. Who does the buck stop with then?! Who picks and finds the managers?! Wake up man!! Ps why do you call him Mr, he's destroyed your club?!!

tractorboybig added 17:26 - Jun 26
surely the biggest crisis for our once great club is lambert

dominiciawful added 17:50 - Jun 26
Staggering that Paul Lambert is still the manager of our club after his level of performance in the 2019/20 season.

martin587 added 18:40 - Jun 26
81,I won’t get get drawn into a pointless argument but firstly calling somebody Mr.is just being polite.
Secondly when a manager is interviewed they obviously give a CV and a direction as to the way they want to take the club further.With that his CV must have impressed the owner.After that it is down to the manager and with that he has just not performed and that my friend is not the owners fault.

Michael101 added 19:33 - Jun 26
Tractorboybig.NO IT'S EVANS.

dieselmorris added 19:57 - Jun 26
hi my name is marcus,i purchased a football club a few years back turned them into a laughing stock . but hey never mind i have this theory where i can fool all the silly sods who pay money to go to portman rd, i have a couple of young lads some of the higher championship clubs might like to buy make me a few bob for next season and i will keep telling them I'm chipping in six million a year and they will suck it.give the manager a couple of freebies no one else wants that will keep all the mugs happy, and the sad part of it all is i am one of them

DifferentGravy added 21:06 - Jun 26
Totally agree Northernblues - its not going to hide or change Lamberts record for us....or as a manager. Spin it all you like.

cat added 21:20 - Jun 26
N.S.V nice one, like it👌 If your avatar and 4 months in exile are anything to go by you’ll need shearing!

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