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Town: Fitness Coach Henry Now in Consultancy Role
Monday, 30th Nov 2020 13:41

Town have issued a statement regarding fitness coach Jim Henry, which says that the 68-year-old will continue to work for the club on a consultancy basis until the end of the season despite having returned to his native Scotland for personal reasons.

As reported earlier, it has been understood that Henry, whose official job title is head of athletic performance/sports science, had left the club.

A statement on the club site reads: “Jim Henry has returned to his home in Scotland for personal reasons but will remain working for the club over the rest of the season.

“The first-team head of performance/sports science at the club will take on a new consultancy role on fitness and recovery.”

General manager of football operations Lee O’Neill added: “I spoke to Jim recently and we agreed that for personal reasons it would be beneficial for him to return home to Scotland.
“Jim is vastly experienced and we will continue to use that knowledge over the rest of the season but it will now be in more of a consultancy role.”

Henry joined the Blues just over two years ago when manager Paul Lambert took charge at Portman Road having previously worked with the Blues boss at Stoke.

Following his exit first-team coach Matt Gill has taken on Henry's warming-up duties at the last two matches.

A former Scotland international judo athlete, Henry has also worked at Bury, Rangers, Hibs, Sunderland, Aston Villa and Celtic.

Photo: Matchday Images

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deliasplums added 13:49 - Nov 30
They’re trolling us now.

Woodbridgian added 13:56 - Nov 30
Looks like the scene in Blackadder where Blackadder (Lambert) and Melchett (Evans) devise a cunning plan to blame Baldrick for their incompetence

hoppy added 13:56 - Nov 30
Surely anyone could be a consultant on the fitness of our players...

"No, he's not fit"
"A few weeks out, at best"
"That could be it for his season"
Thank you for consulting me. I'll send my invoice later.

Cloddyseedbed added 14:21 - Nov 30
In other words he's left but we have to keep paying him along with the huge number of support staff ITFC already have in place. No doubt somebody else will be appointed to replace him at Portman Road so that will mean wages for 2 people doing one job. Unbelievable! The club is being run appallingly.

herfie added 14:28 - Nov 30
This smacks of a damage limitation exercise - but, honest gov, we’re really not that gullible!

Really captures the internal mess slowly sucking the life from the club - which is defenceless against the incompetence of those who are supposedly entrusted with both our today and tomorrow. Without an - unlikely - root and branch purging of owner, manager/coaching staff and a bunch of under-performing, over-hyped, players the future’s anything but bright. Sad to witness what seems to be death by a thousand cuts.

(Assume that Henry wasn’t operating on a payment by results contract).

But for tonight’s game: COYB!

Cloddyseedbed added 14:30 - Nov 30
herfie. Tomorrow nights game! ;)

PositivelyPortman added 14:51 - Nov 30
How Evans ever became a successful businessman is beyond me.
Get rid of Lambert and sack all of his staff - get rid of the dead wood. Start again.

BryanPlug added 15:02 - Nov 30
68? Must be really up with all the latest innovations.

runningout added 15:23 - Nov 30
Looks like Paul Lambert will be given until end of this season at least. We are duller now than the end of Mick McCarthy’s time

dirtydingusmagee added 15:39 - Nov 30
cant Lambert help him out gardening ?

ArnieM added 15:42 - Nov 30
Can someone explain to me why you’d continue to employ someone in a consultancy role when their FT job efficiency is in question ? What the hell is going on at this Club ?

dirtydingusmagee added 15:42 - Nov 30
just another day at ITFC,

dirtydingusmagee added 15:48 - Nov 30
working for the club ? is he now going to be a spiritual healer ,ffs heis in Scotland , It really is getting embarrasing, Delia and her army must be P'ing themselves at the state of this club .

IPSWICHMOUSE added 16:02 - Nov 30
PositivelyPortman......Because that is EXACTLY what he is ....a very shrewd business man...Knows nothing about football or how to run one.....but as a business to run off taxes against.....fantastic business......This is the problem as far as i see it...........COYB..ITID

EricsGate added 16:06 - Nov 30
So we have an OAP overseeing our players fitness from hundreds of miles away.

Lambert!! - Your appointment! You are as bright as my arse crevice during a blackout!


dubblue added 16:28 - Nov 30
Should I laugh or cry!!

Bert added 16:31 - Nov 30
The club really need to sort out their media statements. Mixed messages simply undermines the credibility of the club at a time when it really needs to show competence. Having a Government with mixed messages is one thing, but it seems to be catching.

d77sgw added 16:42 - Nov 30
IpswichMouse, I thought we had got rid of the 'makes good business because it reduces his tax liability' claims... I hate what Marcus Evans has done to our club, and I wish he wasn't our owner, but the idea he benefits from running up losses doesn't make sense. What it means is that the losses he makes with us can be set against other business interests, so it doesn't hurt him so much - but it still loses him money. Its all in the form of debt owed by the club of course, but I cant see that he can ever recover that debt. So from his perspective it would be far better that we were a Brentford, a Millwall, a Luton - using our comparably limited resources to punch above our weight, maximising the value of our assets when selling them - essentially doing all the things we haven't done. Essentially his tenure has been a complete car crash - giving the wrong managers money to spend, and making a series of bad appointments. He's run this 'business' appallingly. Obviously that doesn't take away from the fact that we now need his money to prop us up, and as much as I wish another owner could be found, I do wonder who would be nuts enough to purchase us.

seasideblue1978 added 17:09 - Nov 30
Get Tom Rowson in from TMR Ambition Coaching/ Reflex 18. He is young, relevant and has such a great depth of knowledge in performance/ physio/ injury prevention. Would work hand in hand under Jim Henry to bounce off of.

Northstandveteran added 17:11 - Nov 30
Excellent post d77sgw.

seasideblue1978 added 17:15 - Nov 30
Get Tom Rowson in from TMR Ambition Coaching/ Reflex 18/ Hadleigh United FC. He is young, relevant and has such a great depth of knowledge in performance/ physio/ injury prevention. You can see how passionate he is about educating and enhancing performance at a lower league level such as Hadleigh United.

IPSWICHMOUSE added 17:15 - Nov 30
d77sgw....Thanks for the info & i am no financial expert...but the whole scenario just does not make any sense......Is it that he is in a corner with no place to go then.....Cannot sell.....has to keep it going for what aim ?? JUST DON'T GET IT i'm afraid......

bluelodgeblue added 17:27 - Nov 30
Begs the question if Wrexham can find a new owner ( albeit £2m investment is zilch these days), surely there’s someone out there??

Northstandveteran added 17:47 - Nov 30
Well this is my opinion.

Unless Evans basically walks and writes off the debts who would buy the club?

Anyone interested in spending huge amounts of money on a football club will be looking at, perhaps, a championship side with the potential to reach the promised land, which is exactly what Evans did at the time.

Buying this club must be the least attractive proposition known in financial history.

You would have to be a multi millionaire town fan that has the sense of a lemming.

I'm positive that if Evans could get a percentage of his money back he'd be gone as soon as he could.

Personally, I think he has been let down time and time again by the managers he has employed. I thought every appointment a good one at the time.

He gave millions to Keane and Jewell only to see no improvement.

He must have got to the point of thinking,

"How much more money am I going to throw away at this"

He must lay awake at night having nightmares about the day he rolled up at Portman road.

So new owner?

Can't see the situation changing.

Oh....and Lambert out.


norfolkbluey added 17:54 - Nov 30
There's a strong smell of fish coming from our club at this moment in time. What is going on? ME must be losing money hand over fist with no corporate events and on top of this his ownership management of the club is also going tits up! It is little wonder the fans are baying for blood. The club has stagnated, going nowhere. The fans, a major part of the club deserve to be heard and responded to. There needs to be a plan in place to get our beloved club back on track and out of this league. Can anyone see this plan or are management sucking their thumbs in a corner somewhere wetting their pants? Hard things need saying in the board room or we shall gradually sink into the bottom tier of football. Ramsey and Robson must be turning in their graves. Within my life time I have seen two England managers from our club. Nothing in sight at the moment who would even get a job as a kit boy. COYB supporters.

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