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South West Branch Call For Change of Manager
Monday, 11th Jan 2021 12:28

The South West Branch of the Supporters Club has called for manager Paul Lambert to be replaced.

In a statement the group, which was formed in 2013 and is made up of a large group of Town-supporting exiles based from Swindon down to Cornwall, says that with a “heavy heart” they are calling for a change and urging owner Marcus Evans to “act now so that a new manager has time to impose a playing style consistent with a realistic promotion bid”.

The statement follows a critical press release from ITFC Supporters Club committee and independent supporters group Blue Action also calling to make a change.

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MoscowBlueMule added 12:38 - Jan 11
A very well written press release.

While I was in the PL to stay camp (up until Saturday evening!), I too, am wondering if now is the time for a change.

The fact we seem so ridged and no plan B during games is a concern. I don't understand why as a team we can't be more flexible, adjusting to whatever transpires in front of us during 90 mins.

The players need a lift and a kick up the backside; a change of Management will do that.

Find the cash somehow for Eddie Howe please Marcus!

Bluearmy_81 added 12:39 - Jan 11
Watch, Lambert will still be with us in league 1 next season. Anyone that has the first clue about football knows we will not go up without change. We will be the laughing stock of the league next season, basically Evans saying, yes, league 1 is good enough for ITFC and you can't do anything about Lambert, I'm not paying him off. Treating fans with utter contempt, like cuckolds...

1psw1ch added 12:51 - Jan 11
Evans and lambert out,,, club is shambolic the last 10 years,,, even if we got promoted we'd be back down the following season,,,, rubbish to watch,,, like watching paint dry

martin587 added 12:53 - Jan 11
This is an extremely well worded letter petition (whatever you want to call it).Things are turning very sour at OUR club now and the feeling that PL should be replaced are multiplying by the day.
I cannot believe that the owner cannot see this.Either he is content with the situation we are in or he is clueless about football and the club in general.I just hope it is neither of these and that somehow he can see PL has or is achieving absolutely nothing and unless he is replaced immediately we will once again remain stranded in this league for years to come.With this new wage cap it is imperative we get promoted this season otherwise I fear for the long term future of my club.For once Mr.Evans please take notice of the wonderful supporters this club has and make the correct decision imminent IE; release PL of his contract forthwith.THANK YOU that’s all I ask.

WhoisJimmyJuan added 13:15 - Jan 11
Excellent piece that will add weight to the pressure building on Evans and Lambert. I have a sneaky suspicion Lambert might go this week, but that is probably based on blind optimism. If he doesn't it will just firm up the fact that Evans is just not interested. He knows he has an obligation to the club and is simply doing the minimum, constantly serking to appease the fans when necessary then b7ggering off again. We need a manager that can inspire the players, play them in their right position and and engage cohesive and coherent tactics. It is clear the players are doing what they are told but dont buy into it. The lijes of Skuse, Huws , Chambers who are comfortable with defeat and paydays have to go too. We need more expressions of anger like this directed at Evans.

MonkeyAlan added 13:16 - Jan 11
Evans you muppet.

Suffolkboy added 13:30 - Jan 11
Exceptionally well thought out letter, well constructed in language of moderated terminology yet coldly objective in its import .
Nobody will know if LO’N and ME actually take in what appears on this forum ,but such a missive will surely attract attention , we hope !
It’s another sad situation , and an unattractive episode focused on the Managers of ITFC .The widespread hopes and enthusiasm of very long standing supporters seem destined for jeopardy at least , and destruction at worst !
Our owner is undoubtedly very well meaning , very open in his approach to everything ITFC , including its management ,and clearly prepared to grant tolerance to those he’s charged with looking after it !
BUT when they’ looking after ‘ fails to materialise then revision is called for ; either those so entrusted cannot fulfil , don’t fulfil , or for whatever reason find themselves simply unable to live up to expectations .
Whatever , the direction of intended travel is not being found ; so either the compass is not being read or it’s faulty and someone needs to assume responsibility for a reset !
Step out ME , please .,

IpswichToon added 14:06 - Jan 11
If anything like is to happen, I can only see it happening if we fail to beat either Peterborough or Sunderland in the coming games. If we come away from those two with less than 3 points, regardless of circumstance, he absolutely HAS to go.

But if we come away from the next 3 games with at least 6 points, there's a shot at getting a really good run of results together which would absolutely propel us into the top 3.

Michael101 added 14:15 - Jan 11
People may want Lambert gone but will ebenezer Evans take any notice. no way pedro.Time to boycott the club.

brittaniaman added 14:21 - Jan 11
Ii seems to me that Lambert has lost his Enthusiasm for the club ? because when he began his Tenure he was like a caged Tiger in his Space shouting out his orders and demanding this and that. But that part of him now seem to have disappeared along with his Tactical know how, and Plan B.

Pezzer added 14:46 - Jan 11
I dont understand Lamberts stance on one up front etc, he says he understands the Ipswich DNA and history of attractive style of play then does the opposite. He has nothing to lose now, not sure his coaching team can do what's needed but lets try and win games from the off, this is L1 for goodness sake. It just seems that Lambert does not have a vision that we can see he is trying to work towards, at least then we, the fans, could feel that better days lay ahead and we are going to embrace our attacking heritage.

RegencyBlue added 14:52 - Jan 11

Eddie Howe, here?

Why the hell would he want to ruin his reputation at this s*** show! We can, and should, get rid of Lambert but with Evans as owner we will just be back in the same situation in two years time. The owner is the problem ultimately.

PortmanTerrorist added 14:53 - Jan 11
Respect for a well considered, rational statement from our SW buddies, though it matters not of course.

Whilst results continue to evade us, PL will remain in charge until whatever safety net Evans built into his long term contract is breached....it is always about the money. Cannot imagine we are there yet, and whatever we all think about the way they are playing, the fact that training sounds good does point to the first 11 being not very good players, and that PL does deserve a shot with a fit, or at least nearly fit squad.

itsonlyme added 14:59 - Jan 11
Well said South West Branch. Most of us are behind you but unfortunately the man that counts seems incapable of taking the right action.

DA22A added 15:32 - Jan 11
Sums up exactly how I feel and the reality of our situation at the moment. Since Lambert acehived promotions with Norwich, he's failed miserably at every club he's been at. Since arriving at PR, he initially improved relations with the supports, but on the pitch did absolutley nothing to keep us in the Championship. Last season, he started with a formation PL hates, which was 442 and we won 8 of the first 10 games (drawing the other two). He then switched us to an ineffective, narrow, posession based style and we hardly won a game for the rest of the season. This season see's us sticking to a formation that deosn't suit the players he has available, doens't create chances and he is too stubborn to change. He is not getting the most of the squad, which is the role of the manager. Lambert Out.

tractorman9 added 15:43 - Jan 11
Well written and agree 100% WE HAVE TO MAKE THE CHANGE NOW before its too late. We are going nowehere and very very fast. ME won't make any changes until its too late DO IT NOW TODAY.

The_Flashing_Smile added 15:46 - Jan 11
Agree with everything they've said there. Now let's get the Cowleys in a give this club a proper shake up and some proper coaching.

TexacoCup added 16:08 - Jan 11
It will be interesting to see if any of the other 30+ Supporters Club Branches also make their feelings count in a similar way

EatonBlue added 16:26 - Jan 11
Difficult to disagree with that.

casanovacrow added 16:58 - Jan 11
I'm in a minority. I think changing the manager risks prolonging sorting the more fundamental problems in how the club is ran.
What if we sack him, get another, n they have the same problems? when do we decide to stop treating symptoms instead of curing the disease?

Jugsy added 17:30 - Jan 11
I had been behind Lambert for a long time and other fans had failed to convince me of the blight with the manager despite the obvious issues with our displays - I generally feel managers are the fall guys when there's many other issues that contribute to the overall failure. It's all well and good saying get the manager out, but who's the alternative going to be?

That is until I read this statement. Well-written, captures the situation well and I agree. Thank you Paul Lambert, you have tried hard and you did reconnect us. Unfortunately it's not enough and the situation of our club isn't working with your methodology. I'd be a supporter of Paul Cook coming in given his previous experience and pace of change, not sure our fans would give the other managers the time they need to turn this around which is also an issue. Much like casanovacrow says, there's many issues in the club we need to cure and the manager needs to be able to help/cope with that.

Bluearmy_81 added 17:33 - Jan 11
Casanova, I don't think I've ever come across a club where the fans give the owner an eternal free pass despite over a decade of failure. Deep down every town fan knows you're right, a new manager comes in, has the same issues, leaves (repeat.) Meanwhile town drop further. The fact an owner can't be sacked isn't a good enough reason for fans not to address and face up to the overriding cause of towns spectacular failure... Fans can and do effect change (only when they have the balls to act.)

Buryblue78 added 18:04 - Jan 11
Well written and well considered piece sadly all true
And I was so lifted by the positive feeling around the place 2 years ago
From around last November however....
Well I amongst others was astonished when PL was handed a 5 year deal for achieving very little
This situation was so predictable then and looks worse now
I hope I'm wrong but I can see ITFC lurching from this to another disaster I'm afraid
Sorry to be negative but this seasons lows have been many, in and out of football

oldblue added 18:33 - Jan 11
Remember when Lambert was sent off at Norwich in 2019 and Daniel Farkes" reaction as he winked at the camera..that for me was the moment I lost faith in Lambert...One hot headed manager and one with a cool head...
Thats why Norwich have outperformed us and why Lambert continues to fail at crucial moments.
You need a cool head..reasoned thoughts and the respect of your players..Farke has all of that..Lambert none of it !

carlisleaway added 18:52 - Jan 11
A very well worded statement, hopefully all the other Supporters Clubs will follow suit to put more pressure on Evans. The EADT also needs to stop sitting on the fence and come out with a Lambert Out plea, remember we will be here much longer then Lambert.

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